I don't know why this bothers me so much, but to the person who left the comment about alocholism, I did the research for the story, honey. I said in the story, it took around five days for withdrawal symptoms to end, NOT for a person to be cured completely. I have an alcoholic relative, so I'd know that you can still feel the psychological effects as well as some physical effects months and months after. I have a list of only five of the sites I referred to, all saying between 3 to 10 days, depending on the site, averaging at around 5 days for WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS and DTs to stop. If you'd like, I can email them to you, at your real email account, since the one you gave is invalid. Or anyone else for that matter who would like to read up on DT's and alcoholism.

I never, NOT ONE TIME said Charlie would be cured in 5 days. Just that his DT's would be under control and Bella would be okay to see him.

You should REALLY learn to be a better reader if you are going to correct me. I admit that I am not perfect and make mistakes in my writing, but I always do research for something major in a story, and after reading over ten sites, I think I can safely say, I'm like ninety seven percent sure I'm right.