A/N: A collaboration between ScarletHairHopper and lilrockinlea… if you could call it that… We were eating marshmallows and watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (which we don't own)… 'nough said.

Frank walks into a room and sees Riff-Raff having relations with a whale made of marshmallows. The whale's eyes darted over to where Frank stood shocked, appalled and slightly aroused. The scene was made ever more so disturbing when the sweet transvestite saw Magenta eating her way out of the centre of the whale. Her hand groped the whale's sticky blow hole as she pulled herself onto it's back and rolled of onto the floor which was covered in tiny plant people playing twister.

"Looks like fun!" The voice came from behind the whale. Frank looked and was surprised to see the usually sensible Stephen Fry climb into the empty space where Magenta had been.

"Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Frank said and both he and Stephen found a suitable spot of the whale that was empty and began devouring the beast.

The End.