A/N: C'est histoire est pour donjonkeeper. J'espere que tu l'aimes. (Je suis anglophone, donc, je n'ai pas les accents sur mon ordinateur. Pardon mon francais, ce n'est pas parfait, mais je sais un peu.)

After my last story I thought I should write a little light-hearted fluff. This ended up being (quite) a bit racier than I'd originally intended. Hope you like it anyway (or because of it.) :D

Okay, so I've just finished the story for real and, well, I think this qualifies as smut. Not sure on the rating. I guess I'll make it M rated just to be safe.


Katara awoke to the soft light of daybreak creeping into her quiet room. The air held a warmth that signaled that the day was going to be beautiful. Katara smiled as she listened to the soft, steady breathing of her husband behind her. Aang was usually the first to rise, but this morning he was exhausted from the previous night's activities. Still groggy from sleep, Katara did not fully realize that what had transpired was, in fact, reality and not just a wonderful dream. However, the reality of the situation came to her when Aang rolled onto his side and put his arm around her. This in itself was not a new occurrence. Katara and Aang had slept next to each other numerous times when they were cold or lonely or just wanted to be close to each other. What made this morning any different was that when Aang pressed his still sleeping body next to Katara's, she realized that they were both completely naked.

Memories of their wedding night came flooding into her mind. She pulled him closer, reveling in the warmth that had started deep in her stomach and spread to the rest of her body as she recounted last night's events.

Flashes of the previous night ran through her mind like fire. The wedding and reception had contained the familiar moments. Tender words and kisses, light caresses on the arm, getting lost in each other's eyes. The night, however, had moved to unfamiliar territory. Exciting, passionate territory.

What had started out as innocent kisses became less innocent and more heated. There were his hands, grasping at her clothing, raking over her bared skin, pulling her closer so that he could wind his fingers through her hair as he pressed his body against hers. Her hands had not been innocent either. They had deftly slid beneath his clothes, searching, exploring and finding places that made him gasp and moan.

They had moved to the bed where their spiritual and mental connection was now joined by a physical one. With gasping breaths and racing heart-beats, in a tangle of sheets and sweat and heat, they shared an explosive pleasure that neither had ever known. Katara recalled the feeling of physical pleasure that had started between her legs and spread to the rest of her body. Simultaneously, the familiar fluttery feeling in her stomach intertwined with this new feeling to produce a sensation that caused her to hold him tightly and cry out.

A comfortable quiet returned as they both lay on the bed catching their breaths and letting their senses level. After their bodies had cooled slightly, he pulled her close and stroked her hair, whispering his love for her. It was like this that Katara had fallen asleep.

She was brought back to the present when Aang nuzzled into her neck and kissed it.

"Good morning," he sleepily said into her hair.

She giggled. "Good morning."

"Um, about last night…"

Katara turned her head give him a sideways glance. "Mmm?"

Aang grinned. "Did you want to do that again?"

She giggled again before turning to kiss him.


A/N: I swear, I didn't think this was going to be that racy. Well, let me know if you liked it.