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"Hinata-chan," A young lady with black long hair with onyx eyes called for her maid. The timid maid walked into the tea room with a flustered expression. The young lady laughed. "Is my husband making you do all those chores again?"

"Iie." The girl named Hinata replied. She fisted her hands on her maid uniform. "I-I'm fine, Mikoto-sama." Mikoto laughed her charming laugh.

"Well…I have some important matters to discuss." Mikoto signaled for Hinata to sit by her. She reluctantly did so as a worried look came across Hinata's face. "…hm…where should I start? Ah yes…you are starting school soon…" Hinata slowly nodded. "You have recently become the maid of the Uchiha's…which we are very grateful for you. I think to repay for your kind work is to send you back to school." Mikoto smiled. Hinata's face turned pale.

"I…c-can't let you do that, Mikoto-sama." Hinata put her hands up in defense. "It's just not…it's just not right."

"But…there's also a second part to this." Mikoto waved a finger in the air, completely ignoring Hinata's previous comment. Mikoto leaned in closer to Hinata. "You have to especially serve my son." Hinata twitched.

"S-Sasuke-sama?" Hinata stuttered. Mikoto nodded.

"Is that alright?" Mikoto asked. Hinata was about to say no…but then…the Uchiha residence had been so kind by taking her in. She had to! Hinata had no choice…there was no time to be selfish. Hinata put on a brave face and nodded. Mikoto smiled.

"Good." Mikoto said.


Hinata had been thinking of the conversation ever since then. She was now in front of the school with Mikoto. Hinata loved school…the learning…the friends…almost everything…she just hated that it had to be a private school. It just brought too many hurtful memories back…

Mikoto squeezed Hinata's hand and smiled in assurance.

"Be strong…I know you are, Hinata-chan." Mikoto said confidently. Hinata nodded slowly. "One of the Uchiha's business partner's daughter goes here. I chose her to be your guide for the day. You don't mind do you?" Hinata shook her head. "That's good. She should be meeting you in the office. Have a great day of school!" Mikoto entered the long, black limo and waved to Hinata. She waved back and sighed. This was going to be a long day.

Hinata entered the school hallways. They were bustling with different students. Jocks, Goths, popular kids, and other stereotypes were all in the halls. The popular girls mostly looked at Hinata and started whispering. Hinata just hated how they always gossiped. Didn't they know it was an unrighteous thing to do? Anyways, she brushed the thought aside and tried to find a door that had the words "Office."

She found it and knocked on it.

"You may come in." A gentle but firm voice called out. Hinata took a deep breath and walked inside the office.

There was a woman with blonde hair and amber eyes, sitting calmly at her desk. Hinata guessed that was the principal. There were two other students sitting in chairs in front of the principal's desk. There was a guy with black hair who was slouched in his seat. Hinata could only see the backs of the students' heads, so she couldn't make out their faces. In the other seat, there was a girl with blonde hair that was tied up in a pony tail.

The woman with amber eyes smiled. "You must be Uchiha Hinata." Hinata soon realized it was her she was talking about and nodded. "It's nice to have another Uchiha come to this school." The woman sighed. "With their perfect attendance and good grades…I just love how they're such good students."

The black-haired boy groaned while the blonde-haired girl just slouched in her chair.

"In any case, I'm Tsunade." Tsunade stood up and shook Hinata's hand.

"I-it's very nice to meet you…Tsunade-sama." Hinata said, letting go of the principal's hand.

"You two! Stand up." Tsunade commanded. The blonde-haired girl immediately stood up. She was probably frightened by the principal's tone of voice. The black-haired boy slowly stood up, doing it like there was all the time in the world for him. "Introduce yourselves."

The blonde-haired girl swirled around. Hinata locked gazes with her bright blue eyes. They were beautiful. Hinata blushed from embarrassment.

"I'm Yamanaka Ino. Just call me Ino. Not Ino-san…not Yamanaka-san." Ino said cheerfully and shook Hinata's hand.

The black-haired boy turned around slowly.

"Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke said, not even locking gazes with Hinata. She already knew who Sasuke was…she just didn't talk to him. Hinata wasn't allowed to in the house. He had already had personal maids…now she was his next victim. (-giggle- Victim…Sasuke, you're so evil. Sasuke: -sweat drops- I haven't done anything. Me: …yet.)

Hinata did not bow in respect because of what Mikoto had told her before they arrived at the school. She told her that the students and faculty members had not known of her serving Sasuke. They also did not know that Hinata just took under the name of the Uchiha name, because they did not want anyone to be curious about what her last name was…besides…the only thing that Hinata said to Mikoto the day she found her abandoned was, "Hinata."

"Ino will be your guide for the day." Tsunade looked at Ino. She genuinely smiled at Hinata. Hinata nodded. "Then, you three are dismissed."

The trio walked out of the office.

"Tch. It was getting stuffy in there." Sasuke pulled on his uniform collar.

"You are so rude, Sasuke-kun. By the way Hinata-chan, I already know about the whole "maid" thing." Ino whispered the last sentence. "So you can trust me." Hinata nodded.

"Look, just listen to what I say and do it. We'll get along just fine. Got it?" Sasuke looked at Hinata with dark eyes. Hinata blushed from being frightened and averted his gaze.

"H-hai." Hinata replied.

"Hn." Sasuke stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked down the hallway.

"Does that ass hole always treat you this way?" Ino asked as she pulled Hinata along the hall. She had a piece of paper in her other hand and looked for Hinata's locker.

"Mm…I barely speak to the master…I've only seen him…I mostly serve Mikoto-sama." Hinata replied.

"I see. Mikoto-sama does talk about you a lot." Ino said, finally stopping in front of a locker and opening it. She smiled. "And that's a good thing."

"A-arigato, Ino-chan." Hinata smiled.

"No problem." Ino smiled.

"Hey Ino," A feminine voice walked towards the two.

"What Sakura?" Ino sighed.

"Why were you in an office…with Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked curiously. She had light pink long hair with dazzling emerald jade eyes. It made her look like she was from a family of royalty…or something like that.

"Tsunade-sama had some business with the three of us." Ino said. The girl named Sakura left out Hinata. Hinata eavesdropped on the conversation as she examined the books that were already placed in her locker.

"Oh…that's good." Sakura sighed of relief. "I was thinking you were doing something with him."

"I've gotten over him…so no worries…" Ino said sarcastically.

"Right…well…nice to meet you…um…" Sakura pointed to Hinata.

"Hinata Uchiha." Ino answered for Hinata. Sakura blinked.

"A-ah…yeah…see you later, Uchiha-san…Ino." Sakura waved a curt wave and walked off.

Hinata looked at Ino.

"Do you have a bad relationship with Sakura-san?" Hinata asked. Ino shook her head.

"She just…is really obsessed with Sasuke-kun. I hate that…you know? We were…best friends…but then I came to realize…she was really annoying." Ino said, looking over Hinata's schedule.

"D-demo…isn't that alright?" Hinata asked. "I mean…Sasuke-kun is pretty handsome…"

"Yeah, but Sakura-san goes overboard." Ino laughed nervously. "You'll see." Hinata nodded nervously as she grabbed the books that were needed for the day's classes. "Luckily, you have all the same classes with me. Mikoto-sama made sure we had the same classes." Ino smiled.

"Okay." Hinata replied.

After Ino arrived at her locker to get her things, they both had Literature first.

"It's best if you get a seat near the windows." Ino whispered to Hinata. Classes hadn't started yet, so students just started to fill in the seats.

"Why?" Hinata asked as Ino placed her books in a desk near the window that was on the left side of the classroom.

"He makes boring lectures." Ino said. Hinata placed her books a desk besides Ino's desk. "It's good to see what's happening outside…ne?"

"Hai." Hinata said.

Hinata couldn't really focus during the whole class period. Unfortunately, the "master" was in the same class as her. Every time she would look his way for some odd reason, Hinata would catch him staring at her with a cold glare. Sasuke didn't even avert her gaze! He was probably unhappy with her because of…her looks?

The day went by fast. Other than that, Sasuke didn't talk to her or give her any orders. It was all good. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all…

Of course, Hinata was self-conscious since Sasuke was staring at her. She shyly asked Ino to accompany her on the way back to the Uchiha estate.

"Eh? Why are you scared of Sasuke-kun? Sure, he's cold-hearted, cruel, selfish, arrogant, and other things I cannot mention." Ino cleared her throat. "But there's nothing to be scared of…especially his glare. You just look the other way."

"D-demo…it's just so…intimidating." Hinata answered. The two girls were walking down the sidewalk. Hinata was holding her bag with trembling hands.

Ino started to laugh.

"It's alright. With me around, no one would dare hurt you!" Ino said confidently punching a fist into the air. Hinata giggled. "Aww, you're so kawaii!" Ino hugged Hinata as she blushed from embarrassment. No one had called her cute for a long time.

The two arrived at the deserted Uchiha manor. Ino sweat dropped.

"Last time I came here, this place was buzzing with people." Ino said. Hinata sweat dropped.

"A-ah…about that…everyone's at work. Mikoto-sama had an urgent meeting this morning…I guess she isn't home, but I think Sasuke-sama is." Hinata said, opening the door.

"You need to be more open to the boy." Ino said, following Hinata into the mansion. Hinata blinked.

"Why?" Hinata asked. Ino shrugged.

"He's a loner…maybe you can change that." Ino smiled. Hinata's blush grew worse.

"Iie…I don't think I can change people…" Hinata said.

The two started cooking dinner since Ino decided to help Hinata. All the other maids and butlers were never needed on the weekdays. (Lucky, eh?) Hinata was always there to do the cooking. On the weekends, Hinata had less work because that's when the other maids and butlers did the cleaning and some of the cooking.

"We should tell Sasuke-sama that dinner starts late tonight…" Hinata mumbled to herself.

"Yeah, that's a good idea." Ino said. "I know! Make him rice balls, Hinata-chan." Ino winked.

"U-um…what if he doesn't want any…?" Hinata questioned.

"Then FORCE HIM to eat." Ino smiled. The smile was so creepy. (LOL. Imagine Sai at that very moment.)

"H-hai." Hinata sweat dropped.

And so, Ino helped Hinata make rice balls. After they were done, Ino gave Hinata a little shove and she went upstairs to confront the loner…with food.

Hinata sighed as she arrived at his door. She knocked gently at the door.

"Come in." It was a calm, sane voice. Hinata came in. Sasuke was still in his uniform…it looked like he was doing his homework and looked studious. It made him look very natural which Hinata warmly smiled at. "What." Sasuke said coldly.

"U-um…we-…I thought you were hungry so…here." Hinata held out the plate of rice balls. Sasuke raised a brow.

"Did I ask for any?" Sasuke stood up. Hinata blushed from embarrassment and shook her head. "I didn't recall in doing so."

"T-then…I'll take them back…" Sasuke gently grabbed Hinata's hand with the plate of rice balls and set it down on his desk. He took her other hand and pinned her to the door. Sasuke's gaze was locked onto Hinata's. There was no escaping.

"Indigo long hair…white-no…lavender eyes…" Sasuke looked down to the lower part of her body, but he didn't continue what he thought of it.

"U-um…" Hinata blush became worse.

"Stutters a lot…" Sasuke lightly scoffed. He removed his hands from hers and turned his back on her. "You may go now."

"H-hai…" Hinata grabbed the plate of rice balls and left his room. What was that sick-minded boy thinking?!


Hinata checked the hallways over and over on each floor to make sure every Uchiha was safely asleep. She checked one of the hallways one last time and sighed. It was about 11pm at least. She yawned.

"You should go to sleep." A voice said behind her. She jumped.

"E-eh, Sasuke-sama!" Hinata backed away slightly.

"That's my name." Sasuke sighed. He was in a black t-shirt with gray baggy sweat pants (forget it…I'm not singing that song anymore. xD). He put a hand on his hip and raised a brow. "Get some rest, Hinata."

"H-hai…" Hinata bowed.

"Stop that." Sasuke said.

"Nani?" Hinata stood up straight.

"With the bowing thing. I hate it." Sasuke said coldly. Hinata sweat dropped.

"G-gomenasai!" Hinata bowed again. She had even more sweat drops now. "G-gomen!" She stood up straight and prevented herself from bowing again. Sasuke smirked.

"Now go." Sasuke pointed to her room.

"H-hai…" Hinata said. She entered her room and shut the door tightly and securely.

"So…different." Sasuke put a finger to his lips as he watched Hinata's room's door.

"Interested?" A man said behind him and breathed on his neck.

"Hn. Who knows…why should I tell you anyways…Itachi?" Sasuke turned around to face the man named Itachi. He looked exactly like Sasuke…except older and longer hair. A true Uchiha heir. Itachi chuckled charmingly.

"She's different from the other maids…she's fun to play around with…ne?" Itachi raised a brow.

"Tch." Sasuke scoffed and walked away from him.

"That is no way to treat your brother." Itachi replied, crossing his arms with a smirk.

"I don't have a brother." Sasuke said as he kept walking down the halls towards his room.


Hinata had been avoiding Sasuke the whole morning…but he wasn't giving any orders…so…it was alright to avoid him, ne? He did something…unexpected. Sasuke was a loner. He didn't know any better. Maybe…Hinata would take Ino's advice and help the guy. She closed the door of her locker. Hinata had come to school early to avoid walking with the master. It was best.

"Yo Hinata-chan, you're early today." Ino said cheerfully.

"Ohayo." Hinata greeted. "I…felt like I needed to get to class early to get used to things." She lied.

"I see…" Ino put a finger to lips. Hinata sweat dropped. "Nothing happened…ne?"

"Hai. Hai." Hinata waved a hand for assurance. "Nothing happened."

"Hm…is that so?" Ino raised a brow. Hinata nodded. "Alright, let's get to class."

First period was as boring as ever as Kakashi Hatake was the teacher. He was one of the laziest teachers ever…but his lectures did make people learn at least something.

The day went by as usual. The popular girls whispered something about Ino and Hinata as they walked past them.

"Don't worry about them." Ino read Hinata's mind. Hinata snapped out of her thoughts. "Sakura's the most unpopular popular girl. That's why she's barely gossiping about us." Ino rolled her eyes.

"D-demo…Sakura seems so nice." Hinata said, surprised.

"That's true…she has her nice moments…but I'd better have my guard on all the time if I were you." Ino said.

As they arrived at Hinata's locker, there was Sasuke. He was leaning on her locker while reading a book. He seemed like the person to actually like reading unlike most of the students at the school. And yet…it made him look so…natural and perfect. It made Hinata warmly smile again.

"Sasuke-kun, what are you doing here?" Ino spoke up as the two walked up to him. He closed his book and turned to look at Hinata.

"A word." Sasuke said, looking at Hinata. Ino knew she was to leave and did.

Hinata trembled now seeing the expressionless and intimidating face of Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke raised a brow.

"You scared of me?" Sasuke asked.

"Iie!" Hinata lied.

"Really." Sasuke said it as more of a statement.

"H-hai." Hinata replied.

"Well, you should be." Sasuke snapped back. Hinata nodded. He sighed. "…I didn't come here for your stuttering, alright? Just wanted to say…sorry." Sasuke mumbled.

"N-nani?" Hinata asked. "C-can you speak a little louder?"

"Gomen." Sasuke firmly said. Hinata blinked. "For catching you off guard…yesterday. It's just how I analyze my maids that way…either they rape me or not." Hinata's face turned bright red. "But whatever. You don't seem like a threat."

Hinata sighed of relief.

"Arigato, Sasuke-sa-" Sasuke covered Hinata's mouth.

"You are to address me normally at school." Sasuke said. Hinata nodded as he removed his hand from her mouth.

"H-hai…Sasuke-kun." Hinata said.

"Good. Carry on." Sasuke took his book and left.

Sasuke was…cold. That's all Hinata had to say. But, she guessed that he did have his soft moments. She was confused…yet relieved. Hinata hoped that one day…she could know all of her new master. All she knew was that he was cold, rude, and alone. She knew that…she would find out more in the future. And maybe someday, Hinata could tell Sasuke about her past.

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