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"W-what?" I asked lazily, pulling the covers over my head. I had awaked to someone lightly shaking me in my bed.

"Rosie," I heard him say softly. I pulled the covers down to see him looking at me hopefully from the side of the bed. I scooted over and lifted the cover up so that he could climb under. He scrambled in next to me and I laid the covers over him. His head was resting on the pillow and I propped my self up on my elbow to look down at him

"What's wrong, T-bird?" I whispered to him and stroked his blonde hair.

"I had a nightmare," he whispered back softly. This had been going on for a couple of weeks now. Toby would have a nightmare one night and wake up crying, and then he would either run to Brysdon or me. He usually switched off, one night he would go to Brysdon, and then the next nightmare he would go to me, and then the next was Brysdon. Brysdon had moved down to the basement because Toby was now staying in Shannon's room where Brysdon was before. Ace said that it was so Toby could get to me easily, which was probably true, but I think half of it was that Ace didn't trust Brysdon being so close to my room anymore.

Ever since we had rescued Toby, he was either with Brysdon or me. Elizabeth wanted him to stay with her at their house, but that didn't work out as planned. Whenever Toby would have a nightmare, he would wake up asking for me, and it wasn't long before we just moved him into Shannon's room for the time being. And if Toby wasn't with me, he was trailing Brysdon around like a little duckling. Whenever Brysdon did something, Toby would copy it. It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen, and I knew Brysdon fell in love with Toby just as quickly as I did. He would always reach behind him and pick Toby up so that Brysdon wouldn't trip on him. Of course everyone else fell in love with him also, it was hard not to. Elizabeth had a field day going and buying him new clothes and everything, and Emily did also. All of the guys would call him "Big-T" and ruffle his hair whenever they saw him. Even Shannon had warmed up to the kid.

At first we hadn't known what to do with Toby, considering both of his parents were murdered. Daniel checked out all of Toby's relatives, and it seemed the only possible guardian would be his Aunt who lived by herself in Canada. First we checked out her back round, and her criminal record was the first thing that popped up. Naturally, everyone unanimously agreed that Toby should just stay with us. Since the police that were investigating Toby's parents' case thought that Toby had just been killed along with his parents, it was easy for Toby to stay with us without getting noticed. I was too young to adopt of course, but Daniel and Elizabeth served as Toby's foster parents for the time being. Really though, Toby acted as if I were his mother, and Brysdon were his father.

Sean had even said that it was amazing Toby hadn't started calling me "mommy" yet, but I told him I didn't want him to. The word "mommy" isn't something that you can just give out to a mother-like figure. "Mommy" is a special word, reserved for the one woman who raised and loved you unconditionally. I'm positive that Toby's mother loved him (who couldn't?), and I never wanted to take that away from her. I know that no on could ever replace my mother, and I didn't want to replace Toby's either. I didn't want Toby to think of me as his mother, I wanted him to think of me as his friend.

"What was your nightmare about, sweetie?" I asked tiredly.

"I...I don't remember," he said softly. That was the thing about Toby, everything he did was soft. He would talk softly, he would walk softly, and he would even laugh softly. He was one of the shiest kids I had ever met, but that just made him even more adorable. He would never complain, and he would never pout. He was like the five-year old from heaven. Well, except for this waking me up in the middle of the night thing, but it was forgivable.

"Just try and go back to sleep, okay?" He nodded and closed his eyes. I looked over at my bedside table and saw the time. Four a.m., great. I waited a couple of minutes until I was sure Toby was asleep, and then decided to head downstairs. It was already four, and I probably wouldn't go back to sleep anyways. I slipped on some sweatpants over my boxers and cami and then headed down stairs. Everything was dark, but my eyes quickly adjusted and I maneuvered over to the fridge and open the freezer.

"There you are," I whispered to myself as I spotted my favorite ice cream. Chocolate chip cookie dough, yum. I took out the carton and set it on the table, then went and got two mugs and two spoons. I served each mug and few scoops of iced cream before putting the carton back in the fridge and washing off my hands. Then I put a spoon in each mug and picked them up. I opened the basement door, walked through, and shut it behind me while holding one of the mugs to my chest. All skills, I thought to myself and laughed. I carefully walked down the stairs without making a noise, but by the time I got to the bottom he was already sitting up in the bed/pull out couch. He smiled when he saw me, and scooted over in the bed to make room. I walked over and handed him a mug, and then sat down Indian style next to him.

"Hello, beautiful," he said. He was still laying down and he moved so that his head was resting in my lap. I leaned down and kissed him lips, Spiderman style.

"Thought you might want some," I said, leaning against the back of the couch.

"Mmm," he said, taking a bite of ice cream. "You know, this is kind of deja vu."

"How so?" I asked him, taking a bite of my own ice cream.

"The first time I talked to you, we were eating cookie dough ice cream," he said, his deep voice sending shivers down my body.

"You're right, we were." I laughed as I thought back to that night. "You know, you made me really nervous."

He chuckled. "I know."

"You do?" I asked, surprised.

"You're heart was beating so hard that I thought it my come out of your chest." He chuckled again and I laughed with him. He reached over and placed his mug on the table beside his bed, and I did the same. "Come here," he said, sliding up in the bed while I lay down and curled into his arms. "Why are you up so late?"

"Toby," I said simply, "He's sleeping in my bed right now."

"Poor kid," Brysdon said sympathetically, "I hope he stops having nightmares soon."

"He's gone through a lot," I said sadly. "I know I used to have nightmares when my parents died too."

"But he has us," he said, and kissed my forehead.

"Yeah," I smiled, "He does."

We stayed like that until morning, with me resting in his arms. Well, at least until we heard Ace get up and I had to race back upstairs.

"Let's go, Rose!" Shannon screamed from outside my doorway. "We're going to be late, again!"

"I'm coming!" I yelled back from my room. I slipped on my silver heels and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a gorgeous dress that I had bought with Emily two weeks ago and heels to match. The dress was mostly backless with the occasional crisscrossing of fabric and was spaghetti strap. My hair was in a loose bun with a couple pieces hanging around my face that I had curled. My only jewelry was Brysdon's locket.

It was the middle of August, and the Galient was ending. Tonight was the last major party, and it was so formal that they referred to it as 'the final ball'. Soon everyone would part and go home. That also meant that I had to go back to school in a couple of weeks, ugh. Although, the good thing was that now I didn't have to worry about getting a date to the prom.

Brysdon, Greg, Damien and Sean went over to Frank's house to get ready with him, and Emily had promised her mom that they would spend some quality 'mother-daughter' time. That left me to get ready in my house with Shannon and Janice. Joy. Not that Janice was a pain, just that she didn't really talk. And the other one was just talked too much.

The ball was being held in an extremely expensive ritzy hotel about half an hour from my house. I was so excited; I had never been to an event so formal in my life. Everyone was expected to go, but only those who were of age. Of course, this meant that Toby had to stay home. I would of felt uncomfortable leaving him home for so long, but I knew that Suze was taking care of him at Damien's house. Suze and I might not get along most of the time, but I knew that she loved Toby. Like I said, it was hard not to.

"Alright," I told Shannon, walking out my door and shutting it behind me, "Let's go." Shannon was wearing a pretty red dress and her blond hair was worn down and straight. "You look good," I told her with a smile, starting for the stairs.

"I know," she said smugly and rolled her eyes.

When we got to the bottom and I took my keys, she surprised me by saying, "You do, too."

"I know," I said back and she snorted. We locked the door behind us on our way out and headed for my car. Ever since my birthday, I've been driving my car around everywhere. I loved it. Shannon and I slipped inside and I started my baby.

"Hello, there," I said to the car and I backed out.

"You are so ridiculously weird," Shannon said.

"Says the girl with a crappy Honda," I snapped back. She made a face at me and I laughed. We rode in silence for about twenty-five minutes until we were close to the hotel.

"You know," Shannon said, surprising me, "I never really said anything about the whole...you know, Brysdon and you thing."

"Oh," I said, awkwardly, "You don't have to say anything." I turned on to the street of the hotel.

"I know," she said, "It's just...I'm glad. I mean, I'm glad that everything worked out. And that you weren't banished. Or killed."

"Uh, me, too." I said, pulling into valet, "And thanks. I'm glad that you're glad that I didn't get banished. Or killed." We both let out an awkward laugh before we got out of the car and I gave my keys to the valet guy.

We walked into the lobby and I was amazed by the hugeness of the place. There were people trickling around the elegant lobby and a large grand staircase was right in front of us.

"Are you here for the ball?" A small lady at the receptionist desk asked us.

"Yes," we both replied.

"It's up the staircase, and down the right hall. You can't miss it."

"Thanks," I said, before starting for the stairs. We walked up stairs and down the hallway, then made a right and saw an open door. The carpet was a beautiful red color and the doors were a dark mahogany. We walked over to the door, and looked inside the ballroom. It was absolutely gorgeous. The ballroom was humongous, and over the middle was a big, bright chandelier. Everything was a white marble, and there was an orchestra playing beautiful waltzes near the back of the room. There were tables and chairs set off to the sides of the room with white table clothes and candles. In the middle of the room, people were dancing and dipping to the rhythm of the music.

"Oh, my god," Shannon said after a few moments of gapping at the room.

"You said it," I said, and walked into the wonderful party. Everyone was in evening gowns and tuxedos which made everything that much more formal. I searched for my family, and finally found Ace and Jona sitting at a table in the middle of the room. I walked over to them and placed my silver clutch in a seat at the table. The men stood up and greeted Shannon and I.

"You look very handsome," I told my uncle as I kissed him on the cheek.

"Well, uh, thanks," he mumbled.

"And you two ladies look wonderful," Jona said as he kissed us both.

"Thank you," I said, and then looked around the room for my friends.

"Sean and Emily are dancing, Damien is trying to convince my son to ask Brittany to dance, and Brysdon is over at that table, waiting for you," Jona said, reading my thoughts.

"Thanks," I smiled, before heading over to the table where Brysdon was standing with Greg and Amanda. He wasn't facing me, so I walked over to their table to greet them. Amanda saw me half way there, and she tapped Brysdon on the shoulder and nodded toward me. He turned around quickly, and then slowed as he spotted me and a smile spread across his handsome face.

"You look absolutely breath taking," Brysdon said, as he was suddenly right in front of me. We kissed and our lips lingered on each other's for a few moments.

"And you look extremely handsome in your tux, Mr. Hollows," I told him.

"How was getting ready with the boys?" I asked him as we walked over to his table. Amanda greeted me and gave me a hug and Greg gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"It was...interesting," he said with a smile.

"Do I want to know?" I asked.

"No," Greg said, and Amanda and I laughed.

"Let's go say hi," I said, pointing to where Sean, Emily, Frank, and Damien were now huddled in a corner near the dance floor. We waved by to Greg and Amanda and started walking over to them. Brysdon wrapped his arm around my waist protectively as we weaved ourselves over to our friends.

"I love the dress," Brysdon whispered in my ear. Shivers raced down my body at his deep, rough voice and I blushed.

"Thank you," I said, "I thought silver would be different for a change."

"Different but classy," he added, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. We reached our friends and I poked my head in to see what they were whispering about.

"Come on, man," Damien said to Frank, "When are you ever going to get this chance again?"

"Yeah, Frank," I encouraged, "It's now or never." Everyone turned around, surprised to see me there. We all hugged quickly before getting to the matter at hand. I obviously knew what they were talking about, so I quickly explained to Brysdon.

"They're trying to get Frank to ask Brittany to dance," I told him, not bothering to lower my voice. Brittany had recovered from her little vampire rendezvous, thank god, and was now only sporting a cast on her broken leg. She had insisted going to the ball though, and was now standing with Rick on the opposite side of the room in a cute black dress.

"Stop being such a shy guy," Emily said.

"She'll say no," Frank replied nervously.

"Frank," Brysdon suddenly said and put a hand on Frank's shoulder, "Come here real quick." Brysdon led Frank away from our small circle and started talking to him.

"Well," Emily said, "So much for that." She was wearing a beautiful green dress and her hair was pinned back at her neck. "By the way, I told you that dress would look good on you."

"And I told you the same thing about that dress," I told her. "And Sean, you look smashing," I said in a faux British accent.

"Shut up," he muttered, "If it were my choice, I would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt." I laughed.

"I know," I told him. Brysdon and Frank started to walk back, so we turned and looked at them. But instead of walking to us, Frank breezed right past and walked straight up to Brittany. We saw them converse for a few seconds, and then we saw Brittany take Frank's hand and go right to the dance floor.

"What the hell did you tell him?" Sean asked Brysdon. I think he spoke for all of us.

"I can't say," Brysdon said mysteriously. He took my hand and mumbled 'let's go' and led me out to the dance floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he slid his arms around my waist.

"What did you say?" I asked, looking up at Brysdon.

"I already told you," he said smiling, "I can't say."

"Even for me?" I said innocently.

"Don't even think about it," he said dangerously and pulled me closer. I laughed and rested my head on his shoulder. After a few moments of dancing I groaned.

"I'm going to miss you," I said into his neck.

"I know," he said, "But it's only for a few weeks, and then I'll be back for good."

The vampires had to return home for the Gallient the next day, and most of them wouldn't be coming back. It was decided though, that some of the vampires were going to move down here, with the Kuzon tribe. Of course, this was Brysdon's proposal, and he and a couple of other vampires bought a house about twenty minutes from mine. The royal family had to go back, but Greg had convinced his parents to let him stay, and so did Amanda and Diane. In the meantime though, they all had to go back for four weeks to get everything together and move out here.

"A lot can happen in a few weeks," I whispered softly. He stopped dancing and pulled back to look at me.

"What do you mean?" he asked darkly.

"Well," I said, looking at the ground, "You could go home and well, change your mind..."

"About what?" he asked.

"About...me." I looked up from the floor and regretted it. His expression was unreadable at first, but then became dark and angry. He let go of my waist and grabbed my arm tightly.

"Come on," he said, before dragging me off the dance floor. He took me to the balcony on the side of the room, and he led me to the side so that the large, velvet curtains covered us from the ballroom inside.

"I will never," he said darkly, pinning me to the rail, "change my mind, about you."

"You don't know that," I whispered sadly. "When you go home, everything will be different. You'll be away from all the drama and craziness. You'll get a chance to think about everything, about how...this may be a mistake for you."

"Is that what you think?" he said. "You think that you're a mistake for me?"

"Sometimes," I answered. It felt like a weight was off my chest. The truth was, I was so afraid of Brysdon going home. Everything I had said was true. Sometimes, I did feel like maybe I was a mistake for him and that maybe he would realize it, too.

"Rose," he said softly, and then grabbed me and kissed me. It was the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced, and I didn't want it to ever end. Brysdon's hands were in my hair, and I was gripping his forearms. "Rose," he said again when he pulled away, and I almost gasped for air. "You will never be a mistake, do you understand? I love you, and being away won't change that," he said intensely.

"You promise?" I asked, breathing heavily.

"I promise," he said, and then we wrapped our arms around each other and hugged tightly. We stayed like that for a few moments, not wanting to let go. "Now promise me something," he said when we pulled back and he wiped my hair out of my face.

"What?" I said.

"Promise me that on my birthday, you'll call me at 12:01 a.m. and sing me happy birthday. Okay?" He smiled at me and took my hand.

"I promise," I smiled back. Another downside of Brysdon leaving for a few weeks was that I would miss his birthday, but we had agreed that we would celebrate it when he got back. Just the two of us.

I hadn't known at the time, but four weeks later I would be in my English class, counting down the seconds until school was out for the day. The bell would ring, and I would be running to my locker and getting my stuff and meet up with Emily and Damien. We would walk out the doors together, and head for the parking lot, but I would stop in my tracks. For there would be the most handsome man I would ever meet standing by his black car in the parking lot, holding a red rose that I knew was just for me. I would run to him and we would embrace tightly, and then we would share the sweetest kiss known to man and Brysdon would tell me he loved me.

Of course, I hadn't known that back then, so we just headed back to the party. ;)

Hope you liked it. -Molly Rose