People don't understand. Everyone went on about names and destinies. I'm not a kid anymore, I can think for myself.

What is a name anyway? It is not the name, it's the person behind the name.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand anything. I know it's often been that way.

But no, I can't be wrong, and I really don't care how many oppose me. I was always stubborn, and I'll hold firm in this. In the same manner he holds me when I'm scared...or when I plainly need that warmth, but am too stubborn to ask for it. He always knows.

And, right from the start, I knew that this feeling couldn't be denied by a simple name. I think it's fair to say that I am not 'one without love.' He made sure of that.

It's always him. He's the source of everything. Every feeling. Feelings I thought I had no nerve left to feel.

Maybe I really don't understand. Maybe I refuse to understand. But this will never change, and no one can tell me otherwise.

For now I surrender to his warmth once again, and he hums contentedly while playing with my hair and my ears. I didn't mind, though I acted like I did sometimes. It felt nice, and sometimes I myself hummed in response.

He is always warm. Always.

" Soubi," I mumble his name, my lips brushing the fabric of his shirt where my head is nestled.

He says nothing, but holds me a little tighter. Nothing can describe how good I feel at this moment. For now, at least, I don't feel torn. There is nothing but him. His strong body, his warmth, his security, all his faults, merging with me. Merging with my own soul. Our souls dancing in the unseen stream of life.

Our bond is a strong one. It is not normal by any means but the chains are so tightly bound by the happiness, the sadness, all the pain. The chains are unbreakable. What did a name have to do with anything?

I was getting sleepy, memories replaying in my head like an old film in slow motion. Memories of him. I knew my dreams would be filled with dancing butterflies on this night.

I shifted slightly in his arms, getting even comfier as I started to drift into a forgotten realm.

I knew I would remain in the bed that was his body because I had long ago ordered him, (with much blushing and fidgeting along the way) to never leave me in a cold bed if I fell asleep with him. That time seemed so long ago, (and it wasn't like I fell asleep in his lap every night!), but I had come to hate falling asleep with him and waking up without him, as much as it irked me to realize it. So now we were huddled together on my bedroom floor, with the diminishing brilliance of the sun casting calming shadows in the room.

It was hard to stay awake.

"Hm," I murmured quietly.

His voice, his indescribably wonderful voice said my name. " Ritsuka." It was said so softly, so tenderly, like he was caressing my spirit by simply speaking my name.

Now, I knew that tomorrow would be another day, and this would eventually come to an end but...

Moments like these were truly what any person should live for.

The smallest of smiles curved my lips upwards.

Yes, nothing could change this. Not a name, not a foretold destiny, nothing. Nothing could change the fact that Soubi was

"Mine," with that whispered word, I fell into a most peaceful sleep. And I'm sure Soubi followed me with a smile tugging his lips tenderly as well.

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