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After their conversation in the elevator, Tony still hadn't given up thinking of another plan. Gibbs agreed to have another team in place when they made the switch, but his gut said that it wouldn't make a difference. Agent Balboa and his agents, Whistler, Reynolds and Getz, and a few other agents were the before mentioned other team.

"When do you suppose he'll call back?" McGee asked as the four agents, as well as Ducky and Abby, sat in the bullpen. The sun was setting and the sky was striped with colors of pink, orange and yellow. Tony thought that it was ironic, how beautiful it could be when his life was about to change for the worse.

Everyone else in the bullpen was silent at the young man's question, so McGee bit his lip and looked back down at his twiddling thumbs. They sat in a tense silence until Ziva's phone rang 15 minutes later.

"Yes?" She asked, answering it on the fist ring.

"It is so nice to hear your voice again."

"Where are you? Where are we making the switch?" Ziva wasn't in the mood for games.

"Oh, straight to business then? Alright. Here is where you can make the switch." Ziva quickly grabbed a pen and wrote down the coordinates on a small stick it note. "The deadline is 2100. Do not be late." The voice warned."

"Do not worry, I will be there." She slowly closed her phone and studied the address.

"Where is it Ziva?" Gibbs asked softly and she slowly looked up.

"I am not sure. He gave me latitude and longitude."

"Here," Abby said, standing up and taking the paper from Ziva to McGee, "McGee'll trace it."

McGee typed the coordinates into his computer and in a moment, had a map pulled up on the plasma.

"Ok," He began, standing up, "here," He pointed to a large building on the map, "is the warehouse we raided earlier." He used the remote to zoom away from the warehouse. "The coordinates are here." He pointed to a street that had buildings on one side and a park on the other.

"That's a ways away." Ducky commented.

"We have until 2100." Ziva answered already getting her weapon ready.

"Alright." Gibbs picked up his phone. "Balboa? It's time to go."


McGee had decided to stay back at NCIS in case they needed his help back at base. Tony, Gibbs and Ziva rode in one car, Balboa and his partner Whistler in another, and Reynolds and Getz in yet another. They made it to the destination in record time and set up so that they were stationed around the perimeter. They made sure that the cars were parked a few blocks from where the switch was supposed to be made, and the cars were parked at enough distance to not raise suspicions. Back at NCIS, Jenny had MTAC set up as home base. All the agents' feed was heard and seen on the screen, and McGee, Abby and Ducky were waiting in anticipation for the action to start.

Ziva was a nervous wreck, which was completely understandable, when her phone rang again. She glanced at the caller ID and seeing that it was her 'friend', answered it.

"I am here, where are you?"

"Just around the corner. Be patient Ziva. Oh, and make sure that you are alone. I do not want any stay bullets to hurt poor little Samantha."

Ziva motioned for Tony and Gibbs to back up, which they did, and turned around just in time to see the car pull around the corner.

"Ah. You have not changed a bit."

Ziva glared at the driver of the car just before it came to a stop. Nothing happened for a minute, but then the back door opened and Sam slowly got out of the car.

"I will give you a minute to say your goodbyes."

Sam ran up to Ziva and they wrapped their arms around each other, sobbing.

"Mommy!" Sam cried and Ziva gripped her even tighter.

"Oh. Thank goodness you are safe!" Ziva whispered, tears falling down her cheeks. Reluctantly, Ziva pulled away from her daughter. "I want you to have something." She reached for the chain that was around her neck and lifted it up around her head. "I want you to keep this safe for me while I am gone." She handed Sam the necklace that had her engagement tag and ring on it.

"No." Sam sniffed, putting her hands up so that Ziva couldn't put it in her hands. "That's like saying goodbye."

Ziva nodded. "But it is not."

"You'll come back then?" Sam asked, her voice pleading, and Ziva went quiet. "That's what I thought." Sam moaned sadly.

"I will try my best though." She kissed Sam on the forehead. "Now it is time for me to go." Sam bit her lip and bit back a sob. "Tony is around the corner of that building. I want you to run to him and not look back. Ok?" Sam nodded and Ziva slipped the necklace around her neck. "I love you so much."

"I know. I love you too." Sam whispered.

Ziva noticed that the window of the car was starting to roll down. She turned to Sam one last time and yelled. "Run!" Sam took off running towards the building and Ziva ran towards the car, hopped in the passenger side and the car screeched off.


Gibbs ran past Sam and out into the middle of the street, quickly emptying his gun in the cars departing direction. The bullets shattered the back windshield and hit the bumper of the car, but the car continued moving. He heard more gunshots, but knew that they did nothing to stop the vehicle.

He sighed, uttered a curse and turned around, heading back to his agent.


Tony saw Sam running towards him and he quickly threw his gun aside. He took her into his arms and held her tight, praying with all his might that Gibbs would be able to bring Ziva back as well. He heard and felt Sam crying and couldn't help but let a few tears loose himself. While his daughter was safe, his fiancée was gone. He heard gunfire and heard Sam shriek with terror, he held her tighter and tried his best to calm her down.

"Shh. Sam, it's ok. You're safe. It's ok." He couldn't help but feel like he was lying. Everything was not ok, and he knew it. Her mother was gone, she had just been kidnapped by a crazed man, only god knew what had happened. He held her close and waited for Gibbs to return.

"Agent DiNozzo, Agent Gibbs, anybody, do you copy?" Jenny yelled from inside Tony's ear.

"Yeah, we copy." Gibbs said as he came into Tony's view.

"What the hell happened?" She yelled.

"We got Sam back," Gibbs began, "but Ziva's gone."

"McGee! Put out an BOLO for the car with the license plate…Gibbs, did you get a look at the license plate?"

"Yeah Jen, but it won't matter. This bastard's smart. He's gonna switch cars." Gibbs heard silence from on the other end.

"Then what do you propose we do, Special Agent Gibbs?"

Gibbs was silent for a minute before uttering a simple, "I don't know."


The ride back to NCIS was silent. Tony had decided to ride in the back with Sam, who was long asleep, while Gibbs drove. Balboa's team had stayed at the scene and was waiting for the forensic materials to arrive so that they could start processing. Both men were blaming themselves for the loss of Ziva and both were making a promise to Sam that they would find her and bring her home.


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