Voices of the forgotten

It was well into the night while Serin was still working hard by candle light tirelessly translating the journals. She looked over to the bed where Naruto was holding Kin in another one of her nightmares of her days at the sound village. The warm bed looked so much more inviting than it ever had been for a long while but Serin knew that in the morning the books would still be there so she pressed onward. As she translated she came by very familiar battles in both the allied and axis powers each one had a different perspective. Normandy battle of the bulge and other minor battles she remembered. A tear escaped from her eye as she remembered the hell of those battles. Nothing glorious as later described to the future generations hell pure hell men getting blown up and blood everywhere and the English channel which is now The wave country was stained crimson from the amount of blood in the water. (Yes I am a history nerd got a problem with it?)

Serin was now getting up to make herself a pot of coffee and just chug it down. It was well into the night when Serin's first candle went out and she had to get another. It was approaching the 6 o'clock hour when she herds Naruto get up to begin his morning run around the village. She had just got done with a book from a little after the 2nd Great War when Kin got up to make breakfast for the three of them until she noticed Serin with darker than Garra's bags around her eyes. What Kin said would define her as a mother later in life "Serin get to bed. I know you have been up all night young lady go to sleep." and near the end of what Kin was saying Serin passed out from lack of sleep. Kin just went over to the counter and started making hers and Naruto's breakfast. Kin was making the ninja breakfast, an extremely high energy meal made of sausage egg cheese hash browns (the good kind not the fast food ones) green peppers and onions. Around 7:30 Naruto came back from his morning run around the village and his morning training. Naruto smelled the air and his mouth started to water for that almost perfect breakfast. Naruto, while he was eating saw a note on one of the books that said ' Take to library.'

Quietly Naruto talked with his beloved Kin to help Serin sleep a little bit after that long and tiring night. Kin served their breakfast and ate while waiting for the day to actually start. Both of them knew that it would be a long day and another night for Serin. Naruto quietly told his beloved Kin "I am going to study the bingo books and try to replicate some of the most powerful shinobi's jutsu or make some of my own based off of them. So I will be home late. Can you take these's books to the library for me?"

"Yes I can, try to work on the sound based jutsu."

"Why sweetheart? Just don't tell me because you want me to."

"Because my love. I am one of the only ones who can do sound braced jutsu."

"I will my beloved don't worry about a thing