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The torture wasn't unbearable, but I had a feeling it was going to get a lot worse. From what my captor said, I'd been there eighteen hours, strapped to that chair, left alone, and occasionally tortured. I knew there would be more, but still I didn't fear it. It seemed that there were only a few others outside the room, probably watching from the other side of a two way mirror. They were probably enjoying what they were seeing. I'm sure we'd done the same to their people at times. If I lived through this, I would put a stop to this inhumane treatment, even if it is toward a known enemy. There had to be other ways to settle our differences rather than kidnap, torture and murder.

Twenty-four hours. I dozed with my head hanging down. I no longer felt my arms; they'd been tied so long. I was ravenous, but refused to eat, fearing they poisoned the food they offered. They marked me a few more times with the silver dagger, but never cut me with it. Apparently a cut would fester and eventually have to be cut out or the host would die. They were waiting for another time to do that.

Later, I dozed again. I was dehydrated and hungry and I feared for my child. I thought of Kylon and I forgave him for not coming. I knew I wasn't meant for this world much longer, so I accepted the fact that he couldn't come. It would be too dangerous. I would silently go to my grave. As I dozed I thought I heard shuffling outside the door. Yelling. Was that screaming? What's going on? It sounds like my betrayer. He's screaming! The vampire that held me captive came running in one door, while the entry doors burst open and in came three giant figures dragging one. I tried to clear my head, so I could see who it was. Was this my final moment? And then I heard it, "Rhiannon!" My God it was Kylon, and his father was with him along with the biggest body guard I'd ever seen. He came for me.

He growled and leapt on the vampire who tortured me before he could leave the room. Apparently the other vampires wanted nothing to do with two enraged chiefs, and a few giant bodyguards because no one came to my torturer's rescue. I saw something moving on the floor in front of Tylo, it was my betrayer, pretty much torn to bits. He was still alive, but not for long from what I could see.

Kylon dragged the vampire over to me and demanded with a low growl, "Untie my wife."

"Your wife?! And you're a chief?"

Tylo said, "As am I. You've got some pretty big problems now pal. Untie her." He scrambled to untie me. I couldn't support myself or feel my arms, so I started to pitch forward. Tylo caught me. I looked up at Kylon who held the vampire by the throat. All the Lycans' faces had blood on them, vampire and Lycan traitor blood. Kylon held the vampire to his face and said, "What did you do to my wife." He wouldn't answer. Tylo was busy rubbing my arms, and as my sleeves went up, he found the marks the silver had left. He said, "Kylon," and showed him my arms. I saw the grip on the vampire's throat tighten.

Kylon said, "Did you violate her?" What was left of the vampire shook his head slightly, "no." Kylon looked at me, and I confirmed what the bastard had said. Kylon then said, "Did you poison her?" He squeaked out, "Tried. She wouldn't eat or drink." I nodded. I was weak and exhausted, starving and thirsty. Finally Kylon said to me, "Rhiannon, what will you have me do to this thing, and that traitor?"

I rose unsteadily, and after gaining my footing I said, "Allow me." He held my torturer still as I walked right up to him and slapped him across the face, letting my nails drag across his cheek opening it wide. I got in his face and said, "You'll never forget me. Neither will any of your people. I gave you nothing, no secrets, no samples, nothing but that scar that will label you as the failure that let a queen get away. A pregnant queen." His eyes opened wide. "And don't even think about trying to abduct me again, or I won't be so kind. If you ever see these eyes again, run. I won't show you mercy again." Then I curled up my fist and punched him in the sternum knocking him out. Kylon dropped him in an unceremonious heap.

"Now, for you," I motioned toward my betrayer. "I know why you hate me, but you have no right to betray your entire race because of your hate for one person. You will be tried and punished. I will not blame your family for what you have done. They won't suffer, but you will. Kylon. Have him bound and dragged back to the meeting rooms. If he lives, I want someone on him 24/7 until he is tried and sentenced." Kylon nodded. I had taken control of the situation. Kylon handed the traitor over to one of the enormous body guards and they left the room. Tylo and Kylon stayed there with me. Suddenly my energy and rage left me and I felt like I was falling.

I woke in an enormous bed. I looked around and found Kylon talking with his father. "Hi you two," I managed to squeak out. Their heads turned to me and Kylon ran to me. "Rhiannon you are an amazing woman."

Tylo said, "The way you handled yourself and those two abductors is what makes a true natural born leader. You were firm, yet you are forgiving and fair. I think we need to bring you on as official council to the clans."

Kylon touched my face. It was good feeling him again, seeing him again. I said to him, "I didn't know if you'd come for me or not. That bastard said logically you shouldn't. Why risk your life and the lives of others over a woman you'd just barely met and married. I wondered if you'd come, then I forgave you when you didn't."

He touched my face again and said, "I'd roam the ends of the earth to find you. I'd fight to the death to protect you. You are my wife, and the rules of this clan are changing."

Tylo chimed in, "For the better." I smiled at both. "I'm going to step out and let everyone know you're ok. You two need to talk." He left and I asked Kylon,

"How did you find me?"

"Your bodyguard was found barely alive in the garden. We had been searching the house and grounds for you, even neighboring and rival clans were searching. When we found him he told us who abducted you. I went to your abductors' mother who confirmed that he'd been acting strangely. Then I did something I'd never done to anyone – I apologized for killing her daughter and that if I had to do it over again I still wouldn't have chosen her, but I would have spared her. I told her that my wife has changed the way I think of a lot of things. She didn't know what to say. So she gave me the location of where her son was staying, we tracked him down and made him show us where you were. Father insisted on coming. He's grown quite fond of you. How is our child?"

"Fine so far as I can tell. I do need some food and lots of water. Then when I'm well, I need lots of you." He smiled that lusty smile and the scent of testosterone filled the air. "Kylon?"


"You know how you've asked me if I love you."


"I started to as soon as you burst through the door." He leaned over, hugged me tightly and said, "Thank you, because I love you." It was true and official. I had come to love my husband.

We began re-writing history. We started meeting with vampires to discuss truces and releases of political and dangerous criminals. We figured that both sides should be the ones to deal with their own troublesome individuals, rather than having the other side control the population. Tylo started including me in on meetings where I actually had good ideas and ways of growing both clans because there were a lot more terrifying monsters out there than us.

Soon, it was time for the baby to arrive. I had a big surprise for Kylon that I made my midwife swear not to tell him until the time was right. Tradition dictates that the man is not present in the room with the woman as she is laboring. Thus the woman also gets to name the child. Kylon waited outside with his father and my mother as I continued to go through my labors. Half way into the night, I finally finished the birth. I was exhausted, but all had gone well. My surprise was about to be revealed. I got cleaned up and was ready to present the heir to his father and grandparents. They were allowed into the room along with the high elder to bless the child. I said to all of them, "Stay right there all of you. Kylon, step forward a little please." There was a screen next to the bed hiding the baby. I said, "I'd like to present to you, your heir, your daughter,"

"I have a daughter. A daughter. If she's anything like her mother," and I handed him the bundle of baby which he stared raptly at. "A daughter. She's beautiful like her mother. When I look at her, I can't wait to have another one."

"You won't wait long."


"I've hidden a secret from you. I'd like to present you with your son also, born three minutes after your daughter." I picked up the sleeping bundle of boy and held him out to his father who managed to scoop him into his other arm.

"I have two children. But how can that be? Lycan haven't had twin births in ages."

My mother said, "In four hundred years. Just the same amount of time it's taken the green eye trait to show back up again. I think our Rhiannon here is an old soul carrying old genes."

Tylo said, "Kylon you are one lucky man. Now give me one of those children!"

"Just a minute father, just a minute more. I want to look at them a minute more."

The elder looked at me and smiled. He walked around to the front of Kylon and putting his hand on both the childrens' heads. He blessed them, wishing them strength, courage and the ability to do what's right for the clan. He said, "We are all witnessing history today. Today is special indeed."

Kylon finally handed his daughter to his father and his son to my mother. He looked at them another minute then came to me draping himself on me and he wept. I cried with him, tears of joy. I finally calmed him and said, "I guess I'm going to fulfill that quota early."

"Yeah, I guess you will."

"Does that mean I'm off the hook after four children?"



"How many would you like to have?"

"How about our own clan?"

"For now, we'll enjoy with the two we've got." We kissed lovingly. I couldn't believe that not so long ago, I'd hated this man and what he'd done, and now I was married to him, had his twins and am helping change the entire dynamics of the clan. I have gone from chosen to significant.

Our son's blue eyes stayed blue as he grew, while our daughter's took on the striking pale green feature I sported. It looked like more than one of us harbored old genes.

A year later I gave birth to a second set of twins, identical twin boys. Each one with their right eye pale green, their left eyes tan colored like their grandfather. They were striking to behold.

I'd met my quota in two and a half years instead of ten.

As we grew older, the clans changed immensely. There were more healthy births, less senseless killings, and we'd managed to keep together a shaky truce with the vampires. We enlisted the help of other clans, rivals and allies to create a nation of Lycan that would no longer war amongst themselves, but would instead preserve the individual clans as parts of the whole.

Within ten years, Kylon and I had nine children. Every year and a half, we had twins until the last one that was a single. We decided that one more single would be good, and if any more came, they had been chosen to be here.


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