"Damn it." Gibbs swore.

"We just missed him Boss," McGee said coming out of the bedroom, "he couldn't have gone far. And with the BOLO out on his car, it's only a matter of time before the cops get him."

"Ya think I don't know that McGee? I wanted to bust his ass NOW." Gibbs replied.

I had been a hard case. Abby had matched the fingerprints a while, it had been hard to do, and then it took a while for NCIS to find an address. They had finally identified and found Lieutenant Christian Banks. Banks was wanted for murdering two fellow officers when they had refused when he ordered them to take out their commanding officer.

"Shush!" Ziva hissed at them. "Something's not right."

She walked over towards the back door, opened it and walked into the backyard. Gibbs, McGee and Tony followed behind her. Ziva stopped in front of the shed in the yard.

"Christian Banks!" Gibbs yelled. "Come out with your hands up!"

There was silence in the shed, so Ziva opened the door.

The first thing the four NCIS agents saw when the door to the shed was opened was a man standing there with his gun raised and pointed directly at Ziva.

"Drop the weapon." Tony growled. He didn't like it when they were confronted with guns. And he liked it even less when said weapon was pointed at his partner.

"I don't think so." Banks growled.

There was a bang, a scream, yelling and more gunfire before a world went black.