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James held me tightly, "What do you mean, the Final Sacrifice? Kartik was the Final Sacrifice."

My body starts to shake and James' tries to hole me together, "N-n-oo," I stutter, "Kartik, I saw him in my vision. He was...horrible, a monster," tears are streaming down my cheeks.

James wipes a tear off my cheek and holds my face between his hands, "Abby, you have to tell me everything that you saw. It couldn't possibly be Kartik you saw, he was sacrificed to the Tree of All Souls, he was the Final Sacrifice."

I shake my head and remove his hands. I stand up and begin pacing in a circle around him, "No, no, no! It was Kartik, I know it was. He kept chanting it, again and again and again."

James puts his head in his hands, "We have to get back, they'll know what to do."

I kneel beside him, I can't believe he wants to go back to those people, "'They'll know what to do'? Do they even have a name? Are you insane James? What makes you think they know what to do?"

His eyes are fierce, matching my own no doubt, "What makes you think they don't?" he counters.

I cross my arms, "Because according to them, Kartik was the Final Sacrifice and according to Kartik, a more reliable source I would say, I'm the Final Sacrifice," I tell him, "There's only one way to figure this out. I have to get into the Realms. See if I can figure this all out."

He pulls me up and starts to drag me towards the cabin, "You will not. You are forbidden to go into the Realms."

I pull back, making him trip, "Excuse me? You are not the judge on what I am or am not allowed to do. Now, if you'll excuse, I have some Realms to enter."

I step away and think on how to exactly enter these Realms.

James stands up and begins to laugh, "Ha! You don't even know how to enter the Realms. I get my way in the end after all. Now come with me," he reaches out to grab my hand.

Anger boils in my blood at him, how dare he say those things about me! I can get into the Realms if I want to. Gemma Doyle is my grandmother, dammit! A strange feeling washes over me. A tingling begins in my toes, spreading up my body and slowly drifting into my fingers. A door shimmers in front of me and a stretch my hand out to open it. At the same moment James grabs my hand and we both are pulled through the door.

James falls to the ground upon our entry into the Realms. He gasps as he struggles to stand up, "Where are we?"

I spread my arms out, "In the Realms!" I tell him in victory, before pushing him back down before he even reached his feet, "Told you I could."

I begin to walk farther into the crisp gardens.

"In the Realms?" James asks, "No. The Rakshana are never supposed to enter the Realms."

I turn around, "Well, sucks for you, Jimmy," I taunt. I start to walk away again and I hear him scramble up and run after me.

"You have to take me back!" He shouts at me.

I keep walking, "I don't have to do anything."

He takes my hand and for the first time I see how truly scared he is to be in this place, "Will you please take me back?"

"You're scared, aren't you?"

He blushes and shakes his head quickly, "I am not scared. I'm just not supposed to be here. I want to go back."

"Well, Kartik isn't supposed to be following me trying to sacrifice me. I think we can bend the rules a little." I spit out ruefully.

He eyes me suspiciously, "What are you doing? Are you going to take me back or not?"

I smile, "No, I'm asking for you to help me."

"Absolutely not."

"Well, I guess I'll take you back."

His eyes brighten, "Really? This is fantastic, thank you Abs."

"And then you'll just have to go back and tell them about how I am still in the Realms…with no guardian to watch over me and make sure…I don't know…I do something…unexpected," my hand sweeps over a burned bush and it immediately becomes lush, small pink flowers blooming all over it.

We both stare down at the lush bush in shock, "Like that," I say, providing an example I didn't know I could create.

James stands there, obviously having a heated debate in his mind.

"You figure that out, I'll just be on my way."

James catches up with me, "I guess if I keep you alive I'll stay in their good graces, despite the fact I was…am in the Realms."

I smile, glancing sideways at him, "I suppose you will." My hand trails along the blackened remains and they instantly turn into glorious flowers, blooming instantly, the garden coming to life.

James lags behind and plucks a white rose from the multitudes. I watch curiously as he walks back to me and offers it over.

"A piece offering," he explains.

I stare at the rose, "But…what about-"

James smirks, "Abs, just take it. No need to over think this."

A grin tugs at my lips before I can stop it, "Abs?"

He pulls his hand back, "Um, yeah, you know like, Abigail to Abby to, I don't know, 'Abs'…?" he trails off questioningly.

I take the rose from his hand, "I get it James, no need to over think it," I smile and he smiles back, relived, "Just, no one's ever called me that before."

We begin walking again, following an unknown path, "Well, now you have been." He says and we continue walking in a comfortable silence, towards what, I am not sure. But I can feel it coming; rising up over the horizon, ready to meet me, unabashed. But what it does not know is that I, too, am also ready.