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Trinity walked down the corridor of the Neb, her boots thumping heavily on the grated steel floor. She had woken up to find that Neo wasn't beside her for the third morning in a row. She was confused at his sudden change in behavior. They used to stay in bed for as long as they could, enjoying the little time they had alone together.

Trinity spotted him sitting at the core yet again, mesmerized by something in the matrix code. Trinity still couldn't read it, at least not nearly as well as Neo could. He described it like reading a children's book, for Trinity it was more like a foreign language where she could only pick up bits and pieces of simple code.

"What are you looking at?" asked Trinity sitting down. She asked aloofly even though the question had been plaguing her for days.

Neo looked up when she sat down, but didn't answer her question. He sat, still staring the screen, a look of contemplation on his face.

"Okay then," Trinity continued in a somewhat aggravated tone. Why wasn't he talking to her? Had she done something to make him angry?

Trinity stayed put, replaying the questions over in her head and trying to work out the code displayed on the screens in front of her. It looked complex and she gave up soon, choosing instead to look at Neo. He looked so focused, yet so distant at the same time.

Trinity resolved that he was far too lost in his own world to pay her any attention and she opted to leave. She sighed in exasperation, and jumped down from the chair, turning to go get breakfast. Just as she got a few feet however, she heard Neo's voice from behind her.

"It's this girl. I don't know how I found her, but I just did. There's something about her," he said, his voice detached.

That's what all this was about, some girl? Trinity felt anger rising up inside of her. It wasn't enough that he had sacrificed their mornings together to look at a computer screen, but he was doing it just to watch some other woman? That Trinity could not handle. She made a noise in the back of her throat and stormed off to the kitchen.

When Trinity opened the door, with more force than was necessary, she caught sight of Morpheus eating breakfast at the table.

"Good morning Trinity," he said without looking up, despite her dramatic entrance.

"Morpheus," greeted Trinity, before grabbing a dish and filling it up with the nutritious sludge she had grown accustomed to. She sat down at the table opposite Morpheus and quickly began to shovel the food into her mouth. She was still angry and was trying hard not to take it out on Morpheus, making her eat with more fervor than usual. Morpheus noticed.

"Something wrong?" he asked, his tone unfaltering.

Trinity sighed and threw down her spoon with a loud clang, putting her hands to her temples.

"It's Neo," she said in a tired voice, "he's obsessed with watching some girl in the matrix. That's all he's been doing for the last three days."

Trinity thought she probably sounded jealous of some computer generated woman, and realized she was sort of.

"A girl?" asked Morpheus curiously, "who is she?"

"I'm not sure," replied Trinity, now feeling rather foolish.

Morpheus gave her a questioning look, then went back to eating his breakfast. He obviously wasn't too interested. He stood up and put his dish away before turning back to Trinity.

"You both need to focus on our mission. Meet me up at the front in fifteen minutes," he said, before promptly leaving the kitchen in that direction.

It had been almost fifteen years since Neo's final battle with Smith. Neo had managed to win the war and miraculously survive, however, so did the Matrix. He had returned to the ship to say his last goodbyes to Trinity, when he noticed she was still alive, but only barely. He had freed her from the rubble and rushed her back to Zion. They managed to keep her alive and she had made a full recovery. They both went back to work on the Neb with Morpheus and Link, helping to save the people who were still caught up in the matrix. There were just so many of them, it would definitely be a lifelong task, not just for them, but for many other crews in Zion. Still, Neo and Trinity were grateful to be alive, have each other, and be able to continue working with Morpheus and Link.

Trinity finished her breakfast quickly and threw the dish in the sink offhandedly. She was determined to get to the bottom of Neo's little obsession. She remembered what Morpheus had said, but that was why she needed to get Neo to talk to her, so he could refocus on the tasks at hand.

Trinity walked back into the core and wasn't surprised to see Neo still staring intently at the screen. She came up beside him once again and put a hand on his shoulder, grabbing his attention. He turned to face her and seemed oblivious to her frustration.

"Well?" asked Trinity after a few seconds of silence.

"Well what?" Neo asked innocently.

Trinity sighed again, she was getting more irritated by the minute. He could somehow do that to her in a way that no one else could. Mind you, he could do a lot of other things to her than no one else could, some of them absolutely wonderful. Trinity tried to contain her anger, hoping her appearance of calm disposition might lure him into answering her questions.

"Who is this woman you're obsessed with looking at?" asked Trinity, trying to keep her tone even.

Neo looked confused for a second then laughed out loud. Trinity was puzzled but also a bit infuriated by his reaction. This certainly was not a laughing matter in her opinion.

"Did you think I was attracted to another woman?" he asked coyly, mockingly, with a smart-ass tone that pissed Trinity off. She was relieved that he apparently was not interested in another woman. She chose to voice her feelings by saying nothing, but just looking at him annoyed, willing him to continue.

"Alright, alright," he said, his voice now returning to his usual self.

"I'm watching a girl, but she's only fourteen," said Neo in a serious voice, turning back to the screen.

"So, you like them young now?" asked Trinity in an icy, but joking voice.

Neo looked over his shoulder at her, an unamused expression on his face.

"Ha ha," he replied, an edge in his voice.

Trinity did laugh, feeling relieved that she was still the object of his affection. Neo smiled back at her and pointed to the screen.

"She's at school already," he said.

Trinity looked at the screen squinting her eyes slightly. She couldn't see much.

"So, why exactly are you watching her? It sounds a little creepy to be honest," said Trinity.

Neo shrugged.

"I don't know," he replied honestly, "I just think she's interesting."

"What do you know about her?" asked Trinity, a little interested herself.

"Not that much. She's in the ninth grade. She lives in New York." answered Neo matter of factly.

"How long have you been watching her?" asked Trinity.

"A couple days," he answered.

A voice disrupted their discussion as Link walked into the room.

"What are we looking at?" he asked, peering at the screen from behind Neo and Trinity.

Morpheus walked in just then, his voice stern, "Link, Trinity, let's go now. I want us to reach the surface as soon as possible."

Link and Trinity looked at each other before Link shrugged and said to Morpheus, "sure thing Captain."

Trinity turned to Neo and kissed him softly.

"I missed you this morning," she said, "do you think you could come to bed early tonight?"

Neo smiled, and said, "sure."

Trinity got up and left following Link. She looked over her shoulder to see Neo once again focus on the screen intently. Whoever this girl was, she sure had Neo's attention.