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Three Punks and Ruffs stopped fighting and looked at the pink puff. Buttercup and Bubbles soon landed next to their leader.

"And you are…?" Berserk asked.

"Hey Powder Puffs. How's it going?" Butch shouted.

"It's Power Puff idiot!" Blossom yelled.

"That's Buttercup to you," Buttercup growled at Brick.

"Buttercup-chan, calm down," Bubbles said.

"No Bubbles. These guys need to learn a lesson." Buttercup took out her hammer.

Brute chuckled.

"What's so funny?" She glared at Brute.

"You have really girly names," Brute answered.

Buttercup was fuming. "And who are you?"

"We're the Punks," Brute answered.

"So you're some no name group?" Buttercup asked.

"No," Brute said. She made a fist.

"Ha I got her mad. Perfect," Buttercup thought. "Come to think about it you seem a little girly yourself."

"I'm not girly," Brute growled.

"Prove it," Buttercup said. She motioned Brute over.

"Hey don't forget about me," Butch said. He ran over to Buttercup and flipped her green skirt up.

"Hey!" Buttercup pushed down her skirt. "GET OVER HERE YOU PERVET!"

Butch stuck his tongue out at Buttercup. "You want some of this? Then come and get it."

"I hate stuck-up jerks like you… and perverts." Brute punched Butch in the face.

Butch didn't flinch. "Sorry, but you'll have to get used to it." He grabbed Brute by the throat and slammed her into the hard concrete.

Brute got up and went back into her fighting position.

"Oh sure leave me out of the fun… Graviton drive!" Buttercup slammed her hammer against the floor. A green light erupted out of the crack. The light sped toward Brute and Butch.

The light's impact made Brute and Butch crash into a brick wall.

Brute emerged from the pile of gravel. "That was nothing."

Butch got up. He dusted the red dust off of him. "Up to the same tricks as usual?"

"Don't worry I have more." Buttercup charged toward Butch and Brute. She swung her hammer toward both of their sides. The hammer's impact sent Brute and Butch flying off to the side. They crashed into a building and the dust cleared. Butch used his hands to stop his fall.

"Get off of me," Brute growled.

"You can get least say please," Butch said.

Brute glared at Butch.

"Okay okay. Gosh." Butch got up.

Once Brute got up she kicked Butch and punched him onto the ground. She put her foot on his stomach.

"And this is what I get for helping you?" Butch asked.

"You shouldn't trust me. I'm a villain after all." Brute pressed her foot against Butch's stomach harder.

Buttercup knocked Brute off of Butch with a swing of her hammer. "Back off. I need to beat this pervert up first."

"No. Let me do the honors. I'm sure that you get to beat him up everyday." Brute got up.

"But I'm the super hero. I'm supposed to beat villains up," Buttercup protested.

"So what?" Isn't it better to have people do your work for you?" Brute asked.

"But I like fighting," Buttercup said.

"Alright then whoever wins this fight gets to fight the perv." Brute cracked her knuckles.

"Fine by me." Buttercup stretched her arms.

"Ha-ha they're fighting over who gets to beat you up." Boomer laughed and pointed at Butch.

"Shut up." Butch smacked Boomer on the head.

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Buttercup: I'm so gonna beat your ss Brute.

Brute: In your dreams.

Brute and Buttercup go in a death glare

I feel sorry for you Butch.

Butch: Shut up.