Random Idea: Bella part of Volturi Stealth Squad.


Lord Aro, or as we had come to call him daddy, had just called Ana, Josie and I into a meeting. He apparently had another job for us. Hopefully this one would not take too long; I was not in the mood to have to wait for ages until we could strike.

"I wonder what the job is this time?" asked Josie as we made our way to the great hall. She had a tendency to twirl her extremely long jet black hair around her fingers and was doing it now. Ana and I also had jet black hair, but our hair took on different colors in the light. Mine took on a blue sheen, while Ana's was red and Josie's was a purple color. Or hair actually went down our backs and stopped at our hips. WE made long hair look good.

"I don't really care as long as we go somewhere nice or maybe exotic." Said Ana as we entered the great hall. We stopped when we were in front of Aro.

"Isabella, Ana Maria, Josephina, how are you today? I hope I find you well." He said in greeting

"We are perfectly wonderful daddy, how are you?" we answered in unison. We had done this enough to know what he liked to hear. As long as he liked what he heard we could get out of there in a relatively short amount of time.

"I am wonderful girls. Now I have a new job for you. It is in America. There have been multiple murders reported in a city in Michigan all from Newborns from what it looks like. I need you three to go there and deal with the problem before it gets too out of control. This one could take a while so Caius, Marcus, and I bought you three a house and enrolled you in the local High School as juniors under the names Isabella, Ana Maria, and Josephina Volturi. I expect you three back as soon as the problem is dealt with unless you have an exceptionally good reason to stay."

"Yes daddy."

"Excellent. Now be good girls for daddy, Uncle Marcus, and Uncle Caius and go do your job. We expect to hear from you when you land. And your cars are already there. Now off with you."

And that was our briefing. I hadn't imagined that we would be going to America. Most of the time we were sent to European countries, but there was that one time we got shipped off to Tokyo…..

Ana, Josie and I made up the Volturi Stealth Squad: a three woman team that dealt with problems that could endanger the existence of vampires. Our job was easy enough, get in, deal with the problem, and then get out. Quick, easy, and painless (on our part that is).

"Cool, we haven't been to America on a mission since Texas!" exclaimed Josie. She was the hyper one of the group. Ana was pretty much indifferent about most things and I was…well…me. We looked a whole lot alike so decided that on missions we would say that we were triplets. Ana and Josie were each a half an inch taller than my 5'4, which worked out pretty well. We had many things in common and could talk for hours about all kinds of subjects. It was as if we really were sisters. Infact, we had been changed on the same day and even had the same birthday. Josie was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and Ana was born in Toledo, Spain and pretty much raised in all over the US. We had all been visiting Volterra when it happened. Charlie was killed and so were Ana and Josie's families. All three of us had an aversion to blood as humans and now none of us had to hunt more than once every two months.

We found out our powers the day we woke up and were told what we had become. My mind, which had once been my only safe haven, was now my most powerful weapon. I could do things that would blow Edward away. Ana could both kill and bring things back to life. And Josie, she had power over the four elements. When together we were completely unstoppable. Unfortunately, our powers are tied to our emotions. If they ever get too unbalanced or out of control then our powers go haywire and can possibly cause mass destruction. We had to meditate daily, Aro's orders.

Our looks often attracted men, but who wouldn't be attracted to girls as pretty if not prettier than Rosalie Hale. But we were also deadly and extraordinarily fast, even for vampires. Hell, we could even sing. Our diet was strictly animals, much to the Volturi's displeasure. But we did get some of them to cave.

"Come on Bella, let's pack." Said Ana. Packing was interesting. Since we had no idea how long we would be living in America we packed a lot. Most of the things we packed were books and CDs. We could always go shopping when we went out and explored the city.

"Alright girls, let's go before withdrawal hits from being away from my baby for too long." I said when I finished packing. They understood perfectly. Ana missed her atomic orange Corvette ZR1 and Josie missed her velocity yellow Camaro just like I missed my light electric blue Pontiac Trans AM. Yeah, we had Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but they weren't our babies. We also each owned a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 coupe each in a different color. Mine is blue metallic/black blue metallic, Ana's is red metallic/black pearl, and Josie's is grey violet metallic/ violet metallic. Those cars were apparently already in the garage at our new house. We had been wondering why they were missing….

"Bye Jane, be a good little terrorist for us while we are gone." Yelled Josie as we left. Jane actually a blast to hang out with once you got to know her. We would all miss her while in America. Maybe if we finished earlier than expected she could come for a visit….

13 Hours Later…

We had finally made it. After being hit on by every single man and the occasional woman we were finally at our destination. We had shipped all of our stuff overnight so it should be at the house when we get there. Thank god for that, but we still had to go and pick up our babies from the parking lot and call Aro.

When we managed to get our babies back after we had called Aro, we each did a thorough inspection to make sure there wasn't even a single scratch on them. The people who shipped our cars over were lucky that they weren't damaged or their human lives would be over. No one hurts our babies and gets away with it.

We were cruising down the three lane highway at about 95 side by side when a silver Volvo pulled out behind us. I knew that car. It was Edward and his siblings. I was told by Aro about his little adventure to Volterra when he was told about my "death", so I know exactly why he left. I even forgave him and now I wanted to see if he would recognize me as a vampire. He knows nothing of me being a vampire seeing as Aro understood that I did not want to really talk about my past and is good at keeping secrets. What surprised me was that he didn't recognize my scent in the great hall.

I quickly half yelled through my open window at Ana and Josie to tell them what to do. We each turned on the song "We Are The Champions" by QUEEN extra loud and started to sing along and jam out. It was basically our theme song because we had so far never lost a fight since we became the Volturi Stealth Squad. I could tell that Edward thought we were crazy and he wanted to pass us. So I signaled to the others to get behind me so he could pass. As he grew level with my car I looked straight at all five of the Cullen "children", blew them a kiss, and sped up.

Then, Josie sped up until she was level with Edward, yelled "Hiya Eddie!" and sped up to where I was. Ana just waved as she sped up to meet us. The Cullens were speechless. All their thoughts were about us.

Edward: How did that girl know my name? And who are they, especially that first girl?

Alice: How did they know Edward's name? I wonder where they live. And why didn't I see this coming?

Jasper: Wow, those girls sure were excited. That first one seemed kind of nervous though.

Emmett: Who are those chicks and why do they get to call Edward Eddie?

Rosalie: Nice cars. That first girl seemed kind of familiar. I wonder where I know her from.

Wow, only Rosalie, the girl who hated that I even existed, was the only one who thought I was even remotely familiar. That was so sad. Oh well, they'll figure out it's me eventually. And with that we headed to our new home.