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Chapter six

Godai had made himself comfortable on the couch watching T.V away from the other two(sleeping in other words). Neuro, was dozing up on the ceiling of the kitchen. As for Higuchi, well he was busy on his computer. When there was a knock at the door he was the one to look up.

He closed his laptop and stood up from his seat at the kitchen table. He left the kitchen and went to the door passing under the dozing demon and past the sleeping man. He looked threw the peep-hole feeling a little odd answering another's door. When he saw who it was he smiled. He opened the door happily.

"Sasazuka!" Higuchi said happily.

"…Higuchi, what are you doing here?" the man asked as he came in. His meek little partner followed after him.

"You told me that Katsuragi was sick remember?" Higuchi said closing the door. "I came by to the check up on her before you got here."

"Did you tell Usui?" Sasazuka asked easily.

"Well…." he thought back to when he left.

He had left a large note on a white board back over at the police station(I'll leave it up to your imagination for this one).

"Yep!" the boy answered happily.

"…He's going to come over pissed," the older man warned.

"He's always pissed off," the hacker reminded.

"…Good point."

"So where's Yako-San(1)? I wanted to give her this present…" Ishigaki asked looking around.

"Upstairs. Apparently Neuro and Godai-San have been taking care of her all day. Both are asleep," Higuchi commented, pointing his thumb up.

"Then again, its been mostly Godai-San doing all the work to make her feel better,"

he thought to himself.

He glanced at Ishigaki's hands. He had a small bag in them and looked a little disappointed. With a sigh, he took his shoes off along with his more experienced partner. The both stepped into the house and past Higuchi who followed behind them. He wondered a bit if Neuro was still up on the ceiling, then again that was a silly thought.

The demon was not that stupid. Hell stupid wouldn't even part of your vocabulary when you described the demon.

"Godai-San is sleeping, so lets go to the kitchen," Higuchi suggested.

Sasazuka glanced over the couch and saw the man knocked out. He had a little drool going down his chin but not to bad. The group went to the kitchen where Neuro had gotten off the ceiling and was sitting down.

"Hello Sasazuka-San!" Neuro said happily waving. "Hello to you too Ishigaki-San!"

Higuchi could see why the two who were asleep got annoyed of this happy-happy act. It was a bit too sweet.

"I just started to make tea, would you like some?" Neuro asked pointing to a kettle on the stove.

"Yeah sure," Sasazuka said sitting down. He looked around the house. It felt more welcoming than the last time. More calm now that Yako's father's murderer had been caught.

"Thank you Neuro-San!" Ishigaki said happily.

Neuro just smiled at them. He watched Higuchi take a seat with his deep green eyes.

"So what brings you here?" Neuro asked making conversation.

"Well, I saw that fellow out on the couch beating up on a mail box. I was going to arrest him but then he told me that Yako-Chan was sick. So I called her and told her I would stop by," Sasazuka explained.

"Yep I was there!" Ishigaki said happily.

"Huh, I see," Neuro said camly.

For a moment Higuchi saw that the demon had twitched a little. He wondered what would happen to Yako once she was better. He had never really seen the way the demon treated her, just heard stories. With a sigh he pulled his up computer and once again started his work. Of course this was stopped when Usui and Tsukushi busted threw Yako's front door.

"Apparently he found your note," Sasazuka said.

"Yeah," Higuchi shrugged and waited for the shorter man to come in and yell.

The cop came right into the kitchen hearing the two talk. He pointed at Higuchi who just waved and smiled up at the guy.

"You…how dare you leave a note like that!?" he snapped. "I don't care if that little brat of an investigator is sick! I gave you one the most important cases and you slack it off with him!?" He was pointing at Sasazuka.

"Whoa Usui, calm down," Higuchi said with a gulp. He had seen the older man pissed but this was pretty bad.

"I will not calm down! All of you…" he was fuming…no he was past that.

Tsukushi put a hand on the man's shoulder. "Sir, I don't think yelling will get you anywhere…"

The shorter man almost attacked him but seemed to cool down a bit. He closed his eyes, and straitened his tie. He snapped them open and pointed at Higuchi.

"You are not getting off that easily. First off, I'll expect the report on that case on my desk by the end of the day tomorrow and…you have to finish taking care of the girl.(2)"

Higuchi didn't mind the last part but the report was the problem. He stood up right away. "No way in hell!! It would take me all night to write a report on that much information I found out!"

"Well that's what you get for taking a day off," the man grinned. "Oh and you have to stay the night here, and cook dinner, and make her breakfast."

"I can't do that! I'm only human!" Higuchi snapped.

"Well you better start working on it," Usui was grinning. "And I can't really do anything to you two since you're shift is over. Next time, you do something like this you're screwed! Got it?"

Sasazuka only nodded, not wanting the man to get back on a rampage. His partner was shaking in his shoes already. With his rant done Usui examined the room's occupants. His frown grew and he turned.

"We're leaving! And Higuchi…tell that investigator to get better," Usui snapped once more.

Tsukushi waved goodbye a little before following his boss out of the house. The door slammed when the two were gone. This woke up Godai of course who stomped into the kitchen.

"What the hell is his problem?" Godai asked.

"I don't know…I think something crawled up his ass a long time…and died…" Higuchi hissed. The kid took his glasses off of his head and rubbed his temples. "Alright. Please no one bug me. I have to start this report…"

He sat down in his seat again. He put his glasses on and focused on the computer in front of him. With a yawn Godai only shrugged and went back to the couch.

"So about that tea," Ishigaki said trying to get the mood to a better level.

"Ah yes," Neuro said happily as the kettle finally went off. "Godai-San! Please get us some tea!"

"Go to hell," Godai snapped.

"I'll do it," Ishigaki said standing up.

The man took the kettle off the burner. He looked around and eventually found the mugs and prepared the tea happily. He passed out the cups but when he got to Higuchi the boy didn't even look at him. He swiped the cup away and took a sip. He set it down and continued to work.

"No luck there Ishigaki. He's totally out of it," Sasazuka said to the man.

"I can see that now sir," the man said sitting back down.

"So who's cooking dinner?" Sasazuka asked.

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