7th November 2009 – Mad Furry Cheshire Cat

To all readers of Lady Prince!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading this story and putting up with my very indecisive mind when it comes to where the story should go. I had about three different ideas for an ending, but this is the one that most people seemed to like the sound of, so I went with it. Seeing as I finally finished Lady Prince, I can now let slip the exact ideas I had in mind. When I originally began drafting this story with my friend Christina, the idea behind Rachel taking the name Lady Prince was actually to avenge Charlie's death when she goes off to find Wade and hunt him down. In my original thoughts for this story, Charlie was going to go with the route of the film and be killed by Ben Wade. Then when Rachel came back to find his body, she took on the name Lady Prince. I loved the name for the story so much that I actually edited the story to fit the title. Another ending was Charlie coming forward into our time and staying with Rachel.

I'm not the best type of writer at all. I tend to have floods of ideas all going in different crazy directions; at one point I had about four endings in mind for Lady Prince, but obviously only one could make the final edit, and it was this one. I really wanted for Rachel to save Charlie, despite her originally finding him dead after the events of the film.

As for a sequel; I have already uploaded the prologue to my sequel which is entitled Betrayal, Corruption and Bad Deeds. I will warn you all in advance though, I've recently began working on a draft for my own novel so I'm not sure how much time will be left now to write fanfiction. I still love writing fanfiction, but I really want to get on top of this book as the ideas are eating away at my brain, begging to be written out. If you've noticed on my profile page, I also have a Supernatural story on the go and some X-Men stories. I'm really busy at the moment with stories and also my work. I now work at a Family Law firm as an apprentice and most times I come home shattered and go to bed early. My only proper time for writing is weekends, although Christmas isn't too far away now so I should have some time over the holiday when I'm off work (I'm off from Christmas Eve up until about 4th January).

Thank you all SO much once again! I really appreciate it.