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Chapter 2: Armageddon

Lord Voldemort surveyed the scene before him with a critical eye. Two vampires, head separated cleanly from their bodies, lay in front of him and there was no sign of their quarry. His eyes tracked the path of the blood pooling beneath the two creatures as it slowly spilled into the river a few feet away.

So that's how they slipped past his net, he mused. The river.

A sudden gust of wind alerted him to the presence of the Count. "I see they escaped," noted the vampire king, barely sparing a glance at his slain brethren.

"It matters not," Voldemort said.

"And what of the," the Count paused as a smirk grew on his face, "The sliver eyed demon."


"He was strong," said the Count. "It has been nearly a century since I last had the misfortune of meeting an elemental."

Voldemort didn't say anything so the Count continued.

"She had the power to control the wind," he said. "She killed nearly five hundred of my kind before she was cut down like the beast she was."

Voldemort's eyebrows rose at that. Killing five hundred vampires was no easy task, even for him. "Why?" he asked. Texts on elementals were rare but he had never heard about there being an enmity between vampires and elementals.

"They are an aberration," he said darkly. "They are not meant to exist in this world and we have made it our duty to erase them from this planet."

Voldemort raised his eyebrows. "And are you any different?" he asked idly. "Many in this world treat your kind the same way."

"Do you know anything about elementals Voldemort," The Count asked derisively.

Voldemort resisted the impulse to snap his neck for that tone but after years of practising occlumency his expression was perfectly mild. "Unfortunately I do not."

"Being an elemental can turn the most docile person in this world into a blood thirsty killer," he said grimly. "It is in their nature to turn violent and no matter how hard they suppress that intent, it always spills out at one point in their lives. That is the reason an elemental will eventually end up seeking solitude."

"Are you and I any different?" Voldemort asked.

"We do not possess the power that they wield," he said seriously. "It matter not how powerful you are My Lord, a well-trained elemental will always hold an edge over you."

"What about this one," Voldemort asked, referring to Harry.

"He hasn't come into maturity yet and it takes a long time for an elemental to reach its maturity. Take heed to my warning Voldemort, if you ever encounter this silver eyed demon. Don't mince words with it and just kill it."

Voldemort didn't press the matter. No matter what this vampire said, he had confidence in his abilities and he looked forward to meeting this creature that the vampire was so afraid of. They were interrupted when by a loud crack and Lucius Malfoy made his presence known.

"My Lord," he said, bowing deeply to both men.

"What is it Lucius?"

"The infiltrator was not alone. One of the prison camps was attacked and the muggles held have escaped. There were also a series of explosions in the breeding grounds and we lost fifty soldiers."

Voldemort didn't bat an eyelid at the news and instead he dwelled into the mind of his subordinate and his lips curled at what he found. "Are you happy Lucius?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

"My Lord?" Lucius said hesitantly.

"Your son," elaborated Voldemort, "He escaped," he said.

Lucius stilled.

"My happiness is tied to your own my Lord," Lucius replied averting his eyes. "My son's fate is punishment for my failure and I accept it wholeheartedly."

Voldemort smirked. "Such loyalty," he crooned stroking Lucius's cheek and the Malfoy resisted the urge to flinch. "And you shall be rewarded justly."

"Thank you my Lord."

"I want you to go back to your station and be ready for the package. We are ready."

Lucius's pulse quickened. It was finally time and he couldn't help but feel a little afraid. He prayed to whatever god there was that his son was safe and far away from danger.

"Don't be troubled my friend," Voldemort said chuckling. "Nobody can stop us now. Now go. Go and play your role to perfection."

"My Lord," Lucius acknowledged and bowed once more before disapparating.

The Count turned to Voldemort. "I didn't think you'd actually go through with this plan," he said.

"I don't make plans I don't intend to carry out," Voldemort said coldly. "The broadcast shall soon be sent out and we will give them the appropriate time to respond."

"Well it will certainly be a task for you to repopulate this earth," the vampire said chuckling.

"Indeed," replied Voldemort. The world needed to be purged before a new age began.

The Count looked at his surroundings. What was once a city of magnificence was turned into a barren wasteland and now it was the perfect home to magical folk and creatures alike, trees, birds, water, it all seemed so peaceful. But for the rest of the world everything was about to change. He had lived for many centuries and for the first time in a long time he felt his heart race with excitement.

Yes, the world was going to change.


One week later

The throne room, dim and large, was currently host to Lord Voldemort and his most trusted death eaters. A few candles were lit, bathing the occupants with enough light to know they were there. If they looked hard enough, they could make out the chandeliers floating high above them. Voldemort sat in his high throne watching his death eaters seated in an arc before him. Once upon a time they used to kneel before him with the stench of fear in the air. Now they knelt out of loyalty and the desire to serve him but the fear was still there. He was glad the fear was still there since a little bit of fear ensured a far more loyal service.

"Have the past months been kind to you," he asked, trying to inject some warmth into his voice. It was important to maintain that little amount of connection and bond that he found incredibly ridiculous. He spoke as warmly as a dark lord could get.

"It has been like a dream My Lord," murmured Goyle. "We have dreamt of such a world for so long and to see fantasy transcend into reality is miraculous."

Everyone muttered their agreement.

Voldemort smirked. "Today is another historic day for our kind," he said, rising from his throne. "It has been a long time since we first embarked on this journey to fulfil our dreams and rise up from the cruel shadows of our weaker kin."

Voldemort eyes burned with passion and his voice was igniting a fire within his men like it always did. "We have created a magical London that we can be proud of!" he shouted and his death eaters cheered.

"We have gotten rid of those muggle loving scum and the muggles of this country are no more!"

More cheering followed.

"The world is at our doorstep my friends. The wizarding world has been conquered now it is time for the world to be purged of the unworthy," Voldemort said, his voice dropping down to a whisper. "Dumbledore and his friends run around trying to gather their allies and try to find out our plans but they haven't had any success."

Voldemort chuckled at their misfortune. His spies at different corners of the world had informed him of the efforts of the rebellion and it amused him to no end that the muggles still chose to ignore them. "They wiggle around like headless flobberworms trying to stop our insignificant attacks on the muggles but they have no idea that those attacks mean nothing!"

The death eaters laughed nastily.

"The muggles think that we will leave them alone if they do not attack us and they have no idea how wrong they are."

"Destroy them all!" Bellatrix Lestrange screamed manically. Her eyes wreathed in madness.

"We will my dear Bella," Voldemort said reaching up to his most insane lieutenant and gently lift her chin to look into her eyes. The madness in her eyes always sent shiver of pleasure through his body. "We will."

"The muggles think that their weapons will be sufficient to stop us but they have no idea how wrong they are. As we speak some of our brothers and sisters are setting up the final stages of our grand plan and a few hours from now," Voldemort paused for a moment letting his death eaters feel the intensity of his words.

"What will happen my Lord!?" shouted Fenir Greyback.

Voldemort smiled darkly. "War," he hissed and the death eaters exploded. "Go now! May this night be filled with pleasure and satisfaction. Let us celebrate this night before the purge," he shouted and clapped his hands. Immediately the room was filled with light and its grandeur made visible. Crystal, gold, silver, and materials of great value adorned the room. Two long tables were lined up against opposite walls and were covered with a single emerald green cloth with a silver lining. The entire room was a shining visage of royalty.

A gong signalled the start of the ball and slowly wizards and witches began to trickle inside. None had been afraid to wear the best the magical world had to offer and Voldemort smiled as each one of them first came and bowed to him before heading off to enjoy the first ball since the creation of this empire. It was necessary to have such events no matter how lowly he thought of them. These people who called themselves nobles desired for such events and he had to keep them happy for a while. He himself was dressed in black robes crafted from acromantula silk. The Slytherin crest was stitched with gold threads on the hem and cuffs of his robes and was looped together with the dark mark which threaded with silver.

Voldemort sat back on his throne as his mind flashed to the past remembering the long journey of his life. Memories of the pain, torture, frustrations and insanity that he had endured to finally reach this grand stage. The years he had spent travelling, learning, and discovering arcane magic after leaving Hogwarts; his rise to prominence as a dark lord and then his defeat at the hands of a toddler. An insignificant toddler with nothing special about it, but that was not important. He would deal with Harry Potter when the time would come and show the world that his defeat all those years ago meant nothing.

He smirked as he remembered the chaos he caused soon after his resurrection although it was nothing compared to the chaos he had caused now. The power he had wielded was intoxicating and he would have held on to that power if it hadn't come along with the cost of losing his body and soul to a creature from the past.

A shiver of fear ran down his back as he remembered that dark time in his life. He had been consumed by insanity; his mind was almost lovingly being controlled by a voice he had no control over and he was just one poke away from losing himself forever. It was only because of his will to dominate that he survived.

It had taken him months to focus deeply enough to ignore the voice of evil and find its source and when he did he had felt terror, true undisguised terror that he had never known before. All his anger and hatred at the treatment he had received at the hands of the boys at the orphanage, the ridicule he had to bear with when he was sorted to Slytherin, it all just evaporated at the sight of that… that thing.

A mass of black smoke eating away at his magical core with every dark spell he cast. A faceless monster slowly taking his body for itself while he revelled in the power it gave him, a monster which made his world tremble with its voice alone. He had tried to fight it, to stop it but when it looked at him his body felt paralyzed. This, he realized, this was the true face of the dark arts. His will was crumbling right before his eyes and he knew all the creature had to do was say the words and he would have surrendered.

But no, deep within his soul, a part that was still untainted by the darkness awoke. It was because of that he found the strength to do what needed to be done and for twenty seven days and twenty six nights he fought the creature and endured. He could not use dark magic for now he understood the price of using that magic. His body was ripped to shreds every time he attacked and then it was remade. Over and over he suffered agonizing pain and defeat but he didn't give in and day by day his power, his true power kept rising. It was more of a mental battle rather than a physical battle but finally Voldemort emerged triumphant and a man remade. He managed to trap the creature inside his core and stop its rabid growth but it came with a devastating cost. He had to sacrifice his beloved horcruxes and could never use dark magic unless he wished for that monster to break free from the bonds he had placed on it.

But with the sacrifice he made, he had gained knowledge. Knowledge about the creation of the dark arts and its true nature, knowledge of the past heard from the mouth of darkness itself and the real story of the deathly hallows. But most importantly Voldemort regained his sanity and he remembered the dream he had when he first left Hogwarts.

Now that dream was turning into reality and there was no one to stop it. His empire had its capital and now it needed to expand. Dumbledore's resistance was anything but a resistance. War was coming and there was nobody to stop it.



A boat appeared some dozen feet above the ground and with a resounding sound, it crashed into the ground sending its occupants tumbling into the dirt. Sea water was dripping from the boat and for a moment there was complete silence except for the sound of water hitting the ground. The silence was shattered when a girl, no older than fifteen burst into tears sending Moody and his team into action. They shepherded the muggles outside quickly began to conjure thick blankets to lend them some warmth. People from the main camp noticed their arrival and started running towards them, no doubt to lend a hand.

"Let's get you two to the medical wing," Harry muttered pulling Blaise and Draco to their feet. He was unscathed except for the little bit of dust on his clothes.

"Harry," Blaise croaked. His voice was thick with emotion and he just couldn't find any words to say. He had been ready to die and to be rescued, that too by his best friend, had left him in a near catatonic state. Both Blaise and Draco looked terrible.

"Save it for later Blaise," Harry said sharply. "Let's get you and Draco checked out first. If those acromantula were poisonous then you're going to be convulsing on the floor soon.

"I expect to see you at headquarters in an hour's time with those two Potter," barked Moody, his magical eye keeping track of Harry while he none too gently gift wrapped a frightened man in a blanket.

Harry nodded and guided his two friends to the school and as they passed through the hundreds of tents set up Harry responded to their questioning looks.

"After Voldemort," he ignored the gasps of fear, "decided to engulf half of the country in fiendfyre and lay waste to the country side, most of us escaped and took refuge in Beauxbaton," he said. "Many of the people here are the muggles we rescued after the dragon attack."

"To take refuge from the French," Draco muttered in disgust. "Show's how badly beaten you all are."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "You better watch that tongue here Draco," Harry said idly, "You're one of us now and you'd do well if you acted that way. Else you're most welcome to head back into the den of acromantula."

Draco winced and continued walking without saying another word.

"Is the school still on?" Blaise asked in disbelief. How could a school still be running normally when a whole country had been destroyed and they could very well be next!

"The French ministry is keen on making things run as normally as possible. They are the ones who have been left alone and one does wonder why that is," Harry said.

Draco scoffed. "He has left them alone because he knows you will take shelter here. He knows exactly where you are and with the army he has created it wouldn't take much of an effort to destroy you when the time comes."

Harry smiled, their hypothesis of the situation was spot on but the sad thing was it showed the level of confidence and arrogance Voldemort was displaying. To dismiss their resistance as nothing more than a bothersome pest was worrisome. "That was pretty much the same conclusion we came to," he said. "But save your ranting for later Draco. All of us want to hear exactly what it is you think and know about our enemy. And why is it that the son of Voldemort's right hand was left to die like a rabid dog."

Draco's blood began to boil and he felt a rush of anger directed both at Harry and the man he once called father. Emotionally he was a mess.

"Here we are," announced Harry and directed the two boys to the sit on a separate bed. "Madam Tuscon will be along shortly," he said. "Play nice and list out all your injuries, even though they seem pretty much non-existent."

"The cruciatus does not show up physically Potter," Draco spat angrily. How dare Potter look down upon him, he thought furiously.

Harry shrugged. "I'll be back in twenty minutes and then we shall go to the HQ."

"You have a headquarters," Draco snorted, "A big help that's going to be when the dark lord comes for you."

Harry was saved from a response when Blaise punched Draco in the jaw. "He saved our lives," Blaise said coldly. "The least you could do is show a little gratitude instead of being the wise arse that you are."

Draco glared at Blaise from his position on the floor. "How dare you," he began but Harry nonchalantly pointed his wand and sent a nonverbal silencio at the blond.

"Stay quiet and wait," he said firmly. "I'll be back soon," he said and left the room leaving the two the mercy of the mediwitch. He would have preferred them to be looked at by Pomfrey but they first had to be checked for any tracking charms before they could be moved to the headquarters.

Half an hour later Madam Tuscon had healed the scratches and bruises they had and given them both a potion to deal with the after effects of the cruciatus.

The mediwitch gave a slight nod to Harry indicating they were clean and he led them to a fire place and gave them a slip of paper to read.

"The Resistance can be found at the Valley of Souls," Blaise said out loud.

Draco frowned in confusion but he didn't have time to voice his questions as he pushed headfirst into the fire place. Blaise followed and Harry somehow managed to squeeze in.

He threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace and green flames flared from the previously unlit fireplace. "The resistance," he said softly and the three were whisked away in swirl of purple flames.


"Where are we?" Blaise asked as he followed Harry through a narrow stone walled corridor. Each step they took echoed around them and the path they were on had a very intimidating aura about it.

"Below the Pyramid of the Witch Queen Nefertiti," Harry said.

"And you feel so comfortable announcing that fact to me," Draco said. "I am not on your side if you remember Potter."

"You couldn't speak about this place and betray our location even if you tried Draco," Harry said rolling his eyes. "And you're no longer our enemy. If I remember correctly, the enemy," he said stressing on the word enemy, "left you to die at hands of vicious gigantic spiders while your father watched on. If you think you can return to them with information on us and still escape death or worse then you are sorely misguided."

"The dark lord has changed Potter," Draco said quietly. "He is both forgiving and vicious but loyalty is always rewarded."

"Well thanks for letting us know that," Harry said coldly. "We'll make sure to treat you like death eater trash and then perhaps some sense might be knocked into that thick head of yours."

They soon reached a dead end with a phoenix engraved on the wall. Harry drew his wand and made a small cut on his thumb before smearing the blood on the mouth of the phoenix.

Blaise and Draco watched in fascination as the fiery bird silently started flapping its wings and the wall slowly dissolved in front of their eyes.

"Welcome to our headquarters," Harry said beckoning them inside.

The room they had entered was large and the lack of windows was very noticeable. It was illuminated by several fires, that were running in a depression in the floor all over the room and there were torch brackets lined up all along the walls. Cosy armchairs and loveseats populated the room. A few people were resting there and all of them focused their eyes on the party of three as they crossed the room. Some of them recognized Draco and a slight scowl marred their features.

"A lounge room of sorts," explained Harry as he led them to another door. Inside there were people waiting, Dumbledore being the most recognizable figure.

"Mr Malfoy, Mr Zabini," Dumbledore said kindly, "I am very glad to see you alive and well."

Draco sneered at him while Blaise just smiled back tiredly.

The room was simple similar to the one they had just crossed except that it was smaller and darker.

Harry went and took his place next to Sirius.

Dumbledore conjured two wooden chairs and politely asked the two teenagers to sit.

"I'm not co-operating," Draco announced arrogantly.

"You'll talk one way or another son," growled Moody. "Be it with your free will or a nifty serum which will make you spill the truth."

Draco paled when he saw the war hardened auror. He had heard many tales about the exploits of this auror from the death eaters that were capable of holding a decent conversation.

"Draco was sentenced to death because of his father," Blaise said and Draco shot him a dangerous look. Blaise ignored him and continued. "His father was charged with the safe keeping of an item of the dark lord but it was destroyed and as punishment for his failure Draco had to pay the price."

Silence dominated the room as everyone absorbed Blaise's words.

"What about you," Kingsley asked. "Why were you in that arena with," he sneered at Draco, "with this Malfoy."

Blaise took a shaky breath in. It was obvious that the memory was not a pleasant one. "The dark lord began his attack long before you even realized it," he said. "Before the dragon attacks it had already been a month since his death eaters infiltrated and systematically took over more than half the ministries in the world. The interview he gave for the Daily Prophet went a long way in boosting his man power. He also began to contact and extend an invitation to every pureblood family that existed outside Britain to join him in his quest to conquer the wizarding world. It was a subtle way of saying, join me and live royally or die as my enemy." It seemed like a very simple choice to most.

Blaise closed his eyes as memories assaulted his mind.

"Are you alright?" asked a concerned Molly.

"Fine," grunted Blaise. "You all know what kind of a human my mother is and the allure of what the dark lord was offering was too much for her to refuse. Riches and royalty were the two words that were enough to convince her. My latest father tried to change her mind but the very next day he had an unfortunate accident. I tried to send a message to Harry, to warn him because I knew the message would undoubtedly find its way to you, headmaster and maybe you could stop Voldemort. But I could not and was caught. I was given the option of serving the dark lord or dying and I don't know what overcame me but I told them to bugger off."

Harry snorted and Blaise smiled at him shakily. "I'll admit it was the most foolish decision I've ever made in my life."

"Glad to see that I had some influence over you," Harry said grinning. "I'm glad I was able to save you Blaise."

"You should have accepted," spat Draco. "Few are given the honour of serving the dark lord and you should have accepted!"

"What do you know about the dark lord's plans," interjected Snape and Draco's eyes widened as the saw his former potions master. "Professor Snape!" he gasped. "You're one of them!?"

"Answer the question Draco," Snape said emotionlessly.

Draco just smirked and kept his mouth shut.

"Enough of this," barked Sirius. He stood up and withdrew a vial from his pocket.

"Sirius," cautioned Dumbledore but Harry's godfather ignored him.

"Open up you little shit," he said and when Draco refused he backhanded him. The blond cried out in pain and Sirius quickly grabbed his jaws in an iron grip and dropped three drops of veritaserum on his tongue.

Not one person moved to stop Sirius. Some of them were even envious that he got to smack that little monster.

"State your name," Kingsley commanded.

"Draco Abraxas Malfoy," he intoned dully as his eyes turned white.

"Why were you sentenced to death?"

"Punishment for my father's mistakes."

"Are you loyal to Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked.

"I don't know," was Malfoy's response and whispers broke out in the room. It turns out young Malfoy was not as loyal as he wanted to be.

"What do you know about the dark lord's plans?"

"Nothing," was the dull reply and the hopeful atmosphere that was building crumbled like a deck of exploding cards.

"What do you know about Voldemort's allies and spies?" Dumbledore asked.

"The dark lord has allied himself with the goblins and vampires. The giants refused to aid him and they were annihilated. The dark lord has reached out the druid clans and offered them sanctuary in forest of London. He has spies in every muggle government and is slowly manipulating their moments."

"Who are the spies," asked Dumbledore. This was troublesome news to him. They had thoroughly examined every major government and found nothing. To know that death eaters were still able to slip past their nets was terrible news.

"I don't know," replied Draco.

"Has Voldemort planned any big event?" asked Cane.


"What is it?"

"I don't know."

"What do you know!" asked Mr Austin in frustration.

"I know many things," was the cocky reply.

The veritaserum was wearing off.

"Where are the nuclear weapons?" Cane asked in a last ditch attempt get some answers.


"In Britain?" asked Arthur but the truth serum had worn of and Draco blinked rapidly as his mind became unclouded and his eyes returned to normal.

"How dare you," he began hotly but fell silent as a stunner from Moody struck him.

"Dumbledore, they are still getting death eaters past our net," Kingsley said worriedly.

"Our governments are not like yours," Cane said. "We have thousands of employees and it would be impossible to track every one of them. Voldemort must have a low level agent on the inside."

"What purpose would that serve?" asked Diggle.

Harry always thought that Diggle was an idiot. That statement just strengthened his belief of it.

"He obviously has some agenda that he has to carry out when the time comes," Harry said rolling his eyes.

Many members nodded in agreement. The sight of Harry Potter sitting in order meetings had become a common one. At first they had been completely against him joining regardless of his power but then they could not force him out and in the end it was because of his power that he was now a part of their war room.

"To make matters worse, countries like the US and Russia have refuted our repeated requests to join hands with them and it is even more difficult to monitor their employees openly," Dumbledore said grimly.

"So what now?" asked Jones worriedly. "You know who is planning something big, we all know that. He has been distracting us with attacks all over Europe and we have next to no clue what he is going to do next!"

"We must continue our efforts to save lives," Dumbledore said calmly.

"But to what end!?" Hestia said, her voice rising. "We have been fighting for months now and we are next to nowhere when it comes to stopping him!"

"This is a war lass," growled Moody. "And our side is the losing side. The only thing we can do is endure."

Hestia huffed and crossed her arms, "You, Potter and Sirius infiltrated London," she said. "Potter has shown us what he's capable of so why didn't you end him?" she asked, directing her question at Harry.

"Have you not been paying attention Hestia!" shouted Sirius. "Voldemort has an army! An army made of vampires, goblins, werewolves and all manner of dark creatures! These creatures are backed up by an army of death eaters who are not helpless by a long shot!"

This was not the first time someone had insinuated that it was Harry's responsibility to take out Voldemort since he had done it as a baby. Just because Harry was powerful did not mean that it was his burden to take on Voldemort. It pissed him off every time someone suggested that and it pissed him off even more that Harry had readily accepted that role.

"Simmer down Sirius," Dumbledore said sharply. They didn't need a reminder of the army they were up against and it didn't help the morale of their band of fighters one bit.

Sirius growled at Hestia who glared back fiercely. All the fighting and killing was beginning to take a toll on her and everybody else. It was difficult to keep the morale up when all your efforts went waste and people kept dying around you.

"Did we get anything out of the werewolves we captured in Berlin?" asked Tonks.

"They know nothing," Moody said angrily.

"Did you use veritaserum?"

"No need to waste our truth potions when silver works so well," he said, his lips curling nastily.

Remus shuddered. He was all too familiar with the effect silver had on a werewolf and he wished they needn't have to that to a werewolf but this was war.

Dumbledore sighed. They simply didn't have the numbers to fight Voldemort and if the muggles kept having illusions of being capable of combating magic with their weapons then … … Dumbledore didn't want to complete that thought.

All this while Blaise looked on bemused, as the wizards and witches began to argue amongst themselves. Had they completely forgotten about him? His noticed Dumbledore's eyes on him and he felt a little relaxed when the headmaster smiled.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and immediately all the chatter came to a full stop. He shook his arm slightly and his wand slipped into his hand. "I'm sorry Mr Zabini," he said kindly, "But I think my friends have forgotten that we have a child in our presence."

Blaise's eyes widened as Dumbledore pointed his wand at him and whispered a spell. He slumped into the chair, fast asleep and memory erased.

"Hestia, Moody, I want you to take Mr Malfoy and see if you can get anything else out of him. I think you're intimidating personalities will be enough to make him sing," he said.

Hestia rolled her eyes and many snickered. It was well known how short a temper the witch had. But on most occasions she was a pleasant enough person to have around. She had joined the auror academy three years before Tonks and had graduated bottom of her class. Her skills didn't lie in her magical strength but her intelligence when it came to outwitting her opponents.

Dumbledore grew serious and the brief moment of humour was gone. "We have to double our efforts in uncovering the death eaters in the muggle governments," he said solemnly. "Whatever it is that Voldemort has planned will definitely have something to do with the muggle weapons he stole. We will also have to alert the muggles to an imminent nuclear strike on their lands. Mr Cane, we must gather your men and find the potential targets Voldemort could strike upon."

Cane scoffed. "Voldemort is a mad man," he said. "Not even our best surviving analysts could predict where he could strike! It's been almost 6 months since this bloody war began and we've never come close to predicting his plans!"

"We always knew what the plan was Cane," Dumbledore said. "What we didn't know is how and when and thanks to young Mr Malfoy we now know that his attack will come soon and it will be definitely be of a nuclear magnitude. I cannot stress the importance of finding these bombs before they are detonated."

"And what if they are?" Madam Bones asked loudly. It was the question everyone had on their minds but were too afraid to say it.

In all his long years Dumbledore had never felt so helpless. "We cannot let it come to that," he said, his eyes devoid of emotion. He wasn't going to say it. He wasn't going to acknowledge the scenario of a world wasted by fire and ash. He wasn't!

"Our group of fighters maybe small but remember that we are fighting for everything that is good in this world. Don't lose hope and never give up!"

"Let's face it Albus," Emmeline Vance said glumly, "Right now we're nothing more than pests in front of Voldemort's army. No matter how good we are with a wand."

"If you think like that, then we've already lost," remarked Harry. "The day London was attacked by the dragon. I slaughtered at least a hundred death eaters. If Professor Dumbledore was there, he could have dealt with them even more efficiently."

"What's your point Potter?" asked Hestia.

"My point is that together we're a powerhouse. Have any of you seen star wars?"

The blank stares from ninety per cent of them answered his question. On the other hand, the muggleborns and the few muggles present understood.

"A dark lord takes over the entire universe," said Mr Austin, taking over from Harry. "He destroys, no decimates the Jedi, who are the peace keepers of the universe and in a more relevant way, us, but a few survive and go into hiding until they are strong enough to fight back. The dark lord rules the galaxy for decades but a small group of freedom fighters endure."

"So you're saying Voldemort is going to take over the world and we are going to live in fear for the rest of our lives!" exclaimed Bones.

"Listen to the whole story!" Harry snapped. "In the end the dark lord is slain, his army beaten and a new age dawns!"

Mr Austin nodded in agreement.

"These are dark times my friends," Dumbledore said quietly. "An entire country has been destroyed and the world could soon follow. I hope you understand the magnitude of those words. Don't be under the illusion that even if we do stop Voldemort that are lives are going to be the same. We must keep fighting no matter what."

"Fight and you can die with your honour or run away and watch the world burn like a coward," growled Moody. "It's your choice. Now if you'll excuse me. I have a pest to interrogate."

He stood up abruptly and slung Draco over his shoulder.

"Is there anything else Albus? Or do you want to continue your sermon?"

Sirius snorted.

"It was funny!" he said defensively when a dozen eyes glared at him.

"No matter," Dumbledore said. "You all know what you need to do," he said. "A patronus will be sent to you if there is an emergency. Mr Cane, if you would follow me."

"How come nobody discussed what went down in London and what has happened to it?" Harry asked Sirius.

"We told Dumbledore about it and he decided it was best not to mention it," Sirius whispered. "Molicorbus," he said pointing his wand at Blaise lifting him into the air and guiding his body in front of him as the left.

"Some of the members were told but if everyone realized what has been really happening behind the enemy lines, they would want to join with him and morale would take a big hit."

Harry frowned. "So we're lying to them," he said. "We're forcing them to fight for us."

"What would you have done?" asked Sirius. "Told them the truth and lose good fighters to the dark side?"

Harry was silent.

"Let Dumbledore handle the decision making and we'll focus on surviving," he said wrapping his arm around his godson's shoulder affectionately. "Now tell me what possessed you to act like an idiot and enter an arena full of wizards, vampires and Voldemort himself!"

Harry grinned, "I was counting on the element of surprise," he said. "And it worked."

Sirius retracted his arm and gaped. "That's it? That was your plan!?"

"Meh, what's done is done."

Sirius gaped. "You could have been killed Harry!" he exclaimed.

"We can be killed or worse at any time Sirius," Harry retorted. "But I know that if I go down, I'll take down half their army before I am put down."

"Don't overestimate yourself Harry," Sirius said seriously. "You might have killed those vampires easily but a vampire's strength is cut down by half in the day. At night they hold an immense advantage over any wizard."

"Sirius being serious," Harry joked, ignoring the warning. "It doesn't suit you at all."

They finally came to a dormitory and Sirius dropped Blaise on one of the beds. "You going to wait for him to wake up or?"

"I'm going out," Harry said. "This new headquarters stinks."

Sirius turned into his animagus form and sniffed before turning back. "It's extremely musty that's all," he said.

Harry rolled his eyes. "That's not what I meant. Why did we have to relocate to a freaking desert!?" he complained. "If Dumbledore preferred the cover of extreme climates than wouldn't the North or South Pole be a better option?"

"For you maybe," Sirius agreed. "Not for the rest of us. For everyone else it brings a sense of security. Above is the most dangerous magical pyramid in existence. Plus it is quite cool on the inside so I don't know what you're complaining about."

"We're living below a tomb Sirius," Harry snorted derisively. "I don't know about you but living under a tomb of a mad queen is freaky. We're living humans, not dead ones! We could have made an impenetrable HQ anywhere else in the world too."

"Dumbledore chose this place because of its wards," Sirius said. "Plus who would expect us to relocate under a pyramid with the added protection of fidelius!"

Harry scowled. "We could have made a base in Antarctica too," he said stubbornly. "I could have created an awesome igloo in minutes."

Sirius patted Harry on the back mockingly and Harry swiped his hand away irritably. "Who knows," Sirius said. "Maybe we can build a base there too."

"I'm getting out of here," Harry muttered, he was tired. He left gave a one finger salute to Sirius and left.

Narrow and low corridors combined with the idea of having a massive pyramid over his head did not suit Harry. There was also the added worry that the spirit of the queen could be awoken and she could get angry at them for making her tomb their home and curse them to oblivion. It would definitely save Voldemort the trouble of doing it himself.

There was two ways in and out. One was the special floo they installed from the Beauxbaton and the other was an invisible magical doorway leading straight to the desert. Harry would rather stand under the burning sun rather than stay inside this place they called HQ.

He navigated his way through the maze of corridors and was careful to avoid the places marked with a big X. Those were traps and one toe over that line was enough to send a person to his death.

Harry muttered expletives under his breath. As if it wasn't enough that they were being hunted on the outside, they had to be careful of being killed on the inside too.

He stopped abruptly as he ascended a flight of stairs and turned to his left and simply walked through the wall. A slight ripple in the air indicated that there was, in fact, a doorway present and Harry stepped out into the desert.

It was dry, too dry.

The sun was beating down with a vengeance and white sand stretched on for miles all around him. All the water that his body required was being sucked out and he could almost feel his skin shrivelling up like a dead leaf. Harry quickly reached out to his core and water began to stick to his body providing some comfort to him.

The pyramid was nowhere to be seen and he conjured a red flag and thrust it into the ground in front of the doorway since it was invisible and undetectable after all.

Harry closed his eyes and winced as the wind picked up pace and blew hot sand into his face.

"That was unpleasant," he muttered but it was better than staying underground. He still could not figure out why Dumbledore chose such a place. Surely there were hundreds of more isolated locations to pick out!

He sighed and shook his head to clear his mind. There was no point in dwelling on the eccentricities of Albus Dumbledore.

He held out his hand and the water which was just sitting on his skin began to rise up ignoring the concept of gravity and ice began to form accompanied with the crackling sound associated with its formation. Harry closed his eyes and pictured the object he wanted it to form into; a beach chair and an umbrella.

He grinned broadly when he opened his eyes. Beach items made of ice in the middle of the desert and he was all alone. It was brilliant.

He lay down and groaned when his skin hissed on contact with the ice. "God this is blissful," he sighed. He had to spit out sand after that for a gust of wind had blown some into his face again.

"That is not," he muttered after that and created a sort of wind breaker in front of him to protect his face. As he closed his eyes he found himself reflecting on the last six months. He had seen his fair share of death, traumatized victims and destruction. At first he had felt sick having to watch it all but now, dare he say it or even think it; he was beginning to enjoy the high that battle brought to him. The adrenaline rush that taking a life brought was unlike anything he had ever felt. It was hard to look stoic and disturbed in front of the others but it was necessary for if they actually saw his true feelings they would seriously think he was demented!

He briefly wondered if all this fighting was turning him into a psychopath before crushing the thought. He was capable of feeling and he wasn't addicted to taking lives. "I'm just not repulsed by it anymore," he said out loud in an effort to convince the tiny part of him wasn't being convinced.

He sighed and looked at the sky through his ice umbrella. It was beginning to melt because of the heat and he sent more power into his sculptures giving them more strength to resist the temperature.


Harry frowned. Did someone just call him out? That was impossible. There was no one out here and no one had come through the door too.

"Hey Harry!"

He heard it again and got up. Was this heat enough to make him hallucinate?

"Over here!"

Harry looked it the direction he supposed the sound was coming and his eyes widened as he recognized her.

Lillian was panting hard by the time she reached him but there was a big relieved smile on her. "Am I glad to see you!" she gasped. "When did you get back?"

Harry frowned. "How did you get here?" he asked her as his eyes raked over her appearance. She was wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt and was completely drenched in sweat. He found it extremely attractive.

"I came out here a while back and I got lost!" she exclaimed.

"Lost?" Harry repeated. "You got lost? How dumb are you!?"

Lillian blushed under Harry's incredulous look. "I was enjoying myself," she defended. "As soon as I got out by entire body felt like I had been given a large dose of life and energy!"

Harry looked around at the desolate surroundings. It was scalding hot, there was sand everywhere and the very air above the ground seemed to be rippling in front of him. He could see what she meant. This kind of atmosphere was paradise for her.

"Nice chair by the way," she added grinning.

Harry ignored her. "Care to tell me how you got lost? What would you have done if I hadn't showed up?"

Lillian's face turned redder. "I…. umm... I would have found my way back somehow," she said avoiding his eyes.

Harry snorted and lay back on his chair. "Well I was having a nice time before you interrupted me so do you mind?"

Lillian rolled her eyes and drew her wand.

Harry watched her curiously as she scrunched up her eyes in concentration and began to weave her wand through the air in a particular pattern. He recognized it as a transfiguration spell.

The sand in front of her began to rise and slowly take the shape of a shape of a beach chair similar to Harry's. She then flicked her wand sharply and the sand was transfigured into a wooden beach chair although it looked a little feeble.

Lillian's eyes shined in triumph.

Harry was amused at the feeble transfiguration. He drew his own wand and tapped the chair transforming it into a sturdier version and then he smirked at his fellow elemental.

"That's how you do it Ms Austin," he drawled.

Lillian huffed and sat on the chair. "Well not all of us can grasp magic the way you do," she grumbled. "Some of us have to actually practice and work hard before we can execute a difficult spell."

Harry felt his ego swell and despite his best efforts his lips curled upwards to form a very smug smile.

Lillian saw this and narrowed her eyes, "Don't let it get to your head Potter," she warned. "You might be a natural at magic but you're terrible at everything else."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Give me an example."

"Socializing, making friends, being nice, respecting elders, well you get my point," she said ticking away at an imaginary list. "There's a lot more I'm sure but I can't be bothered to remember them all. Not when the weather is so bloody brilliant."

"Your list is made of all things that mean absolutely nothing in my book," Harry retorted. "I respect those who deserve to be respected, I don't befriend idiots, I am nice and who says I don't socialize. Besides, what good is socializing while a war is going on?"

"It's not important now but it is important," she said. "Back in Hogwarts people used to be afraid to go and even talk to you! Did you known that Romilda Vane wanted to invite you to their club but was too afraid to go even 10 feet near you!?"

"You mean that ridiculous club which used to send stalker messages to famous people!?"

"Well yes," Lillian said, "But that's not the point!"

"If your point was for me to be violated by an overly obsessive thirteen year old who, by the way, would have been eleven at the time, then I glad those idiots found me unapproachable!"

"You're such a grouch," Lillian grumbled.

"Why are you even here," Harry said irritably. "You're ruining my peace."

"I'm out because if I'm in those annoying women will find something silly for me to do," she sighed. Harry could sense the supressed anger in her. "I'm out because by body craves for something to do and sitting inside and waiting for the world to end is something only the powerless should do and I am NOT powerless."

"So what's stopping you?" he asked her.

"My dad," she replied after a moment's hesitation.

Harry snorted. "Did I miss something?" Lillian asked him testily.

"You have magic in you, you control one of the most dangerous elements out there and just because your dad says so, you become so helpless?"

"It's called respecting your elders Harry," Lillian said quietly. "He is my father and he cares about me."

"And look where that got you," Harry said. "You're frustrated and confined."

Lillian was silent.

"But maybe you're right to listen to your father. I don't think you have the stomach to fight in a war."

"And you do!?" she shot back.

"Yes," was the strong and confident response. "I've been in it for the past 6 months."

The light hearted atmosphere that was building around them was suddenly reminded that even though everything seemed fine right now, people were dying almost every minute of the day.

"Is there any hope of stopping him," she asked quietly, her emotions bubbling through. "Every day more and more muggles keep pouring in. Are we ever going to go back to the way things were?"

"No, probably not," Harry said truthfully.

"Where were you this past week? I asked Dumbledore and he just gave me that annoying grandfatherly smile and politely told me to mind my own business," she said sounding very annoyed.

"I," he began hesitantly before stopping. Should he tell her? A part of him felt like everyone deserved to know the truth and another part which felt Dumbledore's decision was the right one. They were better off not knowing.


Harry made his decision. "We infiltrated London."

Lillian gasped.

"And Voldemort has remodelled the entire city," he said grimly.

"How bad is it?" she whispered in dread her mind racing to the scenes of few horror movies she had seen.

"Bad!?" Harry snorted. "It's not bad. In fact it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!"

Harry let out a breath as he recalled the sight of the floating castle. "On first glance it looked like a medieval magical and prosperous city."


"Exactly," Harry said. "Everything that Voldemort has done will only convince all the magical being out there to come and join him. He has destroyed everything that was muggle and built an entire city from scratch."

"You have got to be kidding me," she said in disbelief.

"Believe it," Harry said bitterly. "What made us realize that this was actually the work of a dark lord were the armies of vampires and werewolves that were being bred away from the city."

Lillian's eyes were wide as she processed Harry's words and their full impact hit her.

"Those attacks that have been occurring all over Europe are just a teaser of what is to come. You said you want to fight, well you don't have to wait long."

"What about the people," she asked quietly. "Britain has a population of almost sixty million people!"

Harry looked her in the eye, "The people at Beauxbaton are all that's left."

"No way. That's impossible!" she cried. "You can just wipe out that many people of the map!" Her heart was racing. Her friends back home were dead? Her relatives, her old school teachers, her old life… it was all gone? Deep in her heart, from the moment parts of Britain became inaccessible, she knew. She knew they could be dead but she always kept hope that it wasn't true. A hope that they were still ignorant of the magical world and their lives were unaffected by the war that was descending on the world.

"How can it be?" she whispered, tears flowing freely.

Harry laid a hand on her shoulder. "This is what war is Lillian," he said softly. "And sooner or later you're going to be in it. Treasure this pseudo freedom that you have right now. Soon it will all be gone unless a miracle happens."

"You're that miracle Harry," she said wiping her eyes. "I haven't forgotten what the Nicolas had said. Only you can kill Voldemort."

"Lillian," Harry said. "And I'm not going to let you do it alone," she interrupted. The tears stopped and a steady resolve began to grow in her eyes. "Maybe you're the only one who can end him, but I'm going to be there when we bring him to his knees."

"I thought your dad forbid you from participating in this war," Harry mocked light heartedly though he was touched on the inside. She was the second to say such words to him and they struck a chord deep within him, very deep within. "What happened to respecting your elder's wishes?"

Lillian laughed and stared into his eyes. "The war is going to come to us whether we like it or not is it not? No matter what my dad hopes for we are going to be involved sooner or later aren't we?" she whispered.

Harry nodded stiffly.

"Then I think my decision's made," she murmured.

Harry felt something stir in him as she spoke. His heart started beating faster and for some reason her eyes were drawing him in. What was happening?

He was saved from those unusual feelings when a huge dog patronus came bounding up to him.

"Sirius," he cried out in relief.

"Where are you? Come to Beauxbaton, Ms Austin has gone missing."

Harry grinned when he heard the message.

"What did it say?" Lillian asked curiously.

"You're officially a missing person now," he teased. "How long have been out here!?"

"Shit!" she said panicking. "I completely forgot to tell anyone that I was here!"

Harry shook his head ruefully. "Freckles, sometimes I wonder why I even put up with your stupidity."

"I just forgot alright!" she snapped. "Now come on, let's go."

"What would you have done if I hadn't showed up?"

"Then I'd have to flame all the way to Beauxbaton," she said, hurrying towards the red flag Harry had put up. Dumbledore had warned them against using any form of magic to travel through the wards of the Pyramid except for the special floo that he had installed. "But covering that much distance would have left me exhausted for a good six hours."

Harry chuckled as Lillian stepped through the invisible door and Harry followed a second later after vanishing the flag.


One Week Later

An old man, hooded and cloaked, made his way through a forest filled with all manners of dangerous creatures. He was filthy and his clothes were torn but he had a very pleased smile plastered to his face.

This man was Albus Dumbledore and he had finally managed to locate his beloved school, Hogwarts. Voldemort had put some clever wards similar to that of the fidelius but after two months of constant searching Dumbledore had found it and he was happy.

His mood changed when he was the rotting remains of a once magnificent dragon at the iron gates and he felt saddened by what Voldemort had reduced this creature to. But once he entered the castle grounds what he saw inside made every fibre of his body burn with fury.

Hundreds of death eaters in training were lined up side by side in a single form and each one of them had a living target in front of them. A creature to practice and perfect their spells on and almost all the creatures were centaurs and merpeople. All of them were screaming themselves raw as the death eaters tortured them and the air around the castle stank of death and darkness. Near the entrance of the castle, there was a rising pile of bodies. It was the result of endless and mindless torture.

Dumbledore let the rage inside him grow until a pulse of magic exploded out of him and everyone in the vicinity stopped their activities.

"Who are you!?" shouted one of the leaders pointing his wand at what seemed to be a fragile old man.

Dumbledore ignored them and with a slight shake of his shoulders, his cloak fell to the ground revealing him.

"It's Dumbledore!" cried one of the death eaters in panic as they laid eyes on the white clad wizard. Dumbledore was the picture perfect image of the light but his magic and eyes told another story. They screamed revenge and vengeance.

"This is what you've been training for men!" screamed their leader. "Kill him!"

"I'm not going to forgive you," Dumbledore whispered slowly walking towards them. Each step forward he took, inspired more fear into his opponents. They could feel his anger and magic pressing down on them from all sides as the fired spell after spell at him but strangely not even one seemed to be on target.

The sky started darkening as storm clouds began to gather unnaturally fast and the wind began to pick up speed. The stones beneath their feet began to vibrate and terror began to seep into their souls. Dumbledore's visage seemed to grow larger before their eyes as he got closer to them.

"Kill him!" screamed the leader shielding his face against the sharpness of the wind and he was down on his knees unable to move. What none of them had realized is that all this was an illusion created by Dumbledore's intent alone.

"Silence," Dumbledore commanded and everything stopped. There was utter silence in the ground. Nobody dared to breathe. Some of them had passed out and most of them were on all fours with their terrified eyes locked with Dumbledore's.

This was the man who had fought and defeated Grindelwald. It was a man Dumbledore had hoped never to see again. It was a man capable of going toe to toe with Lord Voldemort and emerge the victor.

Dumbledore had brought them all down without lifting a finger. He reached up to the leader and lifted his chin up.

"P-please," he whispered as he looked into those cold blue eyes.

And then Dumbledore flicked his wand. Twigs, vines and roots burst out of the ground and with great speeds they began to warp themselves around the death eater's necks. They were helpless to stop it. All they could do was scream and beg for mercy but that too stopped as their air supply was ruthlessly cut off. Dumbledore was not feeling merciful at all. He wanted vengeance.

The headmaster watched dispassionately as the roots began twisting and twirling around each other forming a single massive rope and shot towards the astronomy tower hauling the all the death eaters into the sky at once.

It was a mass hanging. Dumbledore kept his eyes fixed until the last of the twitching bodies came to a halt and all that remained was a large cluster of bodies stacked together and hanging lifelessly from the highest point of Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore had slaughtered over a hundred witches and wizards in a cold fury.

He looked at the ones he had spared. The ones whose mind he had touched and found revulsion instead of enjoyment.

They looked barely out of school and were altering between staring at the bodies above them and the headmaster in fear. "Sleep," Dumbledore said softly and all of them slumped to the ground unconscious.

The silence that followed was deafening.

A centaur trotted to him and placed his hand on the old man's shoulders. The centaur was badly injured and few of his fingers were missing.

"Thank you Albus," he said hoarsely. "Thank you for delivering justice upon these vile creatures." All the creatures that were still alive slowly and painfully pushed themselves to their feet and there was gratitude written all over their faces. Dumbledore had saved them from certain death.

"This wasn't justice," Dumbledore said quietly. "This was murder." His mind was flashing back to scenes from the past when his sister had died.

"These men have killed more than hundreds of our kin for sport," said one of the mermen. "They used us like objects to practice their craft on and the only justice such folk deserve is death."

Dumbledore straightened his back as his brief period of guilt passed. "Will you be alright?"

"Yes," replied one of the centaurs. "Do what you came here to do Albus. Hogwarts needs to be saved."

"Will you join us?"

"You know our laws Albus," said the centaur. The merpeople had already begun to carry their dead and retreat into the lake. They had no want to take part in this war and were going to leave the black lake first thing after they recovered and move to the homes of their ancestors. They wanted to be far away from the reach of Lord Voldemort.

"Voldemort will not leave you alone," Dumbledore warned.

The centaur smiled. "The stars guide our path Albus," he said. "Before I depart take heed to the words the heavens command me to impart to you. He will fall to darkness before the end."

A chill ran down Dumbledore's spine. He had a rough idea who the centaur was talking about. "Is there a way to stop it?"

"There is always a way my friend," said the centaur mysteriously. "Leave our kin, we will be back to send them on the journey to meet our ancestors." And like shadows at noon they disappeared into the forest leaving Dumbledore surrounded by corpses. They had left and Dumbledore felt a terrible weight settle on his shoulders. If only he could go back in time and stop his younger self from ever introducing Tom Riddle to the wizarding world.

"He would have become a menace in the muggle world instead," said a small voice in his mind. Albus heaved a sigh and brought down the bodies he had strung up and transfigured them into little coins before banishing them into the forest. They would turn back in a couple of hours and the Threstels and all other manners of creatures could feast on them. They didn't deserve a burial.

The bodies of the other dead creatures he buried next to the forest with a heavy heart. He then summoned a large rock and after a few modifications a large unmarred marble tomb stone was erected on the grave.

He stood there for a moment to pay his respects and then headed to the castle's entrance. He found it odd to find the castle so silent and dead. Where were the ghosts? Where was Peeves? Was Filch murdered? What about the teachers who remained in the castle? What had Voldemort done with them?

Questions about the school continued to grow in his mind but for now he focused on his current job. The title of headmaster of Hogwarts was more than just a title. It had powerful magic behind it and came with knowledge about the castle. Hogwarts was not just a school. It was also a fortress when the time called for it.

"I, Albus Dumbledore, command Hogwarts to open."

He was at the lowest level in the castle standing on a spot on the floor that could easily be dismissed as dirt unless you knew better and as he said the words, like a completed jigsaw puzzle being pulled apart, the floor beneath his feet began to shift. Dumbledore stood still as the section he was standing on began to sink.

He felt a tingle of magic pass through him as he sunk into the ground and was surrounded by darkness.

"SPEAK!" thundered a powerful voice. Something about the voice just told him that it was Gyffindor.

Dumbledore spoke the motto of the school, "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus." And as silent as a laminar flow of water, a pillar rose in front of him. There were four crystals placed at four corners on it and each had the colour and crest of one founder.

Taking a deep breath Dumbledore set to work. He had to infuse each crystal with magic to active all the wards and that required immense amounts of magic. Gently he placed the tip of his wand on the top of the green crystal. At first nothing happened but suddenly he felt his magic being sucked into the crystal violently. He gasped and quickly grabbed onto the pillar for support.

He closed his eyes and focused on easing the flow of magic. He had to be careful else the crystals would suck him dry.


"Would you look at this," grumbled Tim Moth, a tall, thin and balding software engineer to his wife. It was early in the morning and whatever news came on the television only disgusted him. "First that debacle with the nuclear bombs in Britain and now this!"

That was the official lie the world governments had decided to feed the people. Britain had gone up in flames after the accidental detonation of nuclear bombs in transit. It was a simple and efficient lie which most people accepted without question but those who were knowledgeable about such bombs knew it was impossible for a single bomb to wipe out the entire country. Of course that didn't stop the global economy from crashing and it definitely didn't stop the people from protesting against having such weapons of mass destruction. It other words it had become very hard to be capable of standing on your own two feet if you were at the bottom of the food chain.

"Don't get so worked up Tim," she said, while cracking a couple of eggs in the frying pan. "Those terrorists will be stopped soon, don't worry about it. You just focus on making enough dough for our vacation."

"But Meg, we don't have enough to go to Berlin! With this war mentality that our government has suddenly been infected and with the economy in shambles our pay has been cut drastically!"

"You promised me a vacation Tim!" snapped his wife. "And if I don't get one this year, you'll find my lawyer crawling up your ass."

"You're going to threaten me with divorce when you know what kind of shit we are in? I was lucky enough to keep my job you know that!" he exclaimed. "Do you even love me anymore!?"

"A husband who doesn't even take his wife on a honeymoon doesn't deserve love," she growled brandishing her ladle threateningly.

Tim eyed the steel ladle in her hand warily. Now might not be the best time to anger her.

Suddenly there was a high pitched noise from the television and the lady babbling about the new reforms put in place by the government was replaced by a man. The man was strikingly handsome and he was sitting in a throne.

"Hello," he said charmingly.

"What's this shit now?" wondered Tim aloud.

"My name is lord Voldemort and I am a wizard."

"This some new series?" asked his wife, bewildered.

"This is a worldwide broadcast and I am here to make a very special and joyous announcement." Voldemort paused for dramatic effect and then said, "I am responsible for the complete and utter annihilation of Great Britain."

"I knew it!" gasped Tim. "I knew it was a terrorist attack! They took out the English and now they're targeting us!"

"Tim shut up and listen!" shouted his wife.

"Now I have a desire to rid this word of non-magical folk like you and for your benefit I'm giving all of you fifteen minutes to surrender and I shall consider not destroying you."

Voldemort smiled chillingly, his eyes sparkling with sadistic humour.

"Have a good day now," he said and the broadcast turned to static.

Tim turned to his wife with horror stricken eyes.

"Oh don't look so petrified Tim," snorted his wife. "This was just some silly advert by Hollywood."

Fifteen minutes later she would wish it were.


Deep in the heart of Scotland a bastion for the light was recovered and the world plunged into darkness.