Leading Mate

Chapter 1- Phone Call


Orochimaru walked through the deserted streets of his new village, looking around for any leaf ninja who still roamed around carelessly, just asking to be killed. A sneer spread on his face, as he reached the Hokage Tower.

He dramatically kicked open the large doors.

"I'm baaaaack!" He yelled into the empty building, letting his voice echo through-out the place, as his sneer widened. He took his sweet time, climbing the stairs, to what was once the Hokage's Office, now his office. Kabuto followed him, as the Sound Five, patrolled the village, putting out the fires on some of the buildings.

He thought he'd try to act like a kid again, since he was so happy about finally ruling over his former home village, so he ran over to the his new desk, jumped over it and landed in the chair behind it. Surprisingly, the rolling chair didn't fall backwardsand make him crash into the wall.

Orochimaru let out a sigh, Kabuto standing off to the side, as he childishly spun around in the chair.

"Yes, yes! I'm the ruler of Konoha now!" He said, clapping his hands. "Now, I can get the Sound Village to be a country!" He said. "Oh- that reminds me-"

He picked up the phone, quickly dialing a number, before putting the phone to his ear, and waited for an answer. There was a click, before he smirked.

'Stop fucking calling me you goddamn stalker!' A familiar female voice Orochimaru knew far too well, hissed venomously.

"Yes, I know how much you love me, so, I wanted to let you be the first one to know, aside from Kabuto and the Sound Five, the best news you'll ever hear, my dear." He purred smoothly, into the reciever.

There was silence on the other end, before a low and irritated growl could be heard.

'You punk. You'd bvetter now be wasting my time, Orochimaru! Because if you are, I swear to Kami, I will come over there and kick your ass right now!' The female snarled moodily and seriously.

"Yes, well, you know how I told you, 'I'm going to control Konoha', dearest?" He said, changing the topic.

'What of it, reject oreo?'

"Well, guess who's the new Hokage." Orochimaru said in a triumphant tone. "what do you think? Pretty impressive, huh? Reconsider that rejection of yours?"

'Dear lord, how did your parents raise you?! You're the SIXTH, if you're Hokage, fool! That's pathetic, not impressive. Repulsing, even. What in the world makes you think I'd take up my offer twice?!' The female snapped coldly. 'Get a GRIP!'

"I have a grip, thank you!" Orochimaru protested lightly.

There was a click on the other end of the life, signaling the female had, obviously, tied of speaking with the Sannin, and hung up on him. He put the phone back on its hook, before looking at the Sound Five.

"I'd like it- if you could go and find my 'angel', and bring her here so I can give her a personal tour of my new village." Orochimaru ordered. "Otherwise, seal off all exits and entrances to this village. No one comes in, and no one goes out, without my say-so."

The Sound Five bowed, before vanishing.