Chapter 14- The Ghost Of You

Josef closed the small book; his hands were shaking terribly, tears of anger running down his cheeks. The full moon beamed down through the windows of his large office, it was a beautiful night. Maralyn would have loved it.

Maralyn…thoughts of her always ran through his mind on nights like this, especially on this particular night.

Tonight makes ten years without her. Ten years since she had been taken from him…

He heard his office door open, but he didn't even try to wipe his cheeks, it wasn't the first time Katie had seen him cry

She knelt down in front of him, her green eyes were full of tears.

"It's been ten years, and I still miss her every single day." Josef was holding the journal close to his chest. Katie bit her lip to keep it from trembling.

"It wasn't your fault Josef..."

"Yes it was, if I would have just not gotten involved in the whole thing it wouldn't have happened."

"Maralyn wouldn't want you to live the rest of your life this way!" Every year they've had the same argument, and every year Katie had to watch her God-father go further and further into a depression.

He shook his head. "They warned me but I didn't listen, and now, look where I am."

Eleven years ago the FBI contacted Josef about some fraud that one of his clients had been involved in. They told him that the only way they could nail the guy was if Josef co-operated with them. He agreed and soon the man was caught and thrown in jail.

But Josef didn't know that the man was in the mob. It leaked out that Josef was the one that helped the government track down the member, and soon there was a price on his head.

But after many failed attempts, they switched their views from him to Maralyn. Josef didn't realize they knew about Maralyn, but in his natural paranoid nature, he had her flagged by body guards. Apparently, the mobs price on her head had raised to over 25 million dollars, so one night when she was out on a run, the two vampire body guards snatched her away.

Of course, they told the people the two easiest ways to kill her.

Two days later, after much panic, Josef received her body in a box on his door step.

"You ready to go?" Katie asked, shaking Josef out of the memory that had been playing though his mind.

He nodded. They stood up and walked out.

Every year it was the same, on May 2nd Josef would lock himself in his office and read Maralyn's journal, and let it bring him back through those few beautiful months he had with her. Then Katie would come by and they would drive out to the cemetery.

They would take separate cars of course, Katie knew Josef would stay out there for hours, just sitting next to her grave. So Katie never stayed to long, she felt he deserved sometime to be alone with her.

When they walked onto the cemetery grounds, Josef had started to shake again. Katie grabbed his hand.

"It's okay..."

He let out a bitter laugh. "Do you remember the last thing she said to you before you were turned?"

Katie smiled. "Life's a bitch until you die."

He nodded. "Personally, I think that death is worse."

She squeezed his hand as they walked up to her headstone, she placed the flowers on her grave.

They stood there in silence for nearly half an hour. Katie finally turned to Josef and gave him a hug.

"I'll let you be alone..."

He hugged her back. "Thanks."

Katie was halfway to her car when she turned back to look. She saw the same thing every year.

She wiped her face and continued walking to her car. Something told her that Josef wouldn't be around to reach the next anniversary of her death. She got in her car and drove away.

Josef was on his knees in front of the grave, weeping. He ran his finger tips over the picture of Maralyn that adorned the tombstone.

"You make me feel infinite..."


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