"So what happened?"

She shrugs her bare, tanned shoulders. "He cheated, he's with another girl."

I close my eyes, I can feel the warm wind whipping my hair behind my shoulders. I push my toe into the mulch and slowly swing my legs back and forth. How could he? That asshole, that fucking asshole? How could he be so stupid to not see how lucky he is to have her? Doesn't he see her, see her and all her beauty? There's just no way in hell that any other is as beautiful as she, in their mind, body, or soul. Everything she does is so right, so perfect. I'd give anything to be with her, for a chance to kiss her lips and that stupid, fuc-

"I don't really care. It's no big deal as long as he's happy." I look at her, my eyes trailing down to her legs. They are dark and toned, so damn perfect. "I don't know who she is but I think-"

I smile. "Danielle Katz." I shake my head and chuckle, that whore. She doesn't even compare to Gabriella. What the hell did that idiot see in Danielle? Oh yeah I forgot, a piece of ass. Gabriella turns her head in slight confusion. "She's a friend of a friend or something; I heard." I look out at the sky. I need a cigarette.

She says nothing and looks down at her knees. Her black hair is in a bun, falling sloppily over her eyes, dark pieces framing her beautiful jaw line. I watch as her knuckles grow white while she clutches the metal chain of the swing. God, I wish I could hold her and kiss all the pain away. I would take her soft hand into mine, look into her light brown eyes and take her into me, all of her. Every piece, every flaw, every tear, or moment of sorrow.

"Hey, you know what?" I say, getting up from my seat and standing next to her. "Let's go somewhere."



Absolutely breathtaking.

I'm watching Gabriella. Her movements are delicate and purposeful; she dips one toe into the water and quickly takes it back out. I can smell the salt and hear the waves, and all I want to do is watch her. I love watching her. No matter what she's doing, whether it be reading, writing, talking, or eating she is beautiful. She plays with the water as it sweeps in and out onto the sand and back into the ocean's outstretched arms.

I left my Versace sandals in my car. I can't believe I'm going to do this. I inhale the salty air in one sharp breath, and pull off my tank top. My skirt down on the sand, I suddenly feel cold and embarrassed. Will she think I'm fat or see the my thighs filled with cellulite and turn her nose in disgust? I couldn't handle it if she rejected me again. I just want to show her, to let her feel safe with me, comfortable.

I jog to catch up to her. She is standing in the water, up to her knees in water. She doesn't move or acknowledge me, though I'm sure she can feel me behind her. I lift up my hand and brim my fingers against her forearm. She doesn't react or pull away, but stands motionless, eyes fixed on something I cannot see. I do it again, slowly caressing her fingers, then her elbows. I make my way up to her shoulders and her neck, and it is then when she finally turns towards me. Her eyes are hard and closed - I cannot read her expression. With no reaction, I let my hand drop back to my side.


I look away. Damn it, why am I so stupid? We just got back to being friends and I'm already stripping and touching her in ways she doesn't want to be touched. She doesn't want me and I remember her words when I first kissed her, they sting me still. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, maybe I should just go put my clothes on and wait for her in the car. I turn, I cannot look at her.

"Don't." I look back at her face. She is grabbing my arms, pulling me back to her, close. Her hands are on my face and she is crying, tears running down her face. "Touch me again, Sharpay. Touch me." Her eyes are full of trust as they plead with me.

I carefully place my hands on her back and I can feel the heat of her skin from underneath her shirt. This is everything that I wanted, that I have wanted from the very first moment I saw her. Her eyes are closed and she whispers again to me, "Touch me, Sharpay."

I want this. I had tucked my desires away because Gabriella had not wanted me, had not shown any interest. She was hand in hand with a boy, a dumbass boy who gave no regard to her, or who she was. But now, as her fingers caress my face and I am standing so close and vulnerable with everything exposed to her, there is nothing more that I desire. I do not want to be careful, I want to have her and I want to have her now.

I pull her into me, greedily pushing my fingers up the back of her tanktop. Her body is against mine, lips to lips. I waste no time and open her mouth, relishing in the feeling of her warm tongue rolling over top of mine. For the first time, I taste her. She is so good, so lovely. Her hands are around my neck, gently pulling and stroking my skin. I am melted into her, I need all of her. I let myself touch her sides, pushing her shirt up past her belly button. I hesitate for a moment, still feeling protective of her.

"Do it," She says, her breath against my lips. I push her shirt up past her bra and over her shoulders with ease, watching in awe as she steps out of her shorts. I run my hands up and down her now completely bare sides. She is wearing a white bra and pink underwear. I smile and grin at how quirky and odd that is. Everything about her is so cute, how many times have I said that?

She is scared, I can see it in her eyes. They are open and wide, like a deer caught in headlights. I run the back of my fingers over her flushed cheeks and reassure her. I press her against me and kissed the skin below her jaw. "We don't have to if you don't want to."

She touches my back with confidence, her arms wrapping around my hips. "I want to. I-I trust you."

I won't ask twice, I grab her hand and lead her out of the water. I toss her shirt with mine, and lay her down gently in the sand. I rub my hands down her perfect stomach, so smooth and tan. I watch her face which is serene and peaceful. I kiss her belly button before trailing my fingertips along the waistband of her pink underwear. I look up to her for permission and she nods. I slide them down her hips and off of her feet, then lift her gently up and unhook her bra.

I position myself on top of her, propping her legs open and straddling her. There is a sharp gasp as I enter her, pressing inside her warm insides. She is so... so different. The texture of her skin is soft and tastes sweet. I watch as her face changes, her eyes fluttering, and hips moving underneath me, pulling me closer into her. I kiss her cheek, she is sweating. Her beautiful lips part and slowly mouth my name. "Sharpay," a moan drowned out by the sound of waves.

I gently push into her, deeper, moving slowly and softly. I don't want her to be scared, I want to make her feel safe, protected. She doesn't make a sound as I feel her legs close around me and her silky walls move in and out. One loan whimper as her back arches and eyes open in pure satisfaction. I kiss her cheeks and pull away, laying next to her. She sighs and snuggles her nose into my neck.

"Sharpay," she says breathlessly, "You make me feel amazing."

I smile. "So do you, Gabriella Montez."

Author's Note: Hey! Long time, no see huh? I haven't written in a while, been suffering from a bout of writer's block. But I'm back! I have made a goal to finish this story this time with no long-term hiatuses. It's been a while, I hope I haven't lost Sharpay's voice, bear with me it may take me a few chapters to get it completely back! I know this is a little fast-paced and some of you might be confused. Let me explain this chapter and what happens in it and why.

Gabriella and Troy have just broken up because Troy has apparently cheated. Sharpay, having missed Gabriella and being extremely heartbroken, has gone up and as a friend, tried talking to her about it. That fails so in her attempt to make Gabriella feel better, she takes her to Albuquiqui Lake, which you will all learn about later and the meaning behind this place, and it is there where she impulsively acts. Sharpay is a complex character, and often is impulsive and acts on her own whim according to her emotions. She has multiple personalties. One is the Sharpay that is seen when she is around those who she feels superior to: Ryan, Monica, Cindy, the entire world, etc. She is emotionless, gorgeous, confident, other Sharpay is the real Sharpay. The one who is emotionally and mentally distraught, the one who is sensitive, insecure, and easily falls in love. She is this Sharpay when she is with Gabriella and that's the reason why she (unconciously) is so drawn to Gabriella, because she brings out who Sharpay really is.

Sharpay, being the impulsive romantic that she is, acts out on her emotions here. She feels so desperately in love with Gabriella, she takes her chances. Gabriella is a very closed off, secretive character. She is everything Sharpay is not. That's why Sharpay scares her - there are other skeletons in her closet that will be revealed later on. She reminds her of everything that she wants but can't be and doesn't understand why someone as glamorous as Sharpay would care to spend time with her. So naturally, they are both drawn to each other being opposites. Gabriella has sex with Sharpay in this chapter because she desperate to feel what Sharpay feels for her. She wants to know love, and knows that she has not found that with Troy, although Troy isn't finished yet. Anyhoo that's all I'll go into now! :)

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