A/N: Hi again everyone. Good to be back in the land of the submitting. Anyway, this little story is about Lycan - which is one big leap outside my Naruto comfort zone. In case you're still a little confused, this is NOT part of the "Friends" series. Anyway, some background.

I wrote this story over a year ago after seeing Underworld. This story is NOT about that. You will see no familiar characters, and (hopefully) I didn't use any character names from that movie. If I did, it was completely coincidental, because I don't know enough about it to write a fic about it. I just used their "world" if you will, to create a story about the Lycan race and what happens when a future leader is duty bound to choose a mate. This story is told from the point of view of a prospective "mate." Must warn you, this is a dark, sexy, intense, and sometimes violent story. You have been warned. All characters here were made up by me, and therefore belong to me. The "world" I guess would belong to Underworld. So with that, I hope you like it. Enjoy!


My name is Rhiannon and I am among the chosen. When I was born, my mother chose my name carefully. It means "Great Queen" in Welsh, or so I'm told. I was born to be a great queen some day, but first, I had to be chosen for the position by a man who would be the King, or Chief of our clan. I was amongst the chosen, and it was my turn to meet with the man who would be Chief.

My mother had been waiting for and fearing this day her whole life. I just wanted to get it over with. As she poked decorative combs and pins into my hair I asked her, "Mother, am I ready yet? I'm really tired of all this primping."

"Just a few more pins. There, you look ravishing. I hope Kylon thinks so."

Kylon. The murderer. He was next in line to lead our Lycan clan and be Chief when his time came. Presently, he was of age to begin making decisions alongside his father, so it was deemed that it was time for him to pick his mate. There were requirements. Blood line qualities, feminine qualities, strength, and more. But he was still a murderer.

I hadn't seen him since we were children. He'd been sheltered by the whole clan, and had become an important member, strong and vicious as any Lycan should be. But he mercilessly killed three women who were offered to him as potential mates. Apparently, they were bred specifically for him to choose from, and he chose to kill them all. I was also conceived for this purpose. I was born two years after he was to the whole clan's joy. My blood line is superior to the other girls, yet they were offered to him first. I didn't care – he killed them when our clan was at its lowest population ever. They could have been valuable members, but instead, they're dead.

Apparently, each ritualistic meeting went the same way. The women were invited to meet him over dinner, where they'd talk for a while, they'd get to know each other, and then the animal magnetism took over. Each had given themselves to him, each of whom he took greedily, and when he finished with them, he'd marked each with a bite on the shoulder to mark them as "his." Then he rolled them over and tore out their throats. He said each one was bred inferiorly for some reason or other. It is said he'd know when he found the right mate. There were a few more in line waiting for their turn with him. Who wouldn't want to be his mate? All the power, protection and prestige that goes along with entering the first family. I don't want it. I never did. And I certainly didn't want him.

I heard my mother say, "Rhiannon, listen to me. It's almost time for you to go for your meeting. Please, listen to him. Do not speak until you are asked to. Please him carefully and he may choose you."

"And if I don't or he doesn't?"

"I fear this may be the last time I see you my child." I looked her in the eye. I wasn't afraid to die. I was a well bred strong Lycan. If it was my fate for him to rip out my throat after having his way with me, I could not change that. Time would tell.

I stood at the knock at the door. They had come for me. "Rhiannon, may the gods bless you. Be your best. May all luck be upon you."

I hugged her, "Thank you Mother. I'll do what I must."

I opened the door and found two men waiting there for me. One said, "Kylon will see you now Rhiannon."

"Thank you." They led me to Kylon's dining chamber where he "interviewed" his prospective mates. They opened the door and led me in where I was seated at the end of a long table.

"Wait here. He won't be long. Make yourself comfortable, but don't leave."

I nodded and sat at the end of the table. It seemed like an eternity. I sat looking around at the old dusty pictures on the walls of the ancient Lycan who had passed on before us. Kylon's grandfather was among them. His father was depicted as well, but he was still very much alive and currently governing our clan. I couldn't tell if there was a picture of Kylon himself, because I didn't know what he looked like now. I hadn't seen him since we were children. I was curious to see him again. Lycan are very attractive people. It's bred into us. I was sure he would be handsome. I waited and looked around some more. I had to remember my manners when he did arrive, or I might not be breathing long.

The door at the far end of the room opened and in he breezed. I told myself to keep my heart rate steady, as we Lycan can sense fear, apprehension, stress, and excitement. I held myself steady as I looked at him. He was impossibly handsome. He still had some features that I remembered from so long ago, but he had grown into his manhood spectacularly. Inside I was breathing heavily, wanting him to choose me. I held my heart rate even. He spoke as he walked down the table to greet me. I stood. He extended his hand, "Rhiannon right? I remember you from when we were kids. You have turned into an absolutely striking woman." I bowed slightly, not looking at his eyes – they were a white blue – and said, "Thank you Kylon. You haven't changed much since we were kids."

"Oh, I believe I have. Come sit. Talk with me, while we eat." Platters of meat were bought out to us and dark red wine. We ate silently; I spoke not a word to start a conversation, as I heard one girl was killed because she talked too much. I was to speak only when spoken to. I decided to let him lead the conversation. Finally he said, "Rhiannon. You and I both know why you're here. I want to go over some things with you before our evening proceeds."

"Certainly Kylon."

"First of all, I wanted you to know that you were actually my first choice. You were my family's first choice for me. But there was some rumor of you being stubborn, willful and possibly difficult." I held my heart beat steady. I gazed at him. "Now that I've been introduced to the others in line after you, I demanded of my father that we go back and have a look at you. I'm glad I did. You are very pleasing to the eye."

So I was the first choice? Interesting. I growled slightly, "Thank you Kylon."

"What is it? Something the matter?"

"May I speak freely?"


"I hate what you did to them."

"Who? The others."


"Why? They were essentially bred for me, but they weren't right for me. What else could they have done?"

"Our population is as low as it's ever been. They could have been trained, given jobs to do, taken care of this mansion, anything. But now they're dead and we're down three more in the clan. I see their killings as senseless."

"Are you calling ME senseless?"

"I call your killing them senseless."

"I see." I stared at him unwaveringly. "You are willful, I will give you that. You're brave to even speak to me that way. I could eliminate you right now and move on to potential mate number five."

"If you do, you won't really get to know me Kylon. You won't know the rest of me, which I'm sure you want to experience if the scent of your testosterone is any indicator."

"You can smell that? Very good. It's true. You fascinate me, and your attitude is entertaining. But are you willing to serve me? Be my mate? What if I chose you, would you accept me?" He waited. "Well? I'm waiting?"

"I'd need time to think about it."

"What's there to think about? If I chose you, it'd be an honor! You're life would be set!"

I was pushing some very sensitive buttons but I had to know.

"What did the other women answer to your question?"

"They all said they would accept me."

"And yet you killed them all." He was silent. He thought to himsef for a moment, then he scowled a bit showing his teeth. His white/blue eyes grew angry.

"I am saddled with the responsibility of doing what is best for me."

"Not what's best for the entire clan?" I wished I could shut up.

"Willful is not the word for you. Leave. Be gone. I want you gone." He raced up to me and got right in my face, an inch or two from my nose. I smelled his testosterone and instantly reacted. "You will return to me tomorrow night and we will finish this. One way or another, we will finish this." He growled and turned, flying to the door. He turned when he reached it, "You reacted to me when I was close to you. I felt your wantonness. Be here tomorrow." He left. As soon as he was gone, I lost control of my heart, and it pounded in my chest.

I went back to my mother. She was thrilled, "He chose you! Rhiannon! That's wonderful!"

"He didn't choose me."

"Then how are you alive?"

"I think I infuriated him. He wants me back there tomorrow to 'finish things,' as he put it."

"Oh, Rhiannon. We should leave. We can run, I can hide you for a while until he finds you and,"

"Mother, if this is going to be my last night on this earth, I'd like to go clear my head. It's my own fault if I've upset him. He is quite cocky though. I'm going for a walk. I'll be back in a while."

"Be careful child. He may send people after you if he's really angry."

"Somehow, I don't care if he does. I spoke my peace and my fate rests in his hands. Don't worry. I feel I'll be back soon." I left and walked alone in the night air. The night was cool and I was able to collect my thoughts and calm my nervous heart. I re-thought what I'd said. I must have been an idiot to argue with such a powerful person as Kylon. He was so beautiful, manly. I loved looking at him. But I wouldn't bow to him. He just may kill me tomorrow, but tonight, I still belonged to me.

On my way back to the mansion, I felt someone watching me. I smelled the testosterone. Kylon was watching me. I ignored him and kept moving. Was he going to kill me now? Let him try. I'd fight him tonight if I had to. I turned and looked into a shadow, looked right at him menacingly and walked right by him. He didn't move. I entered the mansion and soon went to bed.


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