Galinda had a dreamy look on her face and was clearly very pleased with life itself. She streached luxoriously on her bed, content. She smiled and looked over at her roommate. "Elphie?"

Elphaba groaned, closed her book, and set her apple down on it. Fighting the urge to roll her eyes, she said, "Yes, Galinda?"

The blonde girl sat up with a smile on her face. "If I'm bothering you, I'll be quiet."

Quiet? Ha! "My dear, I don't think you and quiet belong in the same sentence. I give in. What has you so happy?"

Galinda was unable to sit still. She hopped over to sit on Elphaba's bed, bouncing a little. "I like someone."

"You're so excited because you find someone un-appalling?" Elphaba raised her eyebrow and squirmed at her roommate's close proximity.

"I don't mean I like someone, I mean I like someone." She explained as if speaking to a young child.

"I fail to see how that claified anything."

"I mean... I like-like someone." She clarified as if now speaking to a young, mentally challenged child.

Elphaba blinked twice. "You mean you find someone attractive?"

Galinda grinned. "I like-like someone," she said, happily.

"Alright, I'll bite. Who is this lucky gentleman?" She shifted, attempting to slide away from Galinda. The closeness was making her uncomfortable.

She looked more somber, suddenly. More serious. "I don't think I'm going to tell you."

Elphaba was exasperated. "Galinda, really! Just tell me."

"I didn't know you cared so much." The blonde was being coy now.

"I don't!" Elphaba insisted, perhaps too forcefully. Softer, she added, "I really don't care. You just built it up so much."

But Galinda wasn't giving in. "Who do you like-like?"

Clearly flustered, she insisted, "I don't think I have romantic feelings for anyone. It seems silly to me."

"Of course you don't." But she seemed slightly let down. Elphaba told herself it was because it meant Galinda would have no new gossip. "However, what if you found out that someone like-liked you?"

"Well, that would never happen, so what's the use in anwsering?"

"Who says no one could ever like-like you?" Galinda was flat out serious now.

"Me. Society. My skin. Everyone and everything and every natural instinct. I'm not exactly the most attractive being in Oz."

Galinda rolled her eyes and poked Elphaba's shoulder. "Perhaps not, but attraction isn't all based on things like stereotypical beauty." For a moment Elphaba was susprised that her roommate had said something so deep. Then Galinda kissed her on the forehead and Elphaba was more surpsied by the fact that she suddenly had an idea as to who Galinda like-liked.