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How Does She Know?

" Sakura, sweetheart, wake up, un." Deidara said, shaking Sakura's shoulders gently. " Ugh, I don't want to wake up. I still don't feel good. Leave me alone." Sakura said, pulling the covers over her head. " You are to much, yeah. Itachi, Tobi, or Leader didn't even come back last night, un. They must of stayed out in some hotel or something, yeah." Deidara said, pulling at the covers. Sakura pulled them back, than she gave up. " Do you really not feel good, Sakura?" he asked. Sakura looked at him, then nodded. " Alright. I guess you can stay in bed for the day until Leader comes home, yeah. But they'll probably stay out for the day, un." he said, and Sakura nodded. She drifted back to sleep once Deidara closed the curtains, and he sat on the bed, and as soon he did, he couldn't help but fall in her arms and fall asleep. " Deidara? Where are you?" Sakura asked in her sleep. Deidara looked at her, because she had woken him up. " Sakura? Are you alright?" he asked, sitting up and rubbing her arm. " No! Help me!" she screamed. Deidara picked her up and pulled her in his lap. " Sakura, don't worry, yeah. I'm here, un." he siad, trying to calm her down. Apparantly she was having just a bad dream. " Ahh!" Sakura screamed, but than woke up, practically suffocating. " What the fuck?" she asked as she sat up, then relized she was in Deidara's lap. " Ahh! What the hell is going on?" she asked, as she slapped him across the face. " Hey! I was just trying to calm you down, yeah!" Deidara said, trying to defend himself. " Yeah right!" Sakura yelled. " I'm not taking this crap, un." he said, and stormed out. Sakura just sat there, being furious at Deidara. Sakura got up five minutes later and found a pair of girls' bluejeans and a black haltertop that reached from the top of her chest to the bottom of her stomach. It really showed off her curves. As soon as she got dressed, and brushed her teeth and hair, she walked outside tot he training field. Sakura really didn't know what to do, so instead she just sat down and tied flowers that were around her together and made rings, necklaces, bracelets, and headbands. Pretty soon, two hours past and she felt really better. Sakura just needed a little sun was all. " I wonder if he was really trying to do something to me." Sakura said outloud. " If he wasn't doing anything to me, then I just snapped at hin for no reason." she said. After thinking about it for a minute, Sakura decided that she had to appologize to him, or he would really hate her for a long time.

" Deidara? Are you in here?" Sakura asked as she ran in the house. Sakura ran upstairs once she searched the whole bottom floor. But going up the stairs, she tripped and was about to come face first with the stair, but was caught by Deidara. " Whoa. Are you OK?" he asked as he propped her back up. " Yeah, I'm fine... Listen, I'm sorry for what I did. I was thinking about it, and I just jumped to conclusions. It wasn't right for me to do that." Sakura said, looking down. Deidara hugged her and said," Appology accepted, yeah. Even though you are a bit pushy, I can still be a little over protective, un." " Hey, I wanted to show you something, un. It's really beautiful,yeah." Deidara said, dragging Sakura out of the base. " When I had just joined the Akatsuki, I had a small herb garden and fruit garden. When I left here to live with Itachi and Kisame and, unfortunatly, Tobi,un. I grew my sisters' favorite fruit, strawberries, and I grew Tobi's favorite fruit, which is pomegranate,yeah. Weird fruit, but Tobi likes it a lot, un. I asked Leader to take care of my garden and he said he would, yeah. I hope he lived up to that promise." Deidara said, walking through the woods. Soon, they reached a clearing where there was a thriving garden with strawberries ready to be picked. Deidara grabbed a wicker basket next to the graden and picked a bunch of strawberries. " Wow. these are really good, Deidara." Sakura said as Deidara popped one into her mouth. " Come on, un. I also have a herb geaden, because I was like the medic around here before you came along,yeah." Deidara said. After awhile, they came into another clearing with another small garden. It was filled with some brown plants, green plants, and even purple plants. " I'll show you each type of plant, yeah. These are some very rare plants that have to have special care,un." Deidara said, kneeling down next to the garden. He picked up a green plant that had a red bud of a flower on top and said," This is the Rosebud. It got its nickname from the red bud on top of the plant that looks like a rose bud,yeah. You can use it for stomach aches and back aches,un." He gently put the plant in the basket and plucked many others, describing many different plants and telling what they did. When they had finidhed, they walked back home. On the way, Deidara slowly slipped his hand in her hand. She blushed, then said," Thank you, Dei-Kun." No problem, Sakura-Chan."

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