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All Godai could hear was the sound of his demon "Master" tapping his finger on the desk. It was slowly driving him to the brink of insanity.

"Or am I already there…?" Godai thought to himself. He closed his eyes and shook his head. "No! Don't think about that just think about how to make this freak…monster…whatever stop tapping his fucking finger on the…"

"She's late."

Godai was pulled from his thoughts from this comment. The tapping had stopped, and now Neuro was standing beside him. Godai jumped back a bit, somewhat surprised but not really. He was getting used to the freaky powers of this monster.

"What?" Godai asked confused.

"Slave number one…she's late," he said annoyed.

Godai sat there for a moment thinking. It hit him like a boot to the head. Yako…she was missing. No wonder it was a bit quite, and of course that explained the annoying tapping. And of course it explained the look on Neuro's face. It was beyond scary…and it was somewhat a mix of sheer rage and something else that Godai was not't sure of.

"…That explains why there isn't any food wrappers on the floor," Godai said looking around. In his mind it was an excuse to stop looking at the raging demon.

"She's…late…" the demon said again. "How dare that little worm be late!"

"Whoa, calm down. Have you tried calling her?" Godai asked with a frown.

Neuro looked at him for a moment before snapping to Akane.

"Akane, call up Yako, now!" Neuro yelled at the braid in the wall.

Poor Akane freaked out slightly. The braid stood out from the wall, then relaxed, going over to a cell phone on her table and picked it up. She used her strands of hair to push the buttons, calling up the late girl. Once she got the numbered dialed she threw it at Neuro who caught it with ease. He held the phone to his ear and listen to it ring. It rang and rang until it went to Yako's voice mail.

"Sorry I couldn't answer the phone, leave a message after the beep!" Yako's recorded voice rang in the demon's ear.

He crushed the phone in his hand when he heard the message. How dare she…was the only thing running threw his head. Godai watched wondering if he should start yelling or start running. Of course he went for the first. Even if faced with a monster like Neuro he was not a man who ran.

"What the hell was that about!?" he yelled.

Neuro didn't answer and stalked to the door. This infuriated Godai. He stood up following Neuro in his rage.

"Hey! Didn't you hear me! Don't you ignore me!!" he yelled as he followed.

Neuro stopped and turned around. He was glaring daggers at the man, and if looks could kill…well Godai would look worse than anything X could do.

"Lock the doors. We're leaving Slave number two," Neuro said in his high and mighty voice.

Godai frowned. "Where the hell are we going to?"

Neuro smirked. "Why, to get Slave number one of course."

Yako was sick as a dog. No she was worse than that, but of course she wasn't sure what came after dog in the sickness level. She moaned and rolled over in her bed throwing the covers over her head. And she knew, very well, that once Neuro realized she was late he'd throw a hissy fit and more than likely kill her. But that seemed like heaven compared to what she was feeling right now.

Her mother had left, making sure that she'd be alright and stay in bed.

Unfortunately for Yako, her mother would not be back home until tomorrow morning, thanks to her job. Yako never minded this and understood perfectly. Then again it was times like this when she wished her father was still alive. If her mother wasn't there, her father had always been there with a bowl of soup, ready for her to eat (along with eight more, knowing her appetite).

With a little sigh Yako opened her eyes and stared at the fabric in front of her. She wondered if she shouldn't have turned her cell phone off. She pulled the covers down a bit and looked at the little mechanism on the night stand, next to her bed. She closed her eyes and returned the blanket where it had been and rolled over, with her back facing the phone. If Neuro came, he came.

She'd deal with it then but at the moment, she needed some rest and then later, she'd make herself some soup…if she was still alive hopefully. Neuro's hissy fits always ended in a bad way, but she had a good excuse this time. She didn't know if beings from hell could get sick or even understood the concept but damn it, she felt horrible and had a small fever. She deserved a day off with this little cold! With a yawn, she snuggled under her blankets and closed her eyes.

But this little nap only lasted for what seemed like five minutes (it was a half-an-hour in fact). She had been pulled out of her bed by her foot was being hung upside down by it. She would have screamed if she didn't feel like blowing her cookies all over the demon who held her up.

"Why were you late?" Neuro demanded. "And why are you still in your…sleep wear…?" He was unsure of what the call them and in fact it made him want to vomit.

Yako's pajamas at the moment was a light blue tank top(it was summer after all) with a panda bear on it with a night cap on. Her shorts had little panda faces and were also a light blue.

"Put me down…" Yako said in a tired voice.

Neuro's frown grew a little deeper. She didn't' sound well, what was wrong with her?

He righted her and with his hands under her arms he set her down on her feet.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked confused. He was looking her up and down. He took his hands from underneath the girl's arms and put them on his hips. This was short lived, as he caught her, from falling on the ground.

"I'm sick…" she replied a little on the sappy side. Might as well milk it while she had it.

"Your what?"

Of course he didn't know. It was just her luck wasn't it? She groaned and closed her eyes. Did she really have to explain this? But before she could even get another word in edge wise he picked her up, bridal style of course, and laid her on the bed.

He bit on to one of his gloves and took it off. He set it on her forehead. He had once seen this at a park he passed with the girl(to a mystery of coruse). It had been a mother and son. The mother had said something about a fever after wards…

"Neuro…what are you doing?" she asked. His hand was like a oasis in a desert.

"Checking to see if you have a fever…" he said titling his head. "You are very warm…"

"Well, I said it before…I'm sick. Don't demons get sick?" Yako asked innocently.

Neuro made a scrunched up face. "Of course not. I don't even know what your talking about."

"…" she stared at him for a long time.


Yako frowned. Godai was here? Shouldn't he be at the office watching it? What in the ever loving hell was going on!?

With a sigh Neuro stood(but not before pushing the girl gently down to the bed and covering her up). "Stay in bed. I'll go see what the idiot is up too..." He picked up his glove and returned it to his slender hand.

He left the room after that, leaving a confused Yako. She sat up and watched the door for a moment before laying down. She put her arm across her forehead, thinking.

"Was that a show of compassion?" she thought staring up at the ceiling. "Or was that something else? Something…more on his normal level."

For a moment or two she stared up at the ceiling before frowning. She picked up her cell phone and turned it on. A gut feeling told her that she might need to call the ambulance. It was either for her, or for Godai who was downstairs at the moment. Either way she had it handy. She replaced it back on the night stand and rolled on to her side, lifting up the covers again and hiding in them.

"This is something else. It is not compassion, I know that much. But as to what it is, I have no clue. I don't know if I should be on my guard or not but…I'll keep it up."

With this last thought she rolled over and fell back asleep.

Authors Note:
Wow! My first Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, story! This little idea, just popped in my head and I had to get it down. I love Godai…but he seems a little out of character at the first part…XP This of course is my first story for this series, but I hope to get better! On some other notes, I'm sure if demons would get sick. I mean they're demons after all. Would they shoot fire our of their nose when they sneeze while being sick? I don't know.

(shrugs) But I think Neuro not knowing would be interesting. I'm sure he'd come up on it during his research but just go along with me and go with it. Well thanks for reading the first chapter of Sick of Demons. Please review!