Hey everyone! So listen, I know I had the sequel to Secrets' up last week but that needs some MAJOR reevaluating before that is posted and finished. I don't want to give you guys a bad story, so I'm going to edit and finish that before I post it up for everyone to see. But, just to keep you guys entertained for the moment, I have a new story for you! Reviews, questions, and thoughts are loved and welcomed as long as they are constructive.


Warning- This piece of work contains homosexuality (Gabpay). If you do not like this please pass it by and do not waste your time. I'm not in the mood and never will be to listen close minded people.

Chapter 1.


Mrs. Helms is a skinny blonde bitch. She stands there, flat chested, with her light blonde hair pulled back into a boring bun with makeup caked over her ugly face. She's in love with theater and personally I don't see why she didn't become a drama teacher instead of teaching English and torturing us all.

She's holding Edgar Allan Poe in her hands. Well not really Edgar Allan Poe because he's dead but, a book of his utterly depressing and brilliant poems. She runs a long finger down the side, with her small, over-glossed lips pursed and her eyebrows furrowed. She's mad as usual.

"I'll wait," she says impatiently.

The class still resumes chatting amongst themselves, and Mrs. Helms raises her voice. But still, nobody pays attention, and some of the chatters giggle and keep talking. I feel a hard tap on my shoulder, and I whirl around to see Ryan leaning over his desk.

"Alex just told me we're getting a new student in AP Chemistry today. I heard she's gorgeous and can sing her head off."

I sigh and roll my eyes. "Who the hell is Alex and how is it that he knows this before me?"

Ryan giggles to himself. "Alex is the school secretary, Shar! I've told you about him like a million times! He's why I came in at three last night."

Okay, whoa. I am so done about hearing about Alex. I hate when Ryan starts talking about his boyfriends. I hate when he talks about relationships. And about why I'm not in one yet. And I could get with any guy that I wanted. If I wanted to get with one of them, I would.

"Well, how does he know she can sing - if she can?" I want to get off the Alex topic - desperately.

"He's met her already. She came in to tour the school last week. The singing thing is on her school record - she missed three weeks to tour Texas with her band as lead singer last year."

I smirk, prop my elbows on his desk. "Really? Well, looks like we've finally got some competition around here."

Ryan just laughs. "She's a cute girl, Shar but also a sassy one. I'd suggest you didn't fuck with this one. We don't want a repeat of Blaire Skyler do we?"

I frown. Blaire Skyler. Sternly, I press my lips together, and turn around.

Ryan is the biggest asshole.


I notice that the battle between Mrs. Helms and the chatters' has simmered and she is now talking about The Pendulum, one of the most famous and my personal favorite twisted works of Edgar Allan Poe. But of course, Mrs. Helms has the magical power to take a very interesting subject and turn it into the most boring speech you've ever listened to. Really.

"Pay, come on. You're still not mad over Blaire are you?" He teases.

The ghost of his breath sneaks down my back, and I shudder at the warmth. His Burberry is overwhelming and his proximity is unsettling, his voice annoying and tired and I wish he would just go away. I can feel his lips brush against my ear, and I picture him leaning all the way over his desk, elbows folded underneath his chest, with his smirk sitting on his face in that arrogant expression.

"She only cheated on you with Troy Bolton, and dumped you at your birthday party." He slinks back into his seat, thinking he's something else. He knows he's made a big mistake, of course, especially talking to me in that way. Me, his older sister by two hours, the only one who's ever completely accepted him. He knows what he's done.

But he won't feel guilty. He's up on his pedalstool; It's Alex that's giving him this sudden boost of extra confidence. I hate Alex. That ignorant little fag! Who does he think he is?

I turn, my blood boiling. I know I can't yell at him right now - not in English class. Mrs. Helms is sure to send me to Matsui, and I for one need to see this new girl in AP Chemistry. If there is a new girl and Alex isn't a compulsive liar like myself. I grip the back of chair, try to put on the fakest smile possible.

"Ryan, why don't you go fuck yourself."

The bell rings. Students make a hurry for the door, and class is over.


I don't even know why I am in this AP Chemistry class. I mean, I always have pulled A's in Science, and I never really knew how. Mr. Loeman says I'm a genius, and that it's truly my calling, not the silly plays I act in. Mr. Loeman also believes that extraterristrials exist, so I say fuck Mr. Loeman.

He's scribbling some formulas onto the board, and explaining something at the same time. I can't concentrate because I can't take my eyes off the new girl - Gabriella Montez. She's stunning I mean, well not stunning but, she's pretty cute.

Long brown hair,

Comes halfway down her back,

Big Brown Eyes,

Perky smile.

She wears a simple white blouse, with jeans and flipflops, and she's been following Mr. Loeman this whole class. The only one to actually answer correctly to all of his questions. Her lips are perfect, nice and full, not too puffy not to thin. Her cheeks are a little flustered, very adorable.

She moves very easily. Very flexible. Like, her pen dropped on the floor. She bent her torso all the way across the aisle and snatched the pen from the floor with little effort. She twirls her pen in her hand, diligently following along, tapping her foot against the leg of her desk.

"Hey - Gabriella right?"

Oh shit no.

How fucking awesome! Troy Bolton, Mr. God, the person I very much despise sits next to Gabriella. He's been eyeing her up all period, and he obviously likes her. Gabriella turns to him, her face glowing with excitement. She can't possibly be excited to talk to Troy can she? But of course, almost every idiot girl is.

"Yeah. But you can call me Gabi," she says. Her voice is small and cute, innosant and childlike.

He extends a large, disgusting hand out to her. "I'm Troy Bolton. Captain of East High's Basketball Team. Nice to meet you, welcome to East High."

She accepts it, her face flushing a slight color of red. "Hi, Troy and...thanks."

He laughs. "So...where you from?"


He acts interested. Of course, he wants her out of her comforably fitting jeans. "Really? What's it like there?"

She shrugs her shoulders, and I can immeadiately tell she's very excited he asked this question. "Well, it's not just desert like everybody thinks. It's really...beautiful there."

Troy nods. "You're really beautiful here."

Gabriella giggles, and you could tell she's not used to compliments like these. Her cheeks fluster wildly, and her smile is uncontainable. She looks so pretty, I almost can't stand to sit here and watch him cast his spell upon her. They resume their flirty chat for the rest of the period, and being the dunce that I am, can't force myself to say anything to her.



"Oh my gosh, Sharpay, did you see Gabriella!? She's gorgeous!" Ryan bounces up to me in the cafeteria, excited.

This is why I hate Ryan. He knows exactly what to say to make me pissed and he does it indirect but deliberately. He knows that I've seen her, he really isn't as stupid as he pretends.

"Yes, Ryan. I have met her, and she's not that great looking," I tell him. We're walking up the stairs to our private table, and view of the whole cafeteria. I flip my hair and swing my hips as seductively as I can.

"I have American Government with her," he says, as if being in the same class with Gabriella Montez was the freaking shizz or something.

And why do I care?

I don't.

"So what do you like her or something?" I ask Ryan. I'm only teasing, and I wave to a few of the wannabes as they say hello and worship at my feet. Literally.

"No," he says, shooing them away. "I just think you've got some serious competition."

See what I mean? An asshole. Complete and total jerk-off.

I know he's right. Gabriella is absolutely gorgeous, way better-looking than I am and will ever be. But hey, he doesn't have to point it out. I snort and laugh haughtily.

"With Lane Bryant jeans? Yeah, right, Ryan you've got to be fucking me!"

He busts into a fit of laughter as we take a seat our table. Cindy and Monica stand as we sit, and then reclaim ther seats after we've been seated.

"So, Shar, have you seen the new girl?" Cindy asks, playing with the dark tips of her short brown hair.

I hate Cindy. Honestly, I really do not like her. But of course we're BFFs because her mother is Head Debutant and I must look good having the Head Debutant's daughter following me around. She's ditzy and stupid, and she calls me 'Shar'. Really, the only person I allow to call me that is Ryan and I have no clue why.

"Oh my gosh, she's so gorgeous," Monica says biting into her Luna bar.

I hate Monica too. But Derek Jeter is her dad, and obviously I look great having her follow me as well.

"She is such a total joke," I say, ready to trash Gabriella.

Must I remind you half of the things I say are meaningless because Gabriella Montez is not a total joke.

"I mean, did you see her jeans and how fat her thighs are? She should really go take a visit to Jenny Craig."

Okay, what I just said was mean. Her thighs definetely aren't fat, and her jeans make her look hot as hell.

Monica and Cindy snicker, and continue to pick at their scraps. Ryan pokes and prodes at some spaghetti, while I settle on nothing. I can't eat any cafeteria food, it's way too fatty. I'm already fat enough as it is, and most of you would tell me I'm crazy but I'm not. If you really look at me, I'm a fat ass.

I have cellulite in my inner thigh that just won't go away. The fat that hangs off of my arm is disgusting, and I have a double chin when I laugh. I'm disgusting to look at. Blaire said I was absolutely not fat whatsoever, and that I should actually gain some weight. Blaire also cheated on me, bitch.

"Hey, she's sitting with Troy!" Cindy says suddenly.


No fucking way!

She's sitting with Troy?

I stand abruptly from my chair, push Cindy out of my way and peer over the balcony. Yes indeed, she is placed next to Troy, joining the whole basketball gang in their round of hilarious laughter. She looks so beautiful...so majestic. He places his arm around her, and her face goes red, but scoots a little closer to him.

"Troy stealing your girl?" Ryan whispers into my ear.

The others don't exactly know I'm gay, and I prefer to keep it that way.

"Shut the fuck up," I hiss back at him, never taking my eyes off of her.

Ryan makes a pouty face, like he actually cares and places a strong hand on my shoulder. "Well sis, your obsession begins here."

And so it did.