A/N: I don't think anyone's reading this story, but I just want to write something. See disclaimer on chapter one.

"Excuse me?" Nadine replied

Before he could reply, Nadine grabbed Kelly, and asked her if she can see him.

"Yeah," she replied.

"Well, at least you're not dead," Nadine replied

(A/N: Okay, it might be helpful to anyone who's reading to know that Nadine is a mediator-aka: a person who can see and talk to the dead as if they are real people. She is also able to self heal like her half sister (I know this disproves anything Heroes related, but play along), thus making her part of the group of heroes.)

"Wait," Preeth said, "You're not dead!"

"What do you mean-"Ashley began, "Oh, my God."

Suddenly everyone realized what was going on (except for Declan, Miranda, and Emma), and gave a blood-curdling scream.

"What the hell is going on?" Declan said, startled.

Nadine ran towards Declan, and whispered to him, "That's Peggy's father."

"But isn't he-?" Miranda started, but then realized everyone's point.

"Can't you ask one of your ghost friends?" Geoffrey suggested, "Maybe they will know something."

"Great idea," Emma said, a little confused.

(A/N: Alright, I really have to stop leaving you all in the dark here. Emma is the only one who doesn't know about Nadine. The last secret that I should reveal is that Adam (yes, Peggy's late husband) is a ghost that happens to stick around for no good reason (If you want an example, read the Mediator books), but he hasn't crossed over into the other side (and if you watch Ghost Whisperer, you know that they can't cross over until they finish what they started.)

In a minute, Adam walked over to Nadine and the others.

"God, you're fast," Nadine whispered. The majority of the people around her know, but she doesn't want to look weird.

"I'm working on my timing," he responded, "How'd I do?"

"Could have done better," Nadine replied, "Well?"

"Well what?" Adam said.

"Did you hear what I said earlier?" Nadine responded.

"I've been raised to not spy," Adam tried to give Nadine the evil eye, but utterly failed.

"Okay, Peggy's dad is supposedly still alive," Nadine started, "But we don't know for sure. Now this is where you come in."

"I do?" Adam asked.

"Yup. I believe you owe me a few favors over the years. Here's a good time to make up for one of them."

"It is?"

"Uh-huh. I need you to start a little request down the ghost pipeline, if you will. Ask if Martin Henderson is dead or alive."

"Fine, but you owe me."

Nadine turned towards Hiro and Claire.

"We will know soon enough," Nadine said with a triumphant smile on her face.

"I wonder what will happen if he is actually alive," Hiro wondered out loud, "It would be like Pearl Harbour in a way."

"What way, Hiro?" Claire asked.

"Umm…." Hiro thought, "I don't know."

"Hello? Person still standing here, out of the loop," the alleged Martin Henderson called out to the group.

"What makes us want to trust you?" Declan said angrily, "I mean, you might be some-some-some"

"Sick asshole!" Miranda finished for him, "If you REALLY are her dad, you should be-"

"Totally and completely ashamed!" Emma, of all people, threw in, "You are a sick sick son of a bitch."

Just then Adam appeared.

"Ok, that was just a little too long," Nadine mentioned, "I was starting to get worried."

"Oh, shut up," Adam said, "I conned some people, and done some things that I shouldn't have, but I managed to find out that….."