summary: 2007 movieverse. mostly pre-earth: some archetypes are universal. some legends transcend species. and sometimes there's nothing left to do but out race the moons.

disclaimer: names, places and concepts that are recognizable aren't mine. since i shamelessly raided a list of mini-cons from armada for names, i don't even own the oc's. i do own the plot, though.

warnings: battle violence. cussing. lots of weirdness. removing the eventual male pronoun robot / male pronoun robot romance, more than the hints that are already there isn't making it into the story...

Were-Cars of Cybertron: epilogue

The movie had been over for an hour and a half

"After that...well, Optimus showed y' the highlights in that nifty holo when we all first met. War...destruction...killing th' planet...sendin' th' Allspark into space just for it to crash land here. If you want too many of the details, you're gonna have to ask Ironhide or Prime, 'cause there aren't that many surviving records and neither of them have been inclined to share with me."

Mikaela brought herself out of the listening trance she'd fallen into and tried to wrap her head around the whole thing. "So you guys aren't just alien robots ... you're alien, robot werewolves!" With gleeful sound she let herself fall off the couch laughing.

The thump! woke Bumblebee, who jerked out of recharge, beeping in protest, then after a quick scan of the room, momentarily sunk low on his tires before perking up. "Mikaela, are you alright?"

The girl only nodded and waved him off to finish her fit of giggles. She'd notice how 'Bee'd done that sinking thing occasionally in the presence of the other Autobots, but hadn't thought about it before. Now she knew - Jazz wasn't just Optimus's second in command militarily, he was Track Second. Of course 'Bee submitted to him, just ... like...a...a... an omega wolf. She burst out laughing again.

Dimly she heard 'Bee make an inquiring noise to Jazz, who responded with a trill of sound in the Transformers' - omg, werewolves! - own language. 'Bee did something that looked a lot like a car shrugging, and settled back down to recharge.

"Mikaela?" Sam was down next to her, but all she could respond with was more giggles. Finally he gave up and went to settle back down on Bumblebee's hood. "Any idea what's up with her, 'Bee?"

Mikaela heard opening notes for Werewolves of London blast out of 'Bee's speakers in all their bouncy, rocky glory and she set off in another peel of laughter just as the song got to it's first words: "I saw a werewolf with a chinese menu in his hand."

Sam just continued to look confused.


the first of the short stories'll be posted in a few minutes. if you've got any outstanding questions about the were-cars universe, check out those stories. i wrote many of them originally in response to questions reviewers had, or ones i knew *should* be answered, but couldn't fit into this story.

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