Evil Plot Bunny Overlord


Disclaimer: Anya is mine (based on an o.c. I'd created years ago), and all other characters belong to their respective creators.

A.N.: This is what can happen when one stays up late writing plot bunny ideas, then finally forcing themselves to stop writing at 2:30 in the morning. Bows repeatedly begging "Please forgive my insanity.


Anya on stage is speaking to an auditorium filled with the various characters gathered from all across the wonderfully wide world(s) of anime.

I have decided something; something rather important.

I now believe that the evil plot bunnies, which of late have been running rampant, are not, despite being contrary to popular belief, not acting alone; or on their own accord.

I believe they are being controlled by another being. An evil being. And I believe this being to be…

The evil plot bunny overlord leader known throughout the land, (well, maybe not our land) is...

... (drum roll please) ...

... ( "da, da, da, da" - typical fanfare music) ...

! KIRA !

This diabolical plot bunny leaderhas taken it upon himself to send forth his little evil plot bunny minions, and loose them upon the population of poor, unsuspecting souls of the us struggling, writers-blocked authors. His fiendishly twisted plans seem to include:

Creating mobs of minions

Lending said mobs us struggling authors at the most decidedly inconvenient of times.

Some of the diabolically preferred methods include, but are not limited to:

The car, shower, or classroom

Any place seems suffice when you are absolutely nowhere that these brilliant inspirations could be written.

If by some miracle they could be written down, then the evil Kira plot bunny sends a message to his evil allies, and they send in all manner of distractions to attempt to keep these wonderful creations from being brought forth into this world.

Anya rubs her hands together and gives a small maniacal laugh as Shinigami arrives on the scene, dropping down from above. Both look at each other for a moment, than as one begin to grin in such a way that had everyone around them suddenly running for the nearest exit. Meanwhile, outside the building, a very loud, resounding KABOOM fills the air, as the auditorium suddenly gains a new sunroof.


Ok...my psychotic rant is complete...at least for now.

Good Bye!!!