At Last

Quil POV

Disclaimer: All Stephenie Meyer's.

A/N: Yay! It's my first story for the pack! While procrastinating on studying for my finals next week, I wondered what it was like for Quil to phase for the first time, and here's my result. Enjoy, and please review!

God, it was hot.

I wiped the back of my hand against my forehead in annoyance. I live in Washington State, for God's sake. It's not supposed to feel like an oven in the spring.

I looked around at the lush green and drizzling rain, and felt a flash of doubt. Maybe it wasn't the weather. Maybe it was me.

I felt a tremor roll down my spine, and shut my eyes tightly. For the first time, fear itched at the pit of my stomach. What the hell was wrong with me?

My whole body was vibrating out of control.

Rage suddenly swept over me; red, burning and irresistible, raising my already sweltering temperature a few more degrees. I felt my control slipping away, and I raised my trembling fists up to eye-level, wishing more than anything that this was all just a bad dream.

Pain exploded up my spine, and the shaking ratcheted upward, carrying me with it.

When it was over, I felt different. I opened my eyes slowly, looked down from a much greater height than usual; even in my current state of astonishment, I couldn't help but notice the power of my muscular frame. I stared in shock at my hands, which had been replaced by two huge…paws.


Hey, it's Quil!

A voice intruded on my consciousness. I turned, but nobody was behind me. It sounded like Embry…

Yeah, man! You changed, too. Awesome!

Hey, Quil! Jake?

Was I going insane?

No, a calm voice informed me, and I felt myself heel irresistibly to the force of his authority. Sam Uley, he introduced himself unnecessarily. I'm the alpha of this pack.

This what?

Pack, he repeated. We're werewolves. So are you. That's how we can communicate with out thoughts like this.

I listened in awe as he explained the basics, Jacob and Embry contributing to the story enthusiastically. All the stories of the tribe were true, handed down for generations. Quileute boys morphed into huge wolves when vampires threatened the tribe. When the Cullens returned, Sam, Jared, Paul, my friends, and now me were the first in a few generations. We were currently hunting a redheaded female leech who had been getting too close for comfort.

When he was finished, I sighed with satisfaction. The mystery was solved, and now everything makes sense.

Three disbelieving voices clambered for an explanation.

Jeez, Embry thought. We just told him that he was a werewolf hunting vampires, and does he say, "Oh my god, my world turned upside down?" No, he says, "Now everything makes sense." What the hell, man?

Care to explain yourself? Jacob asked dryly.

I laughed, the sound coming out of my jaws in a gruff bark.

I did the mental equivalent of a shrug. I've been wondering for so long what the hell was happening to my friends, that it's nice to finally find out.

Yeah, Jacob responded, and involuntarily thought to himself, Bella didn't like it so much either.

I choked. Bella knows? You told Bella before you told me?

Yeah, Jacob said, a little guilty.

Whatever. Even in his thoughts, Embry's eye-rolling was clear. I'm hungry; can't we go to Emily's soon?

Later, Sam told him. Right now we need to focus on getting Quil back into human form.

How do you do that? I asked, curious.

I'll teach you, he promised. Embry, head back and pick up some clothes.

O.K. See you, Quil! I'm so glad you're one of us now.

I grinned. Me, too.