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I unlocked the door and stepped inside after carefully tucking the key under the welcoming matt. I sighed as I picked up the mail from the floor where it had slipped to after being inserted through the slot at the bottom of the door. Edward had been out hunting [a/n: this excuse saves my life and I'm probably always gonna use it at least once in every one of my fanfics, so if you don't like it, sorry, but it's my life preserve ( : all weekend, and he should be over soon; just getting back. Charlie had gone on a full week fishing trip with his fellow officers somewhere--I didn't really pay attention to where.

Feeling something an smidge heavier and more solid then the rest of the mail, I put the envelopes on the table, by the coat rack. There was a small, rectangular package remaining in my hand. I turned it every which way looking for an addressee. "To: Isabella Marie Swan..." Hmm... It's from Mom.

I unwrapped it cautiously, not sure if Mom had sent me some kind of erratic April fool's joke or something. Under the brown package paper it was just a plain black, rectangular box. Upon opening the lid from it, I found a letter, and a disk in a case.

I turned my main focus on the letter, so putting down the box with the disk still inside, I read it.


Oh! I miss you so much! I'm having a great time down here with Phil! I guess Florida's just my cup o' tea!

I was rummaging through old boxes that were in our attic in Phoenix just last week. For some reason I just put them in the basement down here, still in their boxes. I didn't unpack them... Anywho Guess what I found! Let's just say it's a blast from the past! Anyway, it was on a video tape so I put it on a DVD for you.

On another subject, you should check your emails more often! I send you about 7 of them a day before you answer me. Don't shun your mother, honey.

Tell Edward I said hello.

Miss you, Love you


I couldn't help but let out small laughs at intervals at how silly Renee could be. I still had a smile on my face when I felt ice cold hands cover my eyes from behind. And that smile has, now, just turned into a grin. "Guess who," that velvety angelic voice demanded. I could here the smile in his tone. An excited, happy giggle escaped my lips as I put down the letter and reached back my arms and placed my hands on the back of his neck, my eyes still being sheilded. "I don't know...Alice? Emmett?" A chuckle resided. "Nope, neither, try again." I intertwined my fingers on his neck. "Umm... OH! I know! Mike?!" I bit my bottom lip to keep from combusting with laughter. Edward grunted and pulled away completely, breaking my fingers apart from each other.

I turned around in my seat on the couch to see a stoic face, but I could see that a tiny spark of amusement was still dancing in his butterscotch gold eyes. "Awww, I was wrong again. Jeez, it's just Edward..." I let the false pout fill my cheeks as I looked up at him, trying to puppy pout like Alice. I had asked her to teach me how, and I've been making fair progress if I do say so myself.

Well, it appears that Edward thinks so too, because he just laughed softly and jumped over the head of the couch and plopped down next to me. I felt all the, before, unnoticed tension in my body melt away as he held me in his arms and kissed my forehead. I moved my face up a litte bit and kissed his bottom lip. He responded by smiling and sighing happily.

Once again, interrupting our intimacy, a human trait made itself known. I can't wait until that problem is gone...My stomach let out a mildly loud growl. Edward smirked at me. "Dinner time for the human."

Xox-A chicken salad later-xoX

I just finished drying my now clean dishes when Edward asked from beside me, "Your mother sent you a DVD? Do you know what is on it?" I rose a brow at him. "You read the letter over my shoulder didn't you?" That beautiful crooked smile formed on his lips and I just stared at him, forgetting what I just asked. It really is amazng that he still had such an effect on me, I don't think that will ever change.

"Yes, I did. Well, aren't you going to watch what your mom sent you?" I felt him pulling me back towards the couch when I snapped out of my daze. Damn that mind-numbing beautiful grin of his...

Edward sat on the couch and I put the disk into the DVD player, then turned the lights off. I grabbed the remote and pressed "PLAY", and was suddenly wary of what the contents of the DVD might be. My eyes flickered to Edward, and he was grinning at me. "Nervous, Love?" I glared at him from the corner of my eye then turned my attention to the T.V. screen. The blue menu appeared, it said at the top "Days past" then "HOME MOVIES" in big, ominious, bold white letters.

I felt my eyes widen in realization and shock. NO! She didn't! I lifted the remote in my hand to push "EJECT" when it was slipped out of my grasp. My head snapped to the side where Edward was grinning like a mad man. "EDWARD! NO! PLEASE DON'T!"



My 5 year old voice sounded, my ears started to ring.


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