One random day I was sitting at a bench in a park under a shady tree. It rained recently and I was wearing this hat that's red and has ear flaps. Was sitting there and rain drops kept falling on my head. Was there in the park surrounded by these kids playing ball, flying kites, running and tagging each other, but the thing that stood out was that there was this girl who was playing by herself near a bush between the entrance and the exit to the park where all the adults where on their phones talking and walking by. The girl was at this bush between the entrance and the adults and she was plucking the leaves out of the bush. For some odd reason inside it disturbed me, it really did. When her parents found her they were yelling at her not to go astray, felt bad for her but she really should have stayed with her folks and her folks should have kept a good eye on her.

What I did next was that I went to see a movie. I hate surreal films of fantasy that can never happen in real life but I had nothing to do but kill time waiting…

As I went to see the fake film it depressed me. The story was about this guy and how he is crippled physically and emotionally, because he was in a war, the funny thing is that they don't mention the war, they mention he was a hospital before and that he just got out. Physically he couldn't move his left hand so well, but he was a right handed person. His dead hand was just limp, it killed me, it really did. This film about a crippled soldier killed me because not only is it fake, acting and all but they make him so sad, so pathetic, it kills me, especially when he monologues about his past and being in the war and all.

When the depressing film finally ended I got hungry and decided to head to a cheap restaurant. When I got to the restaurant it was a theme-related fast food joint. I took a seat down and this teen approaches me and asks for my order in this fake accent. I knew his accent was in character for this phony place, so as I took off my hat I gave my order.