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Every Obsession

Chapter 6. Mania

"You're fast. Finish your playing with Sakura already?" commented the oldest Uchiha once noticing the sudden presence of his little brother behind his back.

"What?" With panted breathing, Sasuke tried to compose himself back. By now, he knew that perhaps he would never understand the way it all worked out in Itachi's mind. Perhaps Itachi had known even earlier that the tie Sakura had casted on him would worn out in a rather quick time. Perhaps that was why he told Sakura not to follow him instantly. For what? For providing Sasuke time and chance to actually play and interrogate the poor girl? To let the younger one catch up and kill his brother?

Even when that was the case, Sasuke didn't give a damn. Let Itachi's queer way of thoughts made him regretted himself –for Sasuke would finish this in instant. He would not –

Before he could realize it, his body was flung back to the back tree. Groaning in pain, Sasuke looked up to see that his brother was already in his position to have the fight.

Right…. Let's finish this…


He didn't know how long this had been going on.

30 minutes? An hour? Time seemed to flow so smoothly, like grain of sand, and Sasuke focused his mind to attack, and attack, and attack, that he almost didn't notice time, nor did he noticed his own condition.

By the time he managed to temporarily hide himself behind a big, tall, tree, he noticed how… dreadful his state now. Numerous bones fractures, broken limbs, internal bleeding, uncountable bruises and scratches… seriously, if there was anything that could still make him move (moreover attack), it must be his rooting, undying ambition to execute his brother. At such time, Sasuke finally understood the whole gibberish Naruto had once talked about the will power or whatever.

Blood from his injured forehead that traveled down disturbed his sight. But with the quickest examination he could cast on his brother, Sasuke knew that he must have caused quite a problem for the oldest Uchiha. Itachi had taken his cloak off (a very good sign that he was not underestimating him), his breath was ragged (he didn't even bother to control his breathing), and Sasuke could see those nasty scars (which were still bleeding terribly, in any objective point of view) adorned his equally pale skin.

This would just have to end today, wouldn't it?

Sasuke noticed that the amount of chakra that he had was very, very limited. So concentrating himself for his full-power Chidori…

... and the rarest moment of silent pray…

He charged forward.

And then… his latest attack was stopped.

Not by Itachi.

But by the pink-haired kunoichi.

A proud smile.

"I told you, didn't I? Over my dead body if you want to kill him," Sakura said between ragged breaths. Apparently she wasn't that successful in fully stopping the chidori. Her body had received half of the Chidori's real attack, fortunately not on the vital spot –but was enough to drain her energy and tremble her body greatly.

Never before had Sasuke felt THAT annoyed to the jade-eyed woman.

"You're always going to stand in my path, won't you?"

"I won't as long as you stop disturbing Itachi-kun,"

"You bitch. You know I –"

His words were cut by the sudden terror that happened just before his eyes.

Red blood spluttered out of the wound and from the corner of her pink lips. Emerald eyes that screamed silent pain.

From her back, Itachi had just thrust his kunai deep into Sakura's stomach.

"I-Itachi-kun…?" Sakura muttered before falling down to the ground, her eyes tried to search for her master's onyx eyes.

"Stay away from my battle, you worthless slut," the older Sharingan user said without any deter in his voice. "You were the one who told him my position, don't hope that interfering my battle will ever make that mistake up,"

Paying no heed to her open wound or the dirt that ruined her clothes and skin, Sakura only focused her energy to turn around and begged to Itachi, "I-I'm so sorry, Itachi-kun…P-please forgive me…AKH!" she screamed in pain as Itachi kicked her limp body right on the wound he just made for her.

Perhaps it was a long-forgotten sentiment towards a teammate, perhaps it was just a disgust to every little thing that Itachi did, but Sasuke found himself speaking, "You really are a bastard, aren't you?"

"Don't say such thing, Sasuke. You'll do the same when you're having such an obedient pretty toy like her. You may do anything to her, and she'll still head over heels with you. Right, Sakura? You still love me, don't you?" Itachi asked, and as if demonstrating the authority he had on her, he bent down, pulled a fistful of her hair.

Her face showed clear pain, but her sultry voice still replied, "O-of course… Itachi-kun…"

That was when Sasuke noticed it.

Very faint, almost unnoticeable, but his sharingan caught how Itachi's sharingan bored deep into Sakura's eyes and…

…Hypnotized her.

Sasuke wanted to give himself a laugh, all the time… how hadn't he noticed? Of course, of course… the ever hometown-loyal Sakura would never be that foolish to actually follow each and every of an S-class criminal rule (and certainly, she would never even fall in love with such bastard). Itachi hypnotized her all along! How could Sasuke not see through such simple fact?

"So pathetic, brother," Sasuke muttered. Unknown new born strength arose. "You even need to hypnotize a mere girl to be your plaything?"

"Ah. You finally notice. Took you long enough,"

"…Why?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Why you ask? Of course, because I know this will hurt you so. Imagine, the woman you secretly desire for, who used to think of you as her God, now surrender to me and me only. A way to destroy a man is by attacking his heart or his ego. I aimed for both,"

"Why are you doing this to me?!"

"No particular reason. I just love to see you suffer and –"

Itachi's words were interrupted, and the Akatsuki member slowly looked down to his own chest, where, just seconds ago, his little brother had thrust the kunai into the heart.

"Now I will be the one who see you suffer, Nii-san,"

Sakura screamed.

Her wound was quickly forgotten, and she lunged forward to hit Sasuke with all her might –which, fortunately (or unfortunately) was easily dodged. "YOU BASTARD!! What have you done?! What have you done?!"

"Shut up, you annoying woman," Sasuke commented as pushing her away. "I want to enjoy his last moment in silence,"

Sakura stopped screaming and then she just dropped down on her knees. Silent tears falling freely from her green eyes.

Itachi spluttered blood as he fell down to the ground while still grabbing his chest. His red eyes searched for his little brother's –trying to send the non-verbal message of sick pride, of disgust, of hatred, of amusement…

Until finally, those red eyes fluttered close.

A death.





Her tears then stopped.




"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked in incoherent mumbles as she tried to stand up (her left hand tried to heal the wound on her stomach) and with the look of pure disorientation ((Why am I here at the forest? What happened with my stomach? Why there's Sasuke-kun? What's he doing here? And why… is there… Uchiha Itachi's … dead body? Has Sasuke killed him? What happened? What happened? What in the name of hell happened?)).

"What happened?" she vocalized her inner question.

Sasuke slowly averted his sight from the his dead brother to his old teammate. Itachi's hypnotize ended once he was dead, and Sakura was certainly back to her own normal mode.

Suddenly feeling very tired (and very pained –damn… Itachi really did try to kill him), Sasuke only managed to mumble, "It's a long story,"


"S-so Uchiha Itachi really managed to capture and put me under his spell? And I had attacked you too?"

Sasuke gave her a silent nod and Sakura momentarily paused from her current job healing him to ponder things inside herself again.

The guy laid his own head to the tree's bark behind him and unconsciously exhaled a deep breath. He almost couldn't believe that he had finally succeeded in accomplishing his life-time mission.

He was done.

Just… like that.

No thrill satisfaction, no tranquility, no family sentiment, just…nothing.

It was just like completing another C-rank mission (although, again, killing Itachi Uchiha was never a C-rank mission) : The mission was done, and he didn't have any further attachment to it. Simply like that.

And was it for such…emptiness, he had forsaken his entire life?

Sasuke gave himself an underestimating dark, mental chuckle.

After all, quoting Haruno Sakura, "Revenge will not bring happiness to anyone. Not you. Nor me…"

To the displeasure of his own ego, he would need to agree to the words that were already stated years ago.

The slightest mention of her name in his mute monologue brought his attention back to the medic-nin. He hadn't told her about all the things that he had…done toward her just hours ago at the hut. And he planned to keep that as a secret from her, at least for the time being.

And now…

What was he going to do to her?

The very first thought that he had, was to complete her second goal.

Even way before, Sasuke had often imagined what would he do after his first goal was achieved. Other than going back to Konoha (and prepared himself for probation or worse… execution), he had considered rebuilding the clan. And truthfully, her name had always been on the first candidate.

It wasn't, again, that he loved her. He supposed it was still far from it. Admittedly (even to his own self), Sasuke was still a selfish guy who –even if he really did care for his two old teammates – just… couldn't provide much love from inside. As long as Sakura still offered him undying loyalty (main nourishment to his ego, undoubtedly) and he gave her acknowledgement in return, to him, that was enough.

Perhaps that was why those words rolled out in the rather awkward time and place.

"Marry me," he spoke suddenly.

She froze. "Pardon?"

He huffed a sigh, not really liking the idea of repeating himself. "I said, marry me. You're free from Itachi now, and my first goal has been completed," he reasoned.

Sakura chuckled nervously. "Is that a proposal?"

Sasuke raised a pissed eyebrow. "Knowing my nature, Sakura, it's not even a request,"

"Ah," she seemed to get the clues. "An order?"

He nodded without care.

"You're not even bothered in asking me?" she questioned.

"Why should I? When it's obvious what you'll say anyway?"

Sakura gave a soft smile, before then grasping his hand with hers and looked straight to his onyx eyes. "Receiving a proposal… don't glare at me like that… it's still a proposal, no matter what you claim it to be. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is… receiving a proposal from an Uchiha Sasuke sure must be the greatest honor any woman could ever wish for…"

He uncomfortably pulled back his hand from her gentle hold upon noticing the hanging tone in her previous saying. The kind of tone that you would use when you were about to state a contrary…

But why?

Why did she even have doubt about it?

Sakura realized the sudden tense composure of her old teammate and she replied, "Sasuke-kun… years ago, when I said to you that I love you… that was never a lie,"

But before he could look back at her eyes again, the Cherry Blossom had continued on, "But then again… it was in the past. My heart… died along as time passed. And now I… I just don't love you anymore…I just can't…"

"I still love you as a friend though," she added, but not that he gave much attention anymore. "That's something that will never change, and I hope you –"

Her voice became more distinct…



Itachi is dead now, why does she still can't devote herself to him? Why can't it be like the old times? Why is she…

"I love you, Sasuke-kun!"

… being such a disloyal, lying bitch?

"–certainly hope that we still can be good friends –"



Damn it, why?!




"… Sasuke-kun?"




The eyes that shot back to look at her weren't black, but red, with spinning wheel. With mind clouded with rage, and heart blinded with ego, he murmured, "From now on, you will love me, and only me. You will hear and obey to my orders, and mine only…"

Sakura's eyes portrayed silent scream, as foreign yet familiar sensation attacked her again…


"Look, Teme… I appreciate you coming back to Konoha –moreover for accepting all those punishments. And Sakura-chan…I…well, didn't know that you still have that feeling towards Teme…well, congratulation, but…" Naruto sighed, trying so hard not to look back at the sight that happened in front of him. "But can you two please realize the absurdity of making-out in MY house?!"

"Shut up, Dobe," murmured the prodigy quickly, before turning his attention back to chasing Sakura's tongue.

Naruto rolled his azure eyes. "You both sick me," he muttered as turning around and walked out of his own room. Just before he slammed the door, he gave a quick look at the his female teammate, who was currently sitting on the Uchiha's lap. "Sakura-chan… at least you should kick Teme's ass for taking advantages of you!!"

The door was slammed shut, so Sasuke's reply would never be heard by the certain future Hokage.

"She wouldn't complain, right, Sakura?" he murmured as his finger snaked down to her panty.

She smiled to Sasuke and her eyes gleamed with maniacal glints.

"Right, Sasuke-kun…"

The End

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