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Coffee Cups and Late Night Talks

Wow, this took me forever to writ. Sorry about that. This is the first real confrontation that is witnessed and I had a real hard time writing Don as a stuck up jerk. I don't see him doing this to any of his brothers and I had to watch the scene where he and Raph first 'talk' in the movie like seven thousand times to get this scene halfway descent. I'm still not completely satisfied with it but I don't think I can make it much better either.

Chapter Six: Blackmail

Something suddenly wrapped around his neck pulling first backwards then twisting him around until he was in a very effective head lock. Black spots began to swim into his vision and he knew he was in trouble. His assailant was pinching off both his trachea and the arteries in his neck. He would be unconscious in a little under a minute.

He hadn't been idly while this was all going through his head. If anything Donatello was acting more then he was thinking. He had tried to resist his assailant pulling him backwards but whoever had him was strong. With himself twisted around in a headlock his center of balance was compromised and he knew he only had one chance. While one hand tried to relive the pressure on his neck the other was balled into a fist that was thrown at his aggressor's stomach aiming.

Before his hit could actually connect, Don was spun around and shoved into the nearby wall. Using the wall to help support him Don turned to his attacker and brought his hands up in a defensive position. Until his eye sight cleared he knew he was in serious trouble. He rapidly blinked his eyes to try and clear them up quicker while he wondered why he had been released.

A well known chuckle suddenly echoed through the tunnel. Instead of making him relax, it only served to warn him further. There were only a handful of people who could sneak up on him and of course it would have to be him.

He almost wished it was the Shredder.

Leo would have been the best one to sneak up on him but he was never that lucky.

"So what is the almighty Donatello doing out here in topside gear?" came a very familiar voice.

Instead it was his older brother.

His vision was now clear enough that he could see Raphael standing a few feet away. Raph was giving him that grin that told him that this wasn't the first time Raph had seen him topside. This was just the first time Raph had caught up to him. He dropped his guard but his muscles remained tense and ready. He didn't think Raph would attack him but he didn't want to take a chance. Even without his sais, Raphael was armed and dangerous. Very dangerous.

"Well?" His older brother prompted him leaning forward a little bit.

Don stepped away from the wall. He knew that this 'talk' was coming but had hoped that he could have avoided it. Still he knew how to get underneath Raphael's skin. Acting as nonchalant as possible, Don brushed invisible lint and dust off his jacket's sleeves and front. "I don't see how that is any of your business."

Don didn't look at Raph but could feel his brother's gaze. "Well, I'm makin' it my business. What were ya doing streetside?"

"As I said," Do finally look at his brother while he straightened his coat. "That is none of your business."

Raph's arms which had been crossed over his chest fell to his sides and he took a menacing step forward. Don knew that Raph would try to intimidate him to get his way. His large muscle built gave him more then enough intimidating qualities. He tried no to show his nervousness as Raph said in a very low voice, "I'm sure Splinter wouldn't like to know that his replacement favorite son was out fighting at night."

Don tried not to show his surprise. How had Raph known he had been in a fight that night? It had to be because he had grass stains on his back and a bruised fist from where one man he had punched had a stronger jaw then he had thought. Don decided to try avoiding the question. "I never wanted to replace anyone and you know that."

Raphael laughed which only severed to make the muscle above Don's eye twitch. The day after Leo had left and sensei had told them all about the new chain of command Don had spoken out the most. While he was the most level headed turtle left he felt he lacked the fighting experience that would be needed if they had to ever get into a fight. He preferred to be the advisor rather then the leader.

Raphael's laughter had finally quieted down and he looked over at Don. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever," he said straightening himself out and taking on the smug 'you're going down look' he had been wearing a lot more of lately then usual. "What are you up to?"

Don popped an eye ridge up at him. It was time he started to play fire with fire. "I don't see how it's any of a concern of yours but if it will keep your idiotic superhero ego in check, I'm going to the movies."

Raph glared at him. "So why were down on Fifth? There are no movie theaters around there."

Donatello crossed his arms. "Just be glad that I'm at least giving you an excuse incase anyone is looking for me. This way you won't have to think your own."

Raph cracked his knuckles and gave Don a side long look. "Are you calling me stupid?"

Donatello clicked his tongue at Raph disapprovingly. "We're barely a minutes into this conversation and already you're resorting to violence. What would you tell Master Splinter when we both came back to the lair beat to shell and back?"

Both of them knew that Splinter knew of the raising tension between them. It was plain to see in almost everyday activities. Raphael had a tendency of glaring at Donnie when he talked and spoke to him in the 'I know best' voice that he usually reserved for Leo. Don was just as guilty as Raph was for adding fuel to the fire. He had developed a new voice that always had him speaking down to Raph as if he was inferior and he would flaunt his superior intelligence.

"I'm sure I could make a reasonable excuse if I had to," Raph said with a shrug. "And the only bruise I would have would be where my fist met with yer rock hard head."

Don knew that Raphael held the upper hand in close combat. While both of them had been trained in hand to hand and grappling, Raph spent more time lifting weights and brawling with the local thugs then he did. This meant that the older turtle was much stronger and better versed in the art of close combat. Yet he couldn't ignore the fact that Raphael was questioning his fighting prowess, "You shouldn't take me so lightly Raph. Fighting me is a lot more difficult then you think."

They both stood there for a moment, daring the other to make the first move. The noise in the sewers seemed to vanish completely as they continued to square off in a parody of the action sequences in the movies. Don felt he shoulders tense up another notch when Raphael shifted his left foot out more to help increase his balance. Don had seen that stance many times both in sparring matches and when they were out fighting. Raph was 'ready to rumble' as Mikey would say.

Not to be out done, Don shifted his right foot back while he pointed his left foot towards his adversary. Before he could bring up his hands, Raphael's voice shattered the rising tension. "I doubt that," he said with a smirk before turning and walking away, blatantly leaving his back open to attack.

Donatello felt his eye ridge twitch in irritation. Raph was dismissing him as a worthy opponent when both of them knew that he had saved Raph's shell on several occasions and kicked it quite a few. "So then you're afraid of me?" Don said completely forgetting who he was talking to.

Raphael whirred back towards him and bellowed, "As if I could ever be afraid of you, little brother!"

"It's nice to know how much my stature compares to yours!"

The older turtle marched up to him splashing the muddy sewer water everywhere. He didn't stop until he was in Donatello's so called personal space and titling his head down slightly so he was eye level to him. "I don't need ya to baby-sit me," he hissed in a very menacing voice.

An uncharacteristic anger built up in Donatello's chest. He was tired of letting Raph boss him around and even more tired of how Raph always assumed what Don was doing or thinking. Don took a step forward and stood on his toes causing Raphael to take a small but noticeable step back when his little brother suddenly rose in height and pressed into his personal space. "What I do in my free time is none of your business but I can assure you that I have no interest following you around as you play 'superhero'. If I tell you I am going to the movies then that is the excuse you will just have to live with." He took a step away from his befuddled brother and absently examined his nails, "As for tattle telling I don't think you are in any position to threatening me."

"What do ya mean," Raph asked as his eyes narrowed.

"It's called Blackmail, Raph. Or should I say Nightwatcher?" Donatello glanced out of the corner of his eye and was elated to see the look of confused look on Raphael's face. "It's really quite simple really Raph." Don turned towards him again. "While I may be going topside the only times I get into fights is for self defense." He didn't mention anything about Dianna. As far as he was concerned Raph was on a need to know biases and right now he didn't need to know. "I don't go looking for fights."

"Well excuse me for trying to do some good around here."

Don ignored him, "Either way you look at it, the one here who has more to lose is you. I know about your nightly escapades more then you may think and unless you do as I say, Splinter might be given a few hints as to what you are doing at night."

A dark look crossed Raph face as he glared at Donatello with the intensity of a leopard about to pounce on its prey. Instead of attacking Raphael growled, "What sort of hints would that be?"

"The Thirty Ninth Street run off where you store extra gear and your bike would be a good starting place."

"How the shell do you know where my bike is?"

"Because you're just too damn obvious Raph! It only took you two weeks to begin prancing around after Leo left playing cop and robbers, not thinking that no one would notice you missing from the lair all night. Several cameras took pictures of you –which you obviously let them take- in some of you favored fighting stances. And you look like a large metal turtle! I'm actually surprised no one else has connected the two of you.

As for where you store you're bike, you needed to have a place reasonable close to the lair in case you were ever seriously hurt yet far enough away we wouldn't hear you start it. There had to be enough room for you to work on the bike and store replacement parts. The station was the closest area that could be. And, for the record, I wasn't sure of the location until you confirmed it just now."

Don smiled in satisfaction as his older brother stood speechless before him. Somewhere in the back of his mind a small voice was reminding him of just how wrong this was but he was too wrapped up in rubbing his superior knowledge into Raph's face. Truthfully the older turtle had been very cautious in his exploits above ground. He had been able to stump Don for almost two months before Don had caught on.

After the silence had filled the air for a few moments, Don spoke again but in a lower voice then normal adding a slightly threatening tone to his voice. "This is what's going to happen, Raph. If you want me to keep your secret then you wouldn't tell anyone about what I'm doing. Also if I so much as suspect you're trying to follow me or find out what I'm up to then you can kiss your vigilante days good bye."

They glared at each other before Raph reached out and caught the shoulder of Donnie's jacket pulling him so that the two were nose to nose. Don didn't even try to stop or break the hold. This was a battle of wits not strength. He continued to stare into his brother's eyes showing Raphael that he was not to be toyed with. "I'll get you for this," Raph hissed after an unknown amount of time. Don felt a smidge better he had actually won one of their 'spats' for the first time in a long time.

"I'll see you coming a mile away," he replied hoping his voice did give away his good mood.

"I doubt that," Don caught the smirk on Raphael's lips and knew something bad was about to happen. That was the only warning he had when Raph suddenly released his jacket and gave him a small push away. Don felt a foot tuck behind his foot and he toppled over with a gasp of surprise. He landed flat on his shell, sewer water completely covering his for a brief second before he sat up. He coughed trying to rid his lings of water. Gasping in surprise hadn't been the best idea. All it had done was open his mouth for water to flow in.

After his lungs were mostly cleared he looked up at Raph only to find his older brother had started heading towards home again. Glaring Don stood and headed home as well. He had a feeling Raph was going to be in the shower when he arrived, meaning he would have to be soaking wet and smelling like something had died until Raph got out. Don hoped Master Splinter wouldn't smell it and want an explanation. Since his luck had been so poor that night he decided to make up and excuse just in case. He hated lying to his father but he knew if he told the truth he would be in so much trouble that it would make every punishable offense Mikey and Raph ever had look like a slap on the wrists.

When he arrived in the lair he headed straight to the kitchen. A few seconds later he had the coffee pot perking away merrily and filling the space with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Don took a deep breath and closed his eyes in satisfaction. He loved the smell of freshly brewing coffee almost as much as drinking it. He was pulling a mug from the cupboard when he sensed a presence behind him. He didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "Donatello, would you care to explain why you're dressed like that and… fresh from the sewers." Don sighed and wondered if he should thump his head against the cupboard. Why was his luck so poor lately?

As he turned to face his father he decided to find away to blame it on Dianna if he was ever able to leave the lair again.