summary: 2007 movieverse. mostly pre-earth: some archetypes are universal. some legends transcend species. and sometimes there's nothing left to do but out race the moons.

disclaimer: names, places and concepts that are recognizable aren't mine. since i shamelessly raided a list of mini-cons from armada for names, i don't even own the oc's. i do own the plot, though, wacky as it is.

warnings: battle violence. cussing. lots of weirdness. eventual male pronoun robot / male pronoun robot romance.

Were-Cars of Cybertron: Prologue

"Wha'cha watching?"

Mikaela looked up at Jazz. She and Sam were spending the night in the Autobot base. She'd thought the five of them were deep in recharge -- 'Bee certainly was, with a very asleep Sam curled up on his hood -- and didn't think there's be any harm in using thier huge TV to watch the sci-fi/horror movie marathon.

She almost apologized for waking him, but Jazz didn't look disturbed, just curious.

"An American Werewolf in London, " she answered.

"Werewolf..." the silver mech's visor flickered as he looked the unfamiliar word on the Internet. "Now tha's just creepy," he announced when he was done.

Mikaela assumed he was referring to the concept of werewolves in general, not the movie specifically -- he probably now knew more about werewolf mythology than she did -- and turned back to the movie, the very human horror flick more interesting than the giant alien robot for the moment. "I don't see why -- It's not that different from what you guys do."


That caught her attention.


"Tha's why it's creepy."

Okay now the robot was infinitely more interesting than the old movie. "It sounds like there's a story there."

"Well sure, lil lady. But I ain't sure I'm the best one t' tell it."

Mikaela looked around the room. The only light came from the TV. 'Bee and Sam were parked next to the couch, sleeping. The doorway to the rest of the base was dark, indicating that the others were similarly occupied.

"You and I are the only ones awake," she pointed out.

"There is that." He hesitated, examining his claws for a moment. "What about your movie?"

She waved dismissively. "It's an old movie -- not nearly as interesting as hearing about alien werewolves. And you're stalling -- if you don't want to tell me, just say so."

He settled down next to the couch Mikaela occupied, waved his hand at the TV and it shut itself off. "It ain't that, lil lady -- just don't think I'm the best one t' tell it, is all. Ironhide would probably be much better."

"I don't want to wait until he wakes up. And I definitely don't want to wake him up right now."

"Can't argue with that I guess. Okay I guess I should start with saying that we couldn't always transform. Most believed the first transformer was cursed by Unicron, the chaos bringer..."


note: yeah -- jazz died in the movie. i don't care. either ignore it, or choose your favorite fannon resurrection scenario and apply it.