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Describing Life for Rose

When I was young, my Mom use to tell me that one day, I would find the man of my dreams. We would be madly in love and live happily ever after, with no problems or depression at all. Just me and him, for all eternity. Ya right.

"Rose! Get your ass down here now!" said Shannon in the most irritating voice, "You might be the youngest, but you sure as hell are the slowest!"

"I'm coming!" I yelled, "Geez keep your shirt on." Shannon was like my older sister. Well, not really, but she was two years older than me and we lived in the same house. You see, I live with my Uncle Ace and my three cousins. Saun and Janice are twins, and they are both 19 while Shannon is 18 and I am 16.

When I was 10, my parents and my older brother, Brian, died in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. My Uncle used to tell me it was an accident, that nothing could have changed what happened, and we should all just live with it. But I knew it was no accident. I knew exactly who killed my family, and I had forever sworn to get revenge on them.

My family and I... well, we're different. More than different actually. We belong to a tribe of Hungarian elders...Hungarian elders, made of werewolves. Every other generation in a family can take the form of, by choice ( no full moon transformations or any of that crap), a wolf. My Grandparents were wolves, but my parents were not, and now I can take the form of a wolf. When my Brother was alive, he could take the form of a wolf too, but I try not to think about him.

When my parents died I moved in with my Uncle and cousins, because my parents will said that my Father's brother, Ace, had full custody of me if something were to ever happen. My uncle can't take the form of a wolf, but my cousins sure can.

"Finally! Sleeping beauty comes down from her castle," Saun said while ruffling my hair. He was so tall compared to me, but I was only 5'6 ( for a teenage werewolf, that's a little short). His buz-cut blond hair always high lighted his blue eyes. He was like an older brother to me, always fun but very protective.

"Ha ha. Your hysterical." Note the sarcasm.

" Let's go, let's go! Your going to be late!" My Uncle can never get us to leave on time. "And Shannon," Uncle Ace said as my bleach-blond barbie cousin walked into the room, " please don't get in trouble today, I don't have enough time to come down and bail you out of the principle's office."

" Ya, sure thing Daddy. Hurry up Rose, we're going to be late. See ya, Suan," Shannon said as she walked out the door. Shanon and I still had to go to school, Shannon being a senior and I being a sophomore. It sucked, let me tell you, because I already knew what I was going to be. A werewolf. I would stay in this small reservation for the rest of my life and be a warrior, a protector, ... a wolf. And I had no problem with it. My whole family was here, including my friends, but my uncle insisted that we still go to school.

I looked into the mirror in the hallway one last time before we left. Thank god I was having a good hair day, my long, dark brown hair falling just below my full chest. My face was a little paler than normal today, so you could see the freckles on my nose and cheeks well. I was wearing a purple, quarter-sleeve shirt and dark jeans that showed off my butt perfectly.Once we were in Shannon's red Honda civic, I turned on the radio to my favorite station. We just rolled down the windows and listen to the music, not saying anything to each other.

Out of all my cousins. Shannon and I got along the least. I mean, she was a pretty blond girl, you know, the one that was really popular and had lots of friends. I wasn't exactly unpopular, and I wasn't ugly, but we had different style. We usually didn't get along, so it was just better not to say anything to each other at all.

"Meet me here after school. We have to be home early today ,remember?" She said. I knew she just wanted to go talk to the boys that were no doubt waiting by her locker for her.

"Ya sure, whatever," I said. She ran off as fast as she could into the front of the school, leaving me in the dust.