I do not own Naruto and I probably never will This story will be a harem story so the readers will decide I can assure you that there will be Kin, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Ten-Ten, Yougito Sasame and fem Kyuubi in the harem.

It was the day after the invasion and an old man was sitting on the spot were his old friend the Hokage fell in battle against his student. Tears were in his eyes as he rembered all the times they shared but what struck him the most is that he could do nothing to redeem himself for being a coward during the battle. His blanched hair that was once the most wild of blonds looked down onto the ruined city. Hr saw the body of the girl that was sacrificed to do the impure world resurrection, the jutsu that was twisted from its origins in the light. The old man sighed and started to do the hand signs for the pure world resurrection. The old man knew what he had to do he was going to revive the sacrifice. He looked down at the poor girl's body and put his own chakra into the girls body. The old man said one word and one alone and it was purity. A tear escaped the mans eyes as the girl started to stir she looked at the old mans face and it resembled something vagly familiar. The face how it showed signs of great joy as well as immense sadness the tone around him was one of a darker color like he has been out in the sun all his life. The smile on his face was evident of her shock that she was alive. The old man began "Well now miss Kin death will no longer take hold of you until your time has come enjoy life little one." Kin knew she had seen the face before right before she died the face of a holy person pleasing in the eyes of God was this person the one who raised her up to meet with God himself. was he the one who also rescued her from hell. Almost like the old man was reading her thoughts he just said "Yes I am the one. Now if you excuse me I have a pain in the ass to take care of under the name of one Orochimaru." In a bright flash he disappeared in a flash almost like he was never there.

The sound village was rocked by screams of pain and suffering by Orochimaru due to his curse. Kabudo was doing the best he could to see the pain but the attempts were futile. Kabudo had just left Orochimarus for a result of medicine when a flash blinded him. The an old man was grinning at the poor snakes misfortune, "Well Orochi it is time to die." The fear was seen in his eyes as he felt his soul being pulled from his body yet again. No matter how much resistance he put the will of death overcame his will to live. "Now from dust you came and to dust you will return." The old man waved his hand and destroyed his body and in another flash of light he dissapered as quickly as he appeared.

Back in Konoha Kin was running for her life she was so scared if the mob of people would do to her if they caught her. She felt herself being picked up by strong arms and carried at an even faster rate. She looked up and saw the same old man that freed her from the cluches of death. Almost as soon as she recognized him he about faced and put her down like a father does to his child. The mob started to catch up and anger prelevated threw the old mans face. The mob started to surround the both of them but as soon as they started to move in they were stopped by the power around the old man. There was a boom in his voice as he yelled "How dare you harm this child. Will you harmed another because your hate blinds you? I think this will not be the case. Now see things threw the child you have harmed eyes." There was great shrieks of pain and suffering throughout the crowd as they fell on there knees with all of the pain that had been inflicted on the child. The old man smiled when he saw the pain on the villagers eyes there was nothing he could do to stop them before but now that he was here he was going to make the council and villagers suffer for there misdeeds. Some of the villagers were scared for life with the sheer amount of torture that they put Naruto threw. If looks could kill all of the villagers would be dead.

Kin looked at the old man again and saw the undying mercy in his face as well as righteous anger in his face. He looked down at her face and said to her "I must be going soon but before I go i will introduce you to who I want you to be with. You both have went threw much already so come."

The two of them walked in silence she saw who the old man was refering to a boy crying over a death of a relative and grandfather. The old man looked at Kin again and told her yet again "Call upon me in your day of trouble I will lead you and you will follow me." The old man disappeared yet again back to the sky were he came.

Kin started to walk up to the crying blond and put her hands on his shoulders and the two of them locked eyes. He recognized the girl as one of the sound nins that were in the Chuunin exams. Kin looked down in shame as a hostile look appeared on his face but as soon as Naruto saw that look he recognized it almost imminently. 'Looks like she was beat almost as much as me might as well have comfort each other.' Naruto thought.

To Kin's surprise she was embraced by the boy who's eyes spoke of hate to her. She stood there crying in his arms and the deaths of her teammates struck a cord on her heart. She would never see them again but she would have life while they were in death. Both of them saw each others loss and stood there for what seemed to be an eternity comforting each other with their loss. A voice spoke in the back of Kin's head saying "There is a time for everything a time to be embraced to be alone a time to lagh and weep. There is a proper time for everything''

Somehow kin was found comfort in that and her embrace deepened to the blond. A smile spread across her face and both of there tears became less and less. Naruto looked into the former sound girls eyes and saw the need she was in now more clearly than ever a need to be loved unconditionally a need to find help even though she didn't deserve it. The same voice echoed in the back of Kin's mind again saying ' Love is patient Love is kind it does not easily anger it keeps no record of wrong it always trusts it always protects it never fails.'

A look of pacient love was in both of there eyes and both of them knew that Kin was going to have a hard time with that sound headband on Naruto finally spoke to the girl saying "You need to put a slash threw that headband to mark that you rebelled against the sound or you might be executed."

Kin quickly took off her headband and slashed it in the center with one of Naruto's kuuni. Naruto smiled at her she was his and he was hers a love that could bear the test of time. The two slowly walked away from the memorial stone in complete silence and enjoying each others company. The two slowly walked into the village expecting a daily beating and a chased from a mob of villagers but from the looks of the villagers it looked like they were seeing a ghost of the past. As the two of them past some of the villagers remarked "Dreadfully sorry Namakaze-sama" or "Welcome home honorable son." along those lines. Naruto had no idea of what was going on with the villagers. He would have expected the villagers to have tried to chance both of them outside the village and kill both of them right then and there. Naruto slowly made his way to the council room and to his surprise some of the council members bowed to him in respect. Hiashi stood up and spoke "Namakaze-sama welcome to the council and Donzo get out of his seat."

A smirk was thrown across Donzo's face as he said "Arishi was the last of the Namakazes this is not a Namakaze he is a demon and he has brainwashed all of you in thinking he is the son of the fourth hokage. This is terms for execution."

A loud boo was herd throught the council as Danzo was saying those things about Naruto. The representative from the haruno clan spoke "Donzo get out of here you old war halk cant you see the resemblance its to striking to not see who his father was. Come up here you have earned it boy. From what witnesses say he successfully beet the Shikaku demon and its host. From the looks of his records so many of his accomplishments were directed to Sasuke and that little liar took all the credit for it. It says in his records that Naruto fell protecting Sasuke from a bloodline when Kakashi told the council that Naruto himself beet it. All in favor of making Naruto a jonin say I" A loud chorus of I's was herd thought the council. Hiashi decided to be smart and asked the council "All in favor of stripping Sasuke from the ninja program say I" Another series of I's was herd thought the council. Naruto was happy as a clam not only was he a new jonin but Sasuke was forced out of the ninja program. The thought that went threw his head was ' Could this day get any better.'

Hiashi addressed the council about the girl that walked in with Naruto "Honorable members of the council from what is seen of this girl before you she was part of the sound now what do we do with her?"

Naruto was the first to speak up "This girl has a name and she was manipulated by Orochimaru himself into serving him. She seeks full amnesty. Kin here could tell us all she knows about the sound its strengths and weaknesses were to strike and she could act as a double agent for us in the leaves. Kin dear tell us your tail be sure to include every detail no matter how insignificant."

The council seemed to be split in half it was either to execute her or to listen. Kin began her tail and the council seemed to approve of giving her a full pardon for all of the useful information. She gave locations of bases the nins and there weakness and the twisted splicing that went on. The ones that were going to scream for her execution switched their vote to a full pardon but had to be monitored by at least a jonin.

Kin had just finished her tale and the council grinned at Kin and gave her a full pardon but had to be monitored. Naruto volunteered to look over kin. Hiashi smiled and some of the shinobi council members approached Naruto after the council meeting. All that was said was about the arranged marriages between their clans. Now Naruto was swamped with girls.

Finished with the first chapter now there is room for two more people now you will decide who the other two are.