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Chapter 1

Reunion Of Sorts


I glanced at Charlie. He was so calm and collected. I needed to be more like that. I took a deep breath. No, not helping. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I was just picking up my cousins from the airport. Nothing huge. I glanced at Emmett. He was sitting on a bench looking bored. I sighed and walked over to him. He looked at me and smiled. "Are you nervous?" I asked. He looked at me skeptically.

"Yeah right. Why would I be nervous? They are just family." I sighed.

"Emmett, promise me that you will not lead them into trouble. Remember that they are still in high school." I said slowly. Emmett nodded.

"Yeah sure whatever." I sighed. Emmett himself was in his second year of being a senior, thanks to the fact that he didn't enjoy school. At all.

"Emmett, you're only nineteen yourself. Promise me no more trouble." I begged softly. I knew that Emmett's partying and wild behavior took a toll on Charlie, though he never said as much.

"You sure are bossy for someone who is supposed to be my niece." He said eyeing me. I shrugged.

"You are more of a cousin or brother and you know it." He shrugged. "Really Emmett, promise me you'll at least try. Try to set a good example for Edward and Alice." He sighed.

"Yes Mom." He said rolling his eyes at me. I glared at him. He was bigger than me by far and much more intimidating, but I scared him somehow. I knew he respected me so when I glared at him, his eyes shot to the floor before apologizing. I patted his thickly muscled arm and smiled.

"No harm done." I said slowly. Often I felt like the mom. I was only 23. I had graduated from college just this last spring and was back at home to help with the two new addition's to Charlie's house. I knew it stressed him out to think about two more mouths to feed, so I decided to stay with him, just until he got his barring on things. A loud voice came over the speaker announcing that the flight from Chicago had landed. I stood up looking eagerly over the crowd for two faces I hoped I would recognize.


The flight had been boring. Edward had listened to his music the whole way leaving me to talk to the senile woman next to me. I mostly talked, deciding it would be better if I could get all of it out before landing in Washington. From what I remember of Uncle Charlie, he didn't talk, just like Edward. When we finally landed I was relieved. I turned to Edward who was staring out of the window.

"Hey," I said tapping his arm. He looked over at me. He looked bored. "Do you think that Uncle Charlie still lives in the same house?" I was just trying to get him to say something and we both knew it. He shrugged lightly.

"I don't know Alice." Then he gathered his things and waited for me to stand. I bounded up and grabbed my purse before dancing off the plane, Edward right behind me. I looked around, looking for Uncle Charlie. I spotted him and smiled. Then I noticed a small woman with soft auburn hair and a warm smile look at me. "Esme!" I squealed running to my cousin. She smiled and embraced me as soon as I was in reach. "I can't believe it's you! I haven't seen you in years!" I squealed. She smiled.

"I'm so glad to see you too!" I always liked Esme. She was always so loving and thoughtful. Almost like a mother. Well since I no longer have a mother… I didn't follow that thought. Instead I turned to Uncle Charlie. He smiled and wrapped me in a hug.

"How are you doing?" he asked me. I shrugged.

"I'm okay. I'm so happy to see you guys though." He nodded and smiled. I turned to see a man, towering over me. He was huge and had thick sinewy muscles. I darted over to him and smiled. I grabbed him in a hug. My arms didn't even reach all the way around his stomach. "Emmett!" I said delighted. He laughed and hugged me back, nearly crushing me. I smiled and pulled away.

"Hey Alice." He said messing up my hair. "How have you been kid?" I shrugged and punched his arm.

"Not bad, yourself?" it hurt my hand when I punched him but I ignored the pain. He shrugged.

"I'm redoing senior year so I guess I'll be at school with you punks." My smile grew twice its size as I grabbed him in a hug again. Maybe life in Forks wouldn't suck completely. Not if I had Emmett and Esme to help me deal with Edward's moodiness.


It wasn't that I didn't love my sister. I did. She was, respectively, my best friend. I wasn't social and she accepted that. She knew exactly what I need and she was always there for me. But right now, I wished she would just stop talking. We were in the car on the way to Charlie's house. I was in the back seat with Alice and Esme. Esme looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her. I was surprised to see my cousin at all. I would have thought for sure she'd be out of the house by now. I saw her glance at Charlie as he tried to listen to everything Alice was saying. Then it occurred to me. Esme was here to help Charlie. I looked at her and smiled. She was such a thoughtful loving person; I found it hard to believe I was somehow related to her. I looked up when I heard a loud roar of laughter. Emmett, who was sitting in the front seat, was doubled over laughing so hard he was crying. I looked at Alice, who was sitting between Esme and me in the back seat of the cruiser, smile.

We pulled up to a small house. It was the same one Charlie had had since forever. I frowned. Last I recalled, there were only two rooms in this house. Alice frowned, remembering this as well.

"Uncle Charlie, did you add on?" she asked softly. Charlie nodded slowly.

"One more room. That's the room Emmett was staying in. Emmett and Edward will share it now, if that's alright and Alice and Esme can share a room." I nodded glancing at Emmett. We had never really bonded before. Sure we got along, but we had never gotten to know each other. I guess I would just have to start talking more. It seemed he was a male version of Alice, only three times bigger.


I was weary, at first at the thought of Alice and Edward here. I knew Charlie was doing this for our dead sister. She had wanted the twins to stay together and I respected that. But I also knew that Charlie was hoping that Edward's perfect manners and Alice's happiness would keep me out of trouble. I wondered if it would work, or if I would just end up dragging the two with me to the dark side. I smiled at the thought as I helped them bring their bags inside. Most of their things had arrived a few days before, box after box of it. I glanced at the bag I was carrying now. It was large and bulky. I looked at Alice and frowned. She looked at me confused.

"What?" she asked. I shook my head.

"What is in here?" I asked lifting the bag. It was heavy, but nothing I couldn't manage. She shrugged.

"Only a few items of clothing I couldn't live without while the rest of our stuff was shipped here." She said shrugging. I gapped at her.

"All those other boxes with your name were filled with clothes?" I asked. She looked surprised at my tone.

"Why of course." She said it as if it were obvious. Edward walked by with a bag of his own.

"She likes to shop. A lot." He said in a low voice. I glanced at little Alice. She was looking at me, sizing me up. She smiled slowly.

"Emmett, you look like you could carry some pretty heavy stuff." She said slowly. I nodded flexing my arms. She smiled. "Then maybe you wouldn't mind helping me shop sometime." She looked so innocent and in need. I nodded.

"Sure thing Alice." She smiled and Edward shook his head.

"You are going to regret those words." He told me. I was surprised. "Trust me. She has too much energy and too much passion for shopping. Good luck." He said before walking into our room. I shrugged it off. As if I couldn't handle a day of shopping. The nerve the kid had! Ha!

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