Summary: Why?! Why did she have to leave for work that morning? Why did she have to go through the dark allyway to get home faster? Read and find out why. DieSaku.


By Frozenheart1996

Chapter one: She Doesn't Know.

" Why?!" Naruto hollered. " Why did she have to leave for work this morning? Why did she have to take the dark allyway home to get there faster?" Sasuke screamed. Recap:

Sakura woke up and did the usual that morning. Got up at six, ate breakfast, dressed in the normal medic dress code dress, and grabbed her change of clothes to train after her shift. When she finished her training, the sun had already set. Sakura thought about taking the long way home to get back home safer, but she needed to get home so she could see if anything was wrong. As she walked through the ally, Sakura was

so lost in her own thoughts, that she didn't even notice the person who was waling behind her. Before she could turn the corner, the person grabbed her arms and legs. Sakura, out of instinct, made a flip and twisted out of the person's grasp. When she did this, Sakura hit him in the face with her heel. " Ouch, yeah! That heart, un." she heard the person say. Right then, Sakura recognized the voice of Deidara of the Akatsuki! Her eyes widened, and everything she read and found out about him flashed in her mind. ' Part of the Akatsuki, has deadly artistic ability, and mouths sewn on his hand, that or they were a keiki genkei.' Sakura thought. She wasn't fast enough. Deidara knocked her out by hitting a pressure point in her neck. Sakura fell back, hitting his chest and being captured in his arms.

End recap.

" You two need to calm down! We'll find her soon. But the only thing we know about is where she was captured, and that it was Deidara of the Akatsuki. He brought her back home and retrieved her purse, some clothes, her ID badge, all the keys in her nightstand, and all the scrolls in her house. He took most of the information that she held at her house, and he took the Konaha Secret Information Library key. The only reason we know it was him, is because he left specks of clay on the carpet. Though you two will not be going to rescue her, even though she is your friend and girlfriend. Both of you would be going into a death trap if you two did go after her. I've even set up twenty ANBU to search the area.We'll find her. Don't worry." Tsunade said. " It's hard not to worry when the one you've loved all your life goes missing!" Sasuke screamed. "Yes, I do, Sasuke! Remember Dan and Nawaki?! I loved them with my life, and they were killed in the battle. We will find her. It's two in the morning. Both of you go back home and get some sleep." she said. Both of them sighed, but turned around and walked out the door. Wait, they didn't walk, but they stomped out. Both very stressful.

With Sakura:

Sakura woke up at nearly three in the morning, lying on something soft and warm. When she opened her eyes, she saw a chair beside her with someone sitting in it, a dresser, a nightstand, a closet, and a chest at the foot of the bed. " Where am I?" Sakura asked, sitting up in bed. " No place that will harm you physically, yeah." the person said. Sakura's head shot over to the person and saw Deidara, sitting in the chair. Sakura was spooked, so she jumped back. " It's alright, yeah. I won't hurt you, but I'm not so sure that the others won't, yeah." he said. Sakura was petrified. Deidara reached out his hand, and Sakura couldn't move. He lightly stroked her cheek, and she fell back, completely falling off the bed. But before her head hit the floor, Deidara had her and was holding her in his arms. "Let go of me!" she screamed. "Never, un." he said. Sakura, not having much strenght, tried to kick him, but didn't suceed. " Now don't be fiesty, yeah. I won't hurt you,un. Be careful and I won't drop you, yeah." he siad. Sakura looked at him and said," You wouldn't dare." " Wanna make a bet, un?" Deidara asked. She looked at him, a thought of seriosness in her eyes. After awhile she flipped herself out of his arms and back on the bed. " Ow! Crap, that hurt my fucking head!" Sakura exclaimed. " Tsk, tsk. Little girls like you should not use such language, yeah. If I were you, I wouldn't use such laguage, un." he said. Sakura was very p.o.ed at the moment, so she didn't need a gender-confused retard messing with her. " Will you leave me alone? I'm kinda not in the mood to be messed with." she said. "Oh, I could never leave you alone, yeah. You might try and run away, or someone could come and try and take you away, yeah. We couldn't have that, now could we?" Deidara said. She was near pulling out her hair, but instead she thought of what could get her out of the hellhole she was in. Nothing so far would work. " So how long am I going to be here?" Sakura asked, trying to keep the mood light. " I don't know, un. Maybe forever, yeah. Leader has arranged for you to stay here for awhile, yeah. Is that specific enough for you, un?" he asked. She looked at him and before she could retort, Deidara said," Now let's get something clear, yeah. I'm in charge of you, okay? You only have to listen to me, Itachi, and Leader, yeah. There's a person named Tobi, he's a pest, and he's got to listen to you, un. Though you can't tell him to set you free or anything, okay? A fish person named Kisame, same rules apply. He's blue and he talkes in a raspy voice, yeah. Zetsu is a plant person, but you won't see very much of him. He's usually on missions or training somewhere faraway, un. Once again, same rules apply. Now Itachi. When he says to do something, you had better do it, yeah. You're not his servant, but when he says to get in your room, do it or he will hurt you and I'll only be able to help you to a point, un. Me, I'm like a parent. You have to listen to me. If you don't, then I can hurt you, beat you, or ground you, yeah. You are only allowed to leave from the backdoor and you can only train within a two mile distant of the compound. When we think you are ready to join Akatsuki, or when you have desrted your village for good, then you may be trusted to do anything you want, yeah. You can go to any room you want to, but not Itachi's or Zetu's. They'll kill you if you do. The attic is off limits, unless someone says you can go in there, yeah. Is that all clear?" Sakura looked at him, then decided to be a blondie and asked," But if you're my dad, then who's going to be my mom?" Deidara looked at her, and then started to bust out laughing. He was on the floor, holding his side. She was laughing, too! Sakura, the smart, talented, pretty girl, had just acted like a total retard! " Will you and your prisoner shut the hell up?!" came a roaring voice from the doorway. Both looked up into the usually calm eyes ( But not this time.) of Uchiha Itachi. " Oh, Itachi, go play with those contact things of yours, yeah." said Deidara. " It's a bloodline trait, damn it! Now either you and your-" Itachi was saying, but was cut off when he saw Sakura. She was standing by Deidara, looking beautiful in the dim light. " If you two would, please lower your voices. Tobi is asleep, and I don't want him woken up. Thank you." Itachi said, then turned and walked away. " Hey, Deidara, do I have to worry about him hurting me that badly?" she asked, looking up at him. " No, I don't think you have to worry so much, yeah." he replied. Sakura looked toward the door, ignoring the answer, because she knew he was lying, just for her comfort.

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