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Morpheus walked over to stand by Link, watching Neo arrive back at the subway station.

"Operator," said Link, catching Neo's call. "Let me look on the map."

Trinity guessed Neo had asked where the program was at the moment. She wished she could walk over and watch as well, but her injuries had confined her to the chair. She feebly attempted to get up, but as expected, couldn't find the strength to do so. She sat back, hoping Morpheus and Link could give her a play-by-play on what was happening.

"No sign of them," continued Link, pulling up the map of the station on a monitor.

"Tell him to get on the train again," said Morpheus. "I think that's our best bet."

"Morpheus says to get on the train," said Link over his headset.

Trinity took her eyes away for a moment to look over at Lena again.

"Where are you?" she whispered out loud, making Morpheus turn to look at her.

He seemed about to say something when Link suddenly shouted.

"Oh! There!" he cried, pointing to a red dot on the station map. "It's her!"

"She's moving," observed Morpheus. "She must be on the train."

"Operator," said Link, obviously getting another call from Neo. "…okay, get off at the next platform."

Link clicked off and immediately turned around to face both Trinity and Morpheus.

"He's got her," he said incredulously.

"What?" said Trinity in disbelief, "just like that?"

"I guess so," said Link.

Morpheus was silent, looking pensively at the floor.

"Here they come," said Link, putting his headset back on and working again.

Morpheus instinctively went over to Lena first, knowing Neo would get her out before himself. He waited until Link gave him the okay and gently unplugged the metal rode from Lena's head.

Trinity watched her sit up and breath deeply, rubbing her head as if she'd just been knocked unconscious.

"Lena," said Trinity, catching her attention. "You're alright?"

Lena nodded slowly, staring straight ahead. Trinity looked at her motions oddly, feeling that something wasn't quite right. She was distracted momentary however, when Neo sat up beside her. He looked from Lena to Trinity and smiled. Trinity returned his smile uneasy, looking back over at Lena who hadn't moved.

"Lena, are you sure you're alright?" Trinity asked again.

Lena nodded once more and finally turned to look at her.

"I'm feeling tired. Can I go lay down?" she asked in a blank tone.

Trinity felt her body turn cold. She knew now for sure that something wasn't right. Lena should have been scared, upset, or at least happy to be safe and back on the ship. She seemed to be fine which Trinity took as a very bad sign.

Before Trinity couldn't question her again however, Neo answered.

"Of course. Do you need anything?"

Neo didn't seem to feel as Trinity did, and spoke as if none of the past events had occurred.

Lena shook her head silently and promptly took off, walking briskly out of the core. Trinity watched her leave feeling anxious. Neo noticed and looked at her questionably.

"What? She'll be fine," he said, trying to reassuring her. "Hey, you need some help. Let me take you to the medical bay."

"But..." said Trinity, wondering how to express her thoughts.

She realized maybe Neo was right, after all he wasn't the one doped up on painkillers. Maybe Trinity was just reading too much into the situation. She took a deep breath and looked at Neo, nodding her head.

Neo picked her up gently and began to carry her out of the room. From Neo's arms, Trinity could faintly hear Morpheus and Link's conversation, receding in the background.

"Why would he just let her go?" asked Morpheus.

"I don't know," replied Link, "I suppose we should ask her what happened."

Trinity could not hear Morpheus next comment however, as Neo turned the corner down the walkway, heading towards the medical bay. Trinity was unnerved by hearing Morpheus' fears, as they seemed to strengthen her own.

She allowed Neo to put her down on a table once they reached the medical bay. She looked up at the neon lighting, trying to gather her thoughts. Neo was rummaging through the cupboards for supplies.

"Neo?" called Trinity, making him come over immediately, a tray in hand.

"What is it?" he asked, setting down the tray and beginning to put an IV in Trinity's hand.

"Lena," said Trinity.

"She's fine," said Neo automatically.

"No Neo, I don't think she is," replied Trinity warily. "You found her alone on the train?"

"Yeah. You were right, you are much better at this stuff than I am," said Neo, referring to the needle.

"Where on the train?" continued Trinity, ignoring his change of subject.

"Well I just walked on and she was standing there," answered Neo, going back to the cupboards.

Trinity frowned at Neo's response. It just didn't seem to make any sense.

"It was like she was waiting for me," continued Neo, walking back over to inject something into the needle.

Trinity shook her thoughts out of her head, focusing on what Neo was doing for the first time.

"What are giving me?" she asked worriedly.

"Just something to help you sleep while I fix you up," Neo replied casually.

"No," Trinity said desperately. "I need to talk to Lena."

It was too late however, as Neo had already injected the white liquid. Trinity could feel the coldness creeping up her arm slowly and her head began to pound.

"Just relax," she heard Neo say, though his voice was diminishing.

Trinity's eyelids became heavy and she slowly closed them, watching Neo's face disappear from above her.


Trinity heard a voice above her head. She opened her eyes to see only the bright neon light above her.


Trinity turned towards the voice to see Lena standing beside her. She slowly sat up, noticing the pain in her chest and ribs was completely gone. Lena was standing just a few feet from her, looking at Trinity fearfully.

"Mom, help me."

"Help you?" asked Trinity, swinging her legs over the side of the table, "what's wrong?"

"Help me," repeated Lena, stepping backwards towards the door.

"Wait, Lena what's going on?" asked Trinity, getting down off the table and walking towards Lena cautiously.

"I can't get out," said Lena slowly, her voice trembling with terror.

"What?" asked Trinity, stepping closer again.

"He won't let me out."

"Who, the program?" asked Trinity.

Lena nodded and Trinity watched as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Trinity's heart began to beat quickly. She could feel a sense of forbidding and the walls seemed to be closing in on them. It was the same feeling she got when she was first on the subway and they were chasing Foster. Everything seemed to be getting darker. The lights flickered in the room and Lena began to cry, her body shaking.

Trinity went to grab her but Lena ran through the door, slamming it behind her. The lights in the room were completely out, and darkness surrounded her. Trinity grabbed the door and pulled it open. She looked out to see not the usual walkway of the Neb, but the subway station. Neo was standing on one end, staring at Lena, who was standing at the other. Both were obviously in the matrix as Neo sported his usual sleek black outfit and Lena's hair was long and flowing.

"What's happening?" asked Trinity, looking to either for an answer.

They didn't seem to be able to hear her however, as they were both locked in each other's gaze. Suddenly Lena ran at Neo, stopping only a foot in front of him when a loud shot rang out, making Trinity jump backwards. Neo had a gun to Lena's stomach. He had shot her. Lena made a choking sound and fell to the ground, the wound in her stomach oozing out blood. Trinity looked at Neo in horror, watching his own face crumble into hysterical sobs. Trinity screamed and ran at Neo but not before the door slammed in her face.


Trinity bolted up off the table, opening her eyes to see Neo sitting beside her looking terrified.

"Trinity, calm down," he said, pushing her back down onto the table.

Trinity felt the sweat run down her face, her body shaking, and her heart pounding. She looked around the medical room and then at Neo standing in front of her. It had been a dream.

"Neo!" she gasped out, putting a hand to her chest.

Her lungs were no longer painful, but a jolt of pain went up her spine when she touched her ribs again.

"Trinity, relax," said Neo, still holding her down by her shoulders. "You're fine."

Trinity took a deep breath and did as he asked, trying to relax. She felt a wave of relief, knowing that Neo did not really shoot their daughter. Still, Trinity couldn't help but remember how real it had all felt.

"I had a dream," said Trinity, speaking slowly, her breathing evening out.

"How?" asked Neo in disbelief, "you were too deep asleep to be dreaming."

Trinity closed her eyes in thought. It wasn't a dream. Maybe it was real. Perhaps somehow Lena had been reaching out to her. She was in trouble.

Trinity looked at Neo in alarm.

"I saw Lena. She told me she was trapped. The program, he won't let her out."

"What?" asked Neo. "Trinity, Lena's fine. She went to lie down remember."

"No," said Trinity. "I knew something wasn't right. Neo, I think don't think you brought Lena back with you."

Neo looked at her quizzically. He didn't have time to respond however, as the ship suddenly lurched. Neo grabbed onto Trinity, both clutching each other as the ship shook around them. As soon as it began, it was over.

"What was that?" asked Neo, a hint of fear in his voice.

"Come on!" yelled Trinity, who was already up off the table and limping out of the room.

Neo followed her as they went into the core to see Morpheus and Link looking as surprised as they were.

"Where's Lena?" asked Trinity desperately, looking between the two.

Both Morpheus and Link looked at her puzzled.

Trinity looked back at Neo before running as fast as her body would take her into the cockpit. Trinity walked inside, freezing when she saw they were traveling through the sewer tunnels at an incredible rate. Trinity spotted a head of short black hair just over the captain's chair. Lena was somehow driving the ship, and extremely well at that. That's when Trinity knew her vision had not been a dream. It was not really Lena sitting in font of her.

Neo ran in behind her, stopping when he too noticed what was going on. He was about to speak when Trinity put a hand to his mouth. Morpheus and Link ran into the room and looked at Lena incredulously.

Trinity grabbed them all and whispered in a low voice.

"I don't have time to explain so just listen to me. I'm going to grab Lena and I want you Morpheus to take over the ship when I do. Neo, Link, whatever happens do not let Lena get out of this room."

Morpheus nodded but both Neo and Link looked at her as if she'd gone insane.

"What the hell is going on?" Neo whispered dramatically.

Trinity silenced him with her hand however, and looked at him intently.

"Please, just do it."

Neo nodded and Trinity turned around to face Lena, who was oblivious to their presence. Morpheus walked on the other side of her chair while Neo and Link stood cautiously by the doorway. Trinity took a deep breath and went for it, lunging at Lena and ripping her out of the chair.

Morpheus was quick to take over, steering them away from nearly hitting the sewer floor beneath them. Lena screamed angrily and elbowed Trinity in her injured rib, making her scream out in pain. Trinity crumbled to the floor while Lena ran for the doorway, but not before Link and Neo grabbed her and pinned her to the floor.

"Lena, stop!" screamed Link, but Lena only thrashed harder against them.

Neo cried out in pain as Lena's boot came into sharp contact with his shin.

Trinity tried to get up but the searing pain wasn't allowing her to move. She watched helplessly as Lena attempted to overpower Neo and Link. Trinity could tell they were losing control, Lena writhing and screaming uncontrollably beneath them.

Morpheus set down the ship and ran past them back out of the room. He reappeared a minute later, just in time. Morpheus bent down, a syringe in hand, and struggled to inject Lena's arm. She screamed louder but Morpheus' strong grip kept her down long enough for him to empty the needle.

After a moment, Lena's screams died down and she began to relax. She eventually fell unconscious, her head falling back against the steel floor. Morpheus threw down the empty needle and walked over to Trinity, helping her back to her feet.

Link sat down, leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath while nursing his side where Lena had obviously kicked him. Neo sat back as well, coughing and choking with exhaustion.

"Trinity," he gasped out, "can you please tell me what the fuck is going on?"