Magical Cigarettes

Vash The Stanpede had noticed something odd about his travelling companion Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He had magical cigarettes.

It was true! Vash had first noticed it in the middle of a gun fight they'd managed to stumble into. He'd been jumping and running and what not and that damn cigarette had remained stuck fastly between his lips.

He was even more aware of it now, sitting, just the two of them, in their hotel room (Vash, as usual, had been broke and the priest had agreed to let him sleep on the floor in his room tonight). That thin trail of smoke, always twisting and writhing infront ofhis face, distorting the blonde's view of the other man's face ever so slightly... it irked him. He held it so lightly between his lips at the very, very edge of the filter. The ash had built up to nearly an inch and Vash was so sureit was going to drop of, any second now.

Wolfwood's eyes flicked towards his companion and he furrowed his frow. "What's that look for?"

Vash raised his eyebrows. He hadn't realized hat his aggrivation had been showing on his features. He sighed. "Your cigarette is bugging me..."

Wolfwood looked confused. He crossed his eyes to look down at the stick between his lips. "What about it?" he asked

That was a good question. Why, exactly, did that bother him? It shouldn't bother him that those perfect lips were always occupied by thos ridiculous, cancer causing sticks... Such a waste of perfect lips... Vash had a sudden, mischevious idea.

"I'd have to show you," he said, grinning.

Nicholas cocked an eyebrow espectantly and cushioned his chin in his palm.

Vash leaned across the small gap between the two. His tongue snaked out from between his lips and Wolfwood's eyes widened in surprise. "Vash, Wha--?"

The priest's words were cut off as Vash knocked the cigarette from between his lips with his tongue and pressed his lips to the shorter man's. He was stiff at first, but after he got over the initial shock Nicholas let his eyes slip closed and he returned the kiss.

The two were very lucky that the inn did not burn down, after all, a pair of pants thrown ontop of a still smoldering cigarette wasn't exactly safe.