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Bella's POV

I could not believe that this was happening; it was just too hard of a concept for my mind to grasp. I was on an airplane, no a private jet, with my daughter and some insane vampire intent on making me his wife while my family was back at my house either horribly depressed or plotting some way to rescue me. And Edward, oh my Edward, I can only imagine what he is going through. By now Jasper should have told them about Renesmee, but still the shock had to have got to them. It's hard to believe that so much can happen in a matter of a day, but my life is so full of nigh impossibilities that I am beginning to accept them as the norm.

In all honesty I was afraid for my daughter more than myself; my fighting skills are not something that she possesses, and unless the pack has been trying to turn her into a boy again I'll be the one fighting our way out of this mess. Our future is a tangled web of possibilities rather than set in stone as prophecy; a myriad of things could happen and I would never see them coming until it was too late. If only Alice could see our fate, but even with me allowing her to finally have visions of me, it does not mean she will see anything pertaining to what has happened and what will happen to Renesmee and me in the near future. All I can do now is hope and pray that everything is going to turn out alright.

"Bella dear, I know that this has been a bit of a traumatic experience for you and your daughter, but please know that I mean you no harm. I merely wish for you to become my wife; there's no harm in that, is there?" His voice was deep and masculine, with a hint of velvet finesse. It was hard for me not to believe his every word; persuasion and sincerity dripped from his mouth, yet there was something else there as well. A strange glint in his eyes told me he was far more dangerous than I had any idea of. He was a deadly viper, and I was a trapped mouse desperate for escape.

I didn't want to answer; anything I said would instantly damn me, but not saying a word would be worse than giving him the wrong answer. "Thank you for showing that you care." There, short, sweet, and simple, not to mention pretty damn hard to turn into something the complete opposite. Roman merely nodded his head acknowledging that I answered him before continuing on.

"Now, I had thought that this little one here could be the flower girl at our wedding, though that doesn't leave us much time to prepare. No matter, I shall have someone take care of it once we return to England." Wait, wait, wait, did he just say ENGLAND?! How was Edward supposed to find me there? Unless Alice sees it, no one will know where we are!

"England, what's in England?" I asked, trying to calm my nerves and make myself sound simply curious.

"Blake Manor my dear," answered Roman with a laugh, "my ancestral home. It's been in my family since the 12th century, and I inherited it sometime around 1450." He was telling me his age to show that I had nothing on him. He had age, experience, and strength whereas even though I was part of the most prestigious members of the Volturi, I was barely a blip on his radar. I would not be escaping anytime soon if he had his way, and neither would my daughter. "You will enjoy the grounds immensely, that is if you do not cross me. I would hate to have to lock my wife away from the world because she simply cannot behave." Though his voice was bewitching, the threat that coated every word rang in my head. If I were to cross him I would do it at my own risk and that of my only child.

"Of course," I paused before barely getting out the next word, "dear." I could barely stomach the term of endearment, but if it allowed my daughter to remain in my arms, I would force myself to speak it many times.

"See, that wasn't quite so bad, now was it?" he commented with a smile. Standing, he ruffled my hair before giving me a peck on the cheek. "Now, I'm going to have a brief conversation with the pilot. My girls will be on their very best behavior, will they not?" I nodded in response and gave him a quick smile. At least he wasn't physically harming us, not yet anyway . . .

As soon as he had gone to converse with the pilot, a vampire from the smell and lack of a heartbeat, I began to check for any bugs that could record what goes on in the plane. Finding nothing suspicious I sat back down with Renesmee in my lap. Although she was honestly getting too big to do this sort of thing, I missed spending time with her, and due to her strange growth pattern she would age physically again all too soon.

"It's okay momma, everything will be alright," whispered my dear baby girl as she placed her small hand on my face before pushing some of my hair behind my ears. She had always enjoyed playing with my hair, but most of all she seemed to like being close to me.

"I know baby, I'm just a bit frazzled is all."

Momma, she thought, will you sing to me, or maybe hum me you lullaby? I hadn't noticed until that moment, but I had been blocking others' thoughts. It's not something I usually do, but occasionally during times of severe stress and strife my abilities do what they want, causing me unnecessary frustration.

So I began to hum my lullaby, softly at first only to grow slightly louder. The familiar music seemed to calm Renesmee as well as myself, allowing me the chance to think and plan. England was farther away than I had thought I would end up, but much closer than I could hope for. Maybe luck was finally in my favor, finally on my side. Life had always seemed like it was fate that my life and plans would be laid out before me on a silver platter, only to be whisked away when I was at my happiest. But then again, no one said life was neither fair nor easy.

I reached up to fix my necklace, after a fight such as that I doubt it still remained in the same position as before, when I realized that it was gone. Aro would not be happy to learn that I had lost a sapphire necklace, especially since it was a gift from him. Taking my right hand and feeling my clothes I searched to see if the necklace had fallen down my shirt or into my pocket, when I found a rectangular lump. Was that . . . it was!

How could I have forgotten the bulge in my pocket otherwise known as my cell phone, containing all of the numbers I could possibly need to get a hold of somebody? Now, as long as it's still operational I should be able to call for aid. Fishing it out of my pocket I looked at the screen, thanking God that it still showed the time. I guess fate was finally on my side.

Tuning into Roman's thoughts, he appeared to be in good mood and very engrossed in his conversation with the pilot. I saw a radio to one side and using my powers turned it one. Music would calm me at this point better than my lullaby ever could. I raised the volume a bit to drown out my voice. Roman wouldn't hear any other noise from this room unless he was really paying attention.

With Renesmee still in my lap I flipped my phone open and opened a text message. Quickly I typed in: Plane. England. I've got her. That ought to appease them, but knowing whom I was talking about it probably will do the exact opposite. I sent it to the last number I had dialed, Jasper's, and hoped that he would get it. My phone was on silent so Roman wouldn't hear if I was to receive a reply, but I was on my guard all the same. It would not bode well if he were to discover me conspiring against him, as he would surely see this as.

"So, darling, what have you and Jacob been getting up to while I've been gone?" I asked, curious as to what exactly she'd been doing in the months since I had seen her last. I called her whenever I could, but some things she preferred to show me; she never had been one to talk much.

A smile lit my daughters face and she placed one hand on my arm and focused her power. She'd grown stronger; she was no longer as restrained when it came to her power. A touch was all she needed, rather than in a specific spot, though she preferred to touch someone's arm.

I could see her with Emily, Jake, Quil, and Claire sitting down at a table and painting; no doubt so that five year old Claire could be involved and not feel left out. No sooner had five minutes passed then paint started flying, all because Jake spilt some green paint on Quil who decided to retaliate by flicking pink paint at Jake's face. Renesmee and Claire were shrieking and giggling with joy as they decided to join in on the fun. Emily waited until the fight had settled down before she grabbed what was left of the pink paint and poured it on both Jake and Quil's heads. Their faces were priceless.

I couldn't help but laugh at what my daughter had been going. Only Jake could get himself involved in a paint fight rather than do the 'adult' thing and walk away. And Emily . . . I couldn't believe she did that!

"I see you've been having fun while I've been away," I commented once she had finished showing me the paint fight.

She nodded before adding, "Emily made Jake and Quil clean everything up because they started it. It took them ages, but she watched a movie with Claire and me while they cleaned."

"What did you watch, sweetie?"

"The Swan Princess," Of course; they had watched her favorite children's movie. Actually she liked all three movies in the series, but the first was her favorite out of the three. "We decided that you were Princess Odette and that Daddy was Prince Derek, except that he didn't fight to get you back like Derek does in the movie, but that he would this time."

"But I wasn't in trouble, honey," I said, unsure as to what she meant.

"No, but you are now. Claire said that she thought you might be in trouble again, like when you went to Italy the first time, only this time someone was going to fight to get you back. She didn't say anything else about it though."

"Did anything else happen while you were watching the movie?" I was afraid to ask. Claire was a miniature Alice. When I first met Claire she said that I was going to make a lot of friends, but that I had to trust them to get them. I hadn't been sure if she was spouting baby nonsense or making a prediction, but I had told Emily about it none-the-less.

"Yeah, Emily called Sam and then everyone came home. It was the day before yesterday."

The day before . . . Claire has definitely gotten better at her predictions, though at this point it seems more like a type of intuition that actual images. If her foresight gets any stronger someone will have to teach her how to control it; I'm not in La Push enough, but I know someone who could.

I checked my phone once more to find that I had 28 missed calls, most of which came from Edward, but only one new text message from Jasper. R u safe? Where in England? On our way asap. E says he luvs u both and he will get u back.

Oh, Edward . . . I love him to pieces, but he can be so irrational and overprotective sometimes. They couldn't come after me though . . . Roman kicked my ass; there's no telling what he had in store for anyone who tried to follow.

"Baby, momma needs to go make a call so that she can stop a very thick headed man from going to his death."

"Can I talk to him too?"

I was stunned for a moment, but after hearing Claire's prediction I suppose my little girl would know exactly who I was talking about. So much like her father . . . both mentally and physically . . .

"Of course baby, he'll be thrilled to talk to you."

Moving farther towards the back of the plane, I hit the speed dial for Edward and waited with bated breath as it rang. On the fourth ring a somewhat distraught voice answered the phone with a brief "Hello".


"B-Bella?!" he exclaimed, half in question, half in pure delight. "Oh love, I am so sorry for leaving you. If I had known, I-I never would have left you alone. I am such an idiot!"

"Edward, it's okay," I replied, "And you are not an idiot, merely an incredibly stubborn vampire whose mind is not easily changed. But that's one of the many reasons why I love you. However," my voice had morphed into a deadly whisper, "if you think I will sit back and watch as you blindly rush in like the fool I know you are not and risk your neck you are sadly mistaken."

"I love you both far too much, even though I have yet to meet Renesmee. My heart is with you both, and I would die without it."

"No, Edward, you have to listen to me! Roman, he's . . . he's not like anyone I've ever faced before. He'll kill you without a moment's hesitation!"

"Then let him try. I will not allow you or our daughter to die as long as there is strength in me!" Edward's voice was forceful and full of conviction. He was going to . . . no, I would not allow him to even think it.

"Edward, no, he's too strong!" He wasn't listening to me! Why did that have to be how Edward always reacts?! "He will kill you, Edward, if you come after us, do not doubt that. I cannot allow you to do something so reckless! Renesmee and I, we'll . . . we'll be fine."

"I refuse to just stand by while that monster has you!"

"Now, now, now, who might that monster be? Surely you are not speaking of me?"

Why me? I wanted to pretend I never heard the strangely calm voice, pretend that it didn't exist and just continue talking to my Edward as if all was normal, but I couldn't. One simply does not ignore the man who holds your very existence, and that of your only daughter, in his hands.

"Answer me Isabella," continued Roman from behind me, "I would hate to do something I would regret, especially in front of the child."

Renesmee . . . she had already been forced to witness my fight with this man that ended in my losing once. Another fight would only cause her more pain and suffering. I would not allow her to be hurt by me again, even if she seemed fine now.

"I'm sorry, Roman, Edward didn't mean it. He . . . he doesn't understand of what he speaks,"

"I understand perfectly well," came the tense reply across the phone, "I understand perfectly well that a soulless, arrogant, monster has taken both my daughter and my mate, by force, to only God knows where, with no intention of their release." Edward was growling by the end of accusation; if I had had a knife I would have been able to cut through the tension that hung in the air.

"Dear heart, hand me the phone." Ordered Roman, his velvet voice as deep and commanding as a general, yet as soft and firm as a parent.

"No Bella, love, don't do it! Just keep talking, let me know that you are safe," pleaded Edward from over the phone, his voice full of desperation.

I understood his plight perfectly. This could very well be the last time either of us heard the other's voice. I didn't want this to be the end, but if it was, how could I put Edward through hearing my demise? It would surely kill him, and force his hand. If he were to believe I were dead at the hands of Roman, Edward would not rest until he had his revenge and our beautiful Renesmee was safe at home where she belonged.

"Edward, you know what I have to do." I said as I felt my heart break.

"No, Bella, no. Please . . . no."

"Tell Daddy you love him baby." My voice was saturated with sorrow and tears threatened to spill.

"I love you Daddy!" cried my Renesmee from behind Roman. Her voice was loud and sure, though her stature was small. She moved to take the phone out of my hands, but thanks to vampire senses, I could still hear perfectly.

"Re . . . Renesmee?! Oh baby girl, Daddy loves you so much! Don't worry baby, I will make sure everything is okay. I will get you back; I have to."

"I know Daddy. Just don't give up hope, okay, for momma's sake."

"I won't baby girl. I won't," he answered as Renesmee made a move to hand the phone back to me. However, Roman snatched my cell out of her small, pale hands before she could pass it back, and placed it in his trouser pocket.

"That was quite enough of that nonsense." He commented, running his right hand through his hair. "Now, we shall be arriving shortly and you girls best be well behaved, else there will be consequences."

"Of course, Roman." I answered, my heart already shattered from having to leave Edward in such distress. Oh, Edward, I thought, I will come back to you. I have to. After all, you have my heart.

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