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Love is just a four-letter word.

Love is just a four-letter word. It doesn't mean anything when someone says it to you. My father says he loves me, but he treats me like I'm his little puppet. I'll do whatever he tells me to. Go chase Jarod and I go and chase my childhood friend. The only friend I ever had. Go shoot your brother he says and I go and shoot Lyle. Not that I knew right then that he was my brother, but that didn't matter. He says to do something and I do it. Why because I love him and I want him to love me.

Jarod says he loves me, but all he does is dig up clues to my past. Clues to my past that are hard for me to swallow. Like the time he dug up that photo of my Mother with black and blue marks on her face. My father says that he loved her, but why would he hurt her. That was before I remembered that it wasn't my father who did that to her it was Raines.

As you can see love is just a four-letter word and it doesn't mean a thing because people in my life throw it around like nothing.