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Chapter 3: Going Nuclear

Panic, it was the only way to describe the climate in the resistance. Harry and Lillian forcefully navigated through the alarming crowd that had gathered in the headquarters. Harry had received an urgent patronus from Sirius for a meeting and Lillian, who was with him at the time, had decided to accompany him.

"Move," Harry snarled at someone who almost knocked him down. Two minutes had been wasted trying to get to the briefing room and the tone of the message had been very pressing.

"What's going on?" Lillian asked worriedly as she stuck close to the slightly taller frame of Harry. People constantly went in and out of the briefing room and it seemed they were getting constant orders from the inside. Whatever seemed to the problem it was clear that it was nothing but bad news.

It was clear that whatever the issue was, it had dismantled everyone's sense of calm.

"What's going on!?" Harry shouted as he fought his way to Sirius.

"Voldemort just gave an ultimatum to the muggle world," Sirius said.

"What!?" cried Harry, his eyes widening in shock. "When?!"

"About ten minutes ago. It was broadcast all over the world," he said solemnly.

Where was Dumbledore, thought Harry worriedly. This was big and they needed the headmaster to make everyone think rationally. He glanced around and saw Moody shouting orders around while patronuses flew around like candy on Halloween.

"What did he say?" Lillian asked.

Sirius was surprised to see her. "Does your father know you're here?" he began while glancing at the man in question who was in a heated conversation with Cane and Bones.

"What did he say?" repeated Harry.

"Fifteen minutes to destruction and it's been twelve minutes now. Dumbledore's not here and there's no one to take charge of things," he said helplessly gesturing around him.

Harry's eyes widened.

"He's going to go nuclear!?" Harry said aghast. Where was Dumbledore!?

"Possibly?" Sirius said grimly.

"What about our people searching for the weapons?"

"Moody just ordered everyone back to Beauxbaton. If we haven't found anything yet, we aren't going to be able to do much in another three minutes."

Harry was unable to get his tongue to form words. Was the situation so hopeless!? He prayed they were in time. Patronus messages travelled at incredible speeds and he hoped against hope that they were in time. They could not afford to lose their numbers. Not now.

Every eye in the room was riveted to the single clock on the wall as the seconds went by. 30 seconds, 10 and then it was time.

The tension in the air was unbearable and not one person moved a muscle.

Had Voldemort done it? Had he detonated the nuclear weapons? Where were the teams out there? Did they get the messages in time? Where was Dumbledore!?

The same questions repeated in everyone's mind over and over again as they waited and waited for some sort of news.

Their hearts nearly leaped out of their mouths when Rufus Scrimegoer burst into the room. His expression was forbidding and instantly they knew it was bad news.

"Did everyone get out in time?" Bones asked immediately, her voice reflecting her anxiety.

"Where Albus?" he growled instead.

"Not here," answered Harry. "Did it happen?"

Scrimgeour didn't like that fact that he had to answer a boy barely into his teens but seeing the looks on everyone else's face he yielded.

"No bombs of nuclear magnitude have gone off," he said and relief flooded everyone's hearts.

"However!" he added, interrupting the tiny moment of joy, "According to Mr Cane's general, every nuclear reactor in the world has just begun to go critical."

"Oh my god," whispered Cane, his eyes wide in horror. This was even worse.

"Voldemort's going after our most important resource," gasped Mr Granger and those aware of the words 'nuclear reactor going critical' paled drastically.

"No wonder we found nothing," Bones said, clenching her fists. "He never bothered with the governments!"

"What do we do?" Mr Austin asked, trying his very best not to panic. At the same time the Tonks came into the room looking very stressed.

"Where's Dumbledore," she asked immediately.

Harry took the center stage. "He's not here and it seems like he's busy elsewhere. Mr Cane," Harry said sharply addressing the once high ranking official. "Is there any way to stop a reactor from going critical?"

Cane licked his dry lips. "A reactor going critical means that the fuel is not being cooled which will result in steady temperature rise and could result in an explosion," he said nervously. "The explosion will send a massive cloud of radiation in all directions which is deadly to humans. Another scenario is that the containment core has been breached and radiation starts to leak. Or Voldemort could have caused an explosion inside the core leading to the reaction becoming unstable."

"Is the radiation harmful?" Diggle squeaked.

Harry resisted the urge to smack the man.

"It will kill you and even if you live it will make sure your descendants will be affected too. We cannot let this happen!" Bones cried out loud.

"Is there a way to stop it Cane?" Moody growled.

Cane shrugged helplessly. "It depends on what was the means for the meltdown in the first place."

"Is there a way to stop it regardless!?"

An epiphany hit Harry. "Would freezing the core or the whole plant itself work?"

Cane shrugged again and Harry's temper rose. He too was on the edge here and Cane defeatist attitude was not helping!

"Oh for merlin's sake!" he shouted. "Contact one of your men who does know about these things and find out! WE DON'T HAVE TIME!"

There were more than five hundred such reactors in the world and for all of them to fail. Harry shuddered. The loss of life would be astronomical and that was exactly what Voldemort wanted.

"In the mean time I want everyone and I mean everyone to start evacuating muggles out of the danger zone," he said.

"I don't think we should be making that decision," Vance said. "We should wait for Dumbledore." A few agreed with her.

"Dumbledore is not here," Harry growled. "And if he's not here that means he's out there doing something to help us. Now stop you whining and get moving!"

"Now listen here you!" barked another person Harry knew by face but not by name.

Harry was having none of it. "Enough!" he shouted and his magic began to ripple out of him. He was only 5'6'' in height and not very muscular or strong looking but at the moment he suddenly seemed like a giant whose presence was filling the entire room.

"Moody," Harry called. "I want you to send a three member team to each location. Start placing muggle repelling wards around the reactor and the populated areas around them to force them out and add a calming ward as well. Panic will only make things harder."

"Voldemort could unleash his army as well Potter. What about them?" asked the auror, who, for some reason seemed to be pleased that Harry was taking command.

"Do not engage them. Whichever team encounters an army of vampires or werewolves should get the hell out and call for back up. If you're too late to stop the reactor get the hell out. Don't risk your lives right now. The time for that will come. Go back to Beauxbaton and start sending out the teams. Sirius, Lillian and I will form a team and meet you there," Harry said. "Now go!"

"What!?" exclaimed Mr Austin when he heard the last few words. "Mary? What are you doing here!?"

"I'm going to fight dad," she said resolutely. Around them Moody was shepherding everyone out of the HQ and to the school.

"Absolutely not!" he shouted. "Have you forgotten our chat young lady?" he said threateningly.

"I have not and I don't care anymore," she bit back. "I am strong dad and I will be a valuable asset in battle. I love you and I know you want to protect me but this time you can't."

Harry and Sirius watched the exchange quietly.

"Mary this is not your war!"

"I'm sorry dad," she said, her eyes shining with half formed tears. "But you have let go. Whether you like it or not we are all part of this war now and my power refuses to let me stand by and do nothing."

"I'm sorry," she said again and then sent a stunner into his gut. She felt crushed at the look of betrayal in her father's eyes and as Sirius reacted quickly to catch the falling man, she turned away and buried her face in Harry's shoulder before bursting into tears.

War suddenly took a back seat as Harry gaped at the sobbing girl who had decided to use his shirt as a tissue. He turned to Sirius for help but the older man just grinned. "I'm taking Robert back; you handle Lillian and make it fast. We don't have time."

Harry stared around the now empty room helplessly. "There there," he said uncomfortably. "You did what needed to be done."

Lillian cried harder and Harry was beginning to feel his shirt getting damp.

"Alright that's enough," he said loudly and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her away. Her tear filled reddened eyes came in contact with his and Harry felt his heart soften. Whatever harsh words he intended to use on her just died in his throat and instead he gave her a feeble smile.

"Now is not the time for this Lillian," he said gently. "We have work to do and I think you should save your tears for later because there's going to be a lot more of them."

"I can't believe I stunned my dad," she whimpered. "I just attacked my own father," she said in disbelief and pain.

Harry couldn't help the pang of guilt that touched his heart. It was his fault in a way. "Listen, Mary," he said gently wiping the tears from her cheek. "Your dad loves you and I'm sure he understands why you did what you did. In his heart he just couldn't bear the fact that his daughter was going to be jumping head first into a dangerous war. No parent would want their only child to experience such a thing. But it was inevitable so let's get rid of the tears and go and help the people who need it."

It was like looking at a lost puppy, thought Harry. A very pretty lost puppy, his mind added.

Her tears stopped and she wiped her eyes with the hem of her shirt. Harry looked everywhere but her exposed navel. "You're right," she said sniffing. "And I sorry about that breakdown," she added. "It won't happen again."

"Make sure it doesn't," he said wryly.

"Let's go," she said, determination steeling her voice and Harry smiled.



Dumbledore stirred. He had collapsed on the cold floor and he was shivering. Weakly he opened his eyes and wondered where he was before the preceding events of the night came rushing back to him. The entire room was bathed in light and when Dumbledore looked up to the crystals, each and every one of them was glowing as bright as the morning sun. He found it difficult to keep his eyes on them but his heart swelled with relief when he realized that he was not dead because of magical exhaustion and all the crystals were fully charged and he would feel the power of the wards.

They were incredible and it was like nothing he had felt before. He was, however, very weak and needed some nourishment.

"Twinky," he called weakly. An instant later there was pop and a little house elf was standing before him with an expression of happiness.

"Master is back!" the elf squeaked. "Master had gone and bad wizards come to the castle!"

Dumbledore smiled. "Well I'm back now and the castle is safe," he said kindly.

"What can Twinky be doing for the master?"

"I need you to take me to my office and bring be some food Twinky. Can you do that for me?"

"Of course master!" Twinky said, sounding a little offended that his master had to even doubt him.

"Thank you my friend," Dumbledore said chuckling and stuck his hand out for the elf to take a hold off. The elf snapped its fingers and disappeared with a pop along with the headmaster.

The first thing Dumbledore noticed when he arrived in his office was the plethora of patronuses that had surrounded him and one by one they relayed the same message.

"Albus! Voldemort has made his move. We need you!"

"Albus, Voldemort has just given the muggles an ultimatum! He is going to destroy them he said! Where are you!?"

Dumbledore felt the blood drain from his body. What had Voldemort done they did not say! Had he detonated those terrible weapons? Heart growing heavy he waited for Twinky's return. He needed his strength back before he could do anything else.

"Hurry Twinky!" he thought urgently.


London; 3 hours since the broadcast

"Phase one has begun my lord."

Voldemort was in one of the many balconies in his castle overviewing his magical city. "Every last one of them?" he asked.

"Yes my lord."

"Good," he said, pleased. "Start moving the bombs to their targets."

"My lord," Lucius said hesitantly. "What about the Order? Shouldn't we take them out too?"

"Not yet," Voldemort said smirking. "I want to give them a chance to join me before I decide to get rid of them. Magic is precious Lucius and we should not kill those capable of wielding it without a thought."

What about my son, thought Lucius bitterly and unfortunately Voldemort caught that thought.

"You betrayed my faith Lucius," Voldemort hissed. "Be glad I didn't do worse and you know I could have."

Lucius immediately went to his knees. "Forgive me my lord."

"Start moving the bombs before I change my mind Lucius," he said. "And don't forget our muggle scientists. We need them to arm the bombs."

"Should we kill them after they are done?" Lucius asked.

"Bring them back," Voldemort said surprising the blond.

"My Lord?" Lucius said incredulously.

"We might need them later," Voldemort said chuckling. "They have much more work to do before they are allowed to embrace death."

Lucius didn't ask any more questions.

"Go now," Voldemort commanded and Lucius instantly disapparated with a resounding crack.

Voldemort disliked, no, he absolutely hated resorting to using the muggles weapons but he had no choice. If he had things his way and that creature didn't exist inside him, he would have used the darkest of magics to rain destruction on the muggle world. But it was not to be.

His mind moved on to the elemental. The power that boy had was incredible and he wanted it. Having such a force beside him would truly be wonderful. He had placed vampires near all the power plants and he hoped that this silver eyed demon would show up.

A shiver of thrill ran through him as he imagined how magnificent the encounter would be. The powers of an elemental pitted against his own! It would be a sight to behold. He only hoped that the vampires would not be stupid enough to attack him or worse, kill him. He wanted to give the elemental a chance to join him.

Voldemort sighed as he idly watched the rest of his army being armed. Once the bombs went off, his army would be unleashed and then would come the time to deal with Dumbledore. He wanted the old man to feel utter defeat before he killed him. That was another battle he was looking forward to. The temptation of using dark magic threatened to overcome him every day but somehow he resisted. He released most of that tension by slaughtering muggles deep inside his dungeons every day. The sweet smell of death always calmed his addiction.

He looked further into the distance where the goblins were readying an army of their own. Utter disgust clouded his mind when he thought of those vile creatures. Their time would come, he thought maliciously. But for now, their uses were plenty and he was happy to keep things that way.

His mind wandered to Hogwarts and he wondered why Bletchley had not reported yet. He put a reminder in his mind to send Avery or Yaxley to check up on him. He only hoped that fool hadn't taken the recruits for another excursion into the forest.

The sudden gust of wind behind him alerted him to the presence of a vampire.

"What news?"

"Ninety percent of the power plants have experienced full meltdowns and radiation clouds are spreading as we speak. Three plants in America were shut down in time by Dumbledore's men. Our people attempted to engage them but they escaped. Six plants in Europe were stopped, however at the Gragenrheinfeld power plant in Germany, not only was the core encased in ice, all the vampires in the area were dead too.

Voldemort's body went still.

"What did you say?" he asked dangerously.

"It seems our people engaged the elemental and they were killed," the vampire said, not reacting to the anger building in the dark lord.

"Did I not make my orders clear?!" Voldemort hissed furiously as his wand slipped into his hand.

"Our Lords orders take priority over your own My Lord," said the vampire.

Rage clouded Voldemort's mind and he wanted nothing more than to cut the vampire in front of him into tiny pieces and feed them to the werewolves, however he restrained himself with great effort. It would not do good to dice up one of the Count's aides.

"Get out of my sight," Voldemort spat. The Count and he needed have a nice chat.



Harry and Lillian emerged one after the other from the floo and quickly hurried to the entrance of the school. There was visible surge of activity in the school. Students were being shepherded, presumably to the entrance hall and there was an air of excitement building around them. They didn't know what was going on, only that the war and stepped up.

"Ignorant fools!" thought Harry angrily. "Come on Freckles!" he said loudly, breaking into a run.

"How many times must I say it," she began. "Don't call me that. My freckles aren't even that visible!"

"You'll always be freckles to me freckles," Harry said teasingly and he ducked to avoid the swipe of her hand.

"Mary," someone shouted as the neared the entrance way. "Mary!"

Harry turned around and spotted two people he did not want to see.

"It's your entourage," he said sarcastically. "Don't tell them anything."

"Hermione, Ron!" she yelled out beckoning them over.

Harry saw Sirius waiting for them and increased his pace. The sooner they left the better.

"Has everyone left Sirius?" Harry asked quickly.

"They've gone and most of them are back too. Cane is coordinating their moments for now but we need Dumbledore desperately. Saying the situation is bad doesn't do it justice. Fifty per cent of the reactors have already blown sky high and it's only a matter of time before the rest are gone too."

"Where did McGonagall assign us? Is the portkey ready?"

Sirius held up a red sock.

"Lillian let's go!" yelled Sirius. "There's no time!"

"Are you going with them Mary!" Hermione said, aghast. "It's too dangerous!"

"Are you a member now!?" demanded Ron incredulously. "How come you get to join and I don't?"

"Ronald Bilius Weasley!" came the shrill and angry voice of Molly Weasley. "I told you two to take the floo and go to the headquarters!"

"But mum, we want to help!" protested Ron.

"I don't want to hear a word out of you right now," she scolded. "You too Mary, Hermione."

"Lillian, people are dying as we speak!" yelled Harry angrily.

"Sorry," mouthed Lillian and ran towards Harry. Hermione, Ron and Molly watched in shock as the three took a hold of the sock and disappeared.

"What is wrong with that girl!?" spluttered Molly. "She's only a child! What will her father say!?"

"He'll just say that he's proud of his daughter," Robert said, sadness radiating from his voice.

"You can't mean that Robert," Molly said severely.

Robert just shook his head. "She's always been headstrong and now she's being forced to grow up much too fast." He sighed and turned away from the plump witch. "I'm proud of her for making the right choice."

"Fighting in a war is not the right choice Robert!"

"Someone as powerful as her should not be kept contained Molly," murmured Robert. Even though he was speaking normally his eyes and mind were a million miles away. He was terribly worried about his only daughter and he prayed that if there was a god out there he would keep her safe. It was all he could do.

Ron and Hermione just watched wide eyed as Robert spoke.

"We can fight too mum!" Ron said, hoping that Mr Austin's words would soften up his mother. He got a smack in return.


Gragenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant

The alarm was long drawn and both its highs and lows were ear shattering loud.

"Where is everybody!?" Lillian shouted, barely able to hear herself over the sound of the alarm.

Massive cylindrical containers and pipes surrounded them and several pipes had burst open billowing a never ending stream of steam.

"Let's keep looking," Sirius murmured, his eyes darting around sharply looking for signs of danger. "Harry, seal anything you think is broken."

"Got it," Harry said and began to encase whatever seemed broken to him in a thick layer of ice.

"I think the control rooms that way!" Lillian said, pointing towards a cleaner area in the plant which wasn't clustered with gargantuan machinery.

Harry led the way with Lillian behind him and Sirius bringing up the rear. It was highly possible that Voldemort's men were still in the vicinity waiting for the complete meltdown.

A shocking sight welcomed them when they did find the control room. Seven men in white coats all lying on the floor, dead, with parts of their body scattered around. In the back of the room instead of a wall, there was a gallery.

Harry glanced at Lillian and he saw what he expected. She was green and he knew she was desperately pushing the bile down. She couldn't and quickly turned away before throwing up. Sirius hurried over to her and Harry quickly went to the gallery and his eyes widened.

What little he knew about a nuclear reactor was that the fuel had to be constantly kept cooled and stable. What he saw down in the core was a mess. There were some rods which were red and that wasn't because it was their colour. They were that hot and it didn't take a genius to realize that, that was not supposed to happen. Water that was supposed to be circulating was gushing out of a massive hole in the structure and one glance at the number of red lights blinking on the control panel made his realize that this plant was seconds away from blowing till kingdom come.

He made a snap decision and raised his arms letting a torrent of water and ice flood the compartment below him. His heart skipped a beat when the rods melted the ice he encased it with and the water simply evaporated. How hot was that thing!?

He crunched his eyes tight and poured more power into the ice. Below him it was a battle between a couple dozen rods made of uranium against a raging storm of ice and water. What should have been an easy task was turning out to be very dangerous.

Behind him Lillian and Sirius looked on in dismay as Harry was unable to contain the rods.

"Come on!" grimaced Harry as he felt the temperature of the rods start to go down. He quickly sealed all the openings in the core and filled up the core with water. The room had become so saturated with magic that he felt a sudden disturbance near the entrance.

"Watch out!" he yelled and snapped his arm towards Sirius and Lillian forming a shield in front of them. An instant later a fist smashed into it crushing it to pieces.

"Vampires!" screamed Sirius. "Solaris!" he shouted pointing his wand up drastically brightening the room. Five vampires screeched in pain.

"Diffindo!" roared Sirius decapitating two of the vampires. The rest recovered from the light and disappeared in a burst of speed but Harry, because of his training, was able to see them and with a swipe of his arm he sent sharp edged ice towards one in midair. The vampire didn't stand a chance.

"Behind you Lillian!" Sirius screamed in panic. A vampire was about to thrust his arm into her body.

"NO!" shouted Harry in horror as he blocked an attack by the fourth vampire and encased its head in ice before crushing it.

Time seemed to slow down for Lillian as she turned around to see an arm rushing straight towards her heart. She squealed in terror and shut her eyes waiting for the deadly blow to strike.




Seconds passed by and she didn't feel any pain at all. Was she dead?

She opened her eyes and saw the vampire right in front of her with an expression of utter shock. Did it miss? Relief flooded her body and this time she didn't freeze up. She jumped back while simultaneously bringing her wand up and letting a cutting curse loose.

She had just slain her first vampire.

"Freckles," Harry said staring at her. Even Sirius was looking at her speechlessly.

Lillian was feeling all pumped up and she turned towards the other two with a triumphant look which slowly faded to worry when she saw her companions expressions. "What!?" she said fearfully.

Sirius just pointed at her chest.

She looked down and gasped. Her torso had turned to fire. The vampire hadn't missed she realized with a start. Her body had just changed form!

"Oh my god!" she gasped. "What's happened to me?!"

"Why, why don't you concentrate on turning back to normal," suggested Sirius helplessly. He was a little freaked by what he was seeing right now. It wasn't everyday someone changed from flesh and bones into a being of fire.

Lillian took deep calming breaths and focused on turning back into normal. It was easier than she expected and her body was back. She let out a sigh of relief before her eyes focused on her first kill. The blood from the vampire was beginning to pool beneath her feet and her heart rate spiked as she realized exactly what she had just done. She had just beheaded a vampire!

"The reactor looks normal," Harry commented. He raised his hands and a tendril of ice snaked out, freezing everything as soon as it came in contact with the water in the core.

"Oh Merlin," Lillian moaned as she tried to ignore the squelching sound her shoes made when she tried to step out of the puddle of blood. Suddenly her stomach couldn't handle all that had happened in less than five minutes. The sight of the blood coated floor, the gory images of the dead vampires and men combined with her latest discovery about her power was too much and she literally ran out of the room.

"Let's get out of here," Sirius muttered, glancing around with a look of disgust. "You sure your ice will keep this place under control?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know anything about a nuclear reactor. But if this seems to be keeping it from exploding then I'm sure there will be enough time for the surrounding people to evacuate even if it does explode."

"Let's get going then," Sirius said. "We have to get the people to evacuate if this thing does blow up."



"What's the damage?" Dumbledore asked solemnly.

"It's bad Albus," said Cane tiredly. "Millions are dying as we speak and half the world has lost its power. Voldemort didn't just take out the nuclear power plants; he targeted most of the muggle main resources. Dams, oil rigs, major power stations, airports…." Cane trailed off unable to say anymore.

"The US, Japan, parts of Russia and Europe literally have a cloud of radiation poison over them," Amelia said grimly. "They're effectively dead fish in the water. Most of the Asian and middle eastern countries have been left alone but they're not going to last long. The economic crisis was enough to cripple them and they will be easy pickings once Voldemort decides to attack them too."

"Not to mention the wide spread panic," said Moody. "People are fleeing their homes but they have nowhere to go. It's a crazy mess out there Albus. We tried to put up several wards to help them but they are too many people for us to handle. And not to mention scavengers who are trying to make the most of this crisis. If this wasn't enough, people are turning animalistic to survive."

"Simply put the major forces in the muggle world are nearly done for. What's worse is that Voldemort didn't even need to use nuclear weapons to do it! Scrimgeour said. "The muggles are done for Albus. No matter what we do, we can't do anything to help them. There's too few of us and even if we tried where would we hide them? Beauxbaton is overcrowded, Hogwarts is gone, half the world is covered in poison…." He took a deep calming breath. Panic was threatening to overwhelm him. "Let's face it Albus. We can't help them. They rejected us when we did extend our hand and now look at this catastrophe."

Silence followed Scrimgeour's words.

"We were so worried about the nuclear weapons and his army, we didn't even bother to consider another way of attack from the dark lord," came Snape's voice from the doorway startling everyone inside.

"Severus!" exclaimed Dumbledore. "Where have you been?"

"Examining Draco's mind," he replied.

"Did you find anything?" asked Hestia. Her interrogation hadn't gotten much out of the boy.

Snape took a seat next to Moody. "Wizards and witches are immune to radiation poisoning," he said shocking everyone. "That was the only thing of use I could find in the recesses of his mind."

"And that's why Voldemort is being so casual with nuclear material. He knows it's harmless to us!"

"Quite," muttered Snape dryly.

"Australia," said Dumbledore out of the blue.

Confused looks greeted him.

"We can give the surviving muggles refuge in Australia or some remote area in the middle east," he explained. "If we don't do anything to make sure they survive, then we might as well talk about the end of mankind. The Asian countries are too over populated to give them refuge there but I have it on good authority that they have begun to take action as we speak."

"Whose authority?" barked Moody.

"We are not the only wizards on the planet Alastor," Dumbledore said smiling. "The Indians have some remarkable wizards and they are doing all they can to protect their people, both magic and non-magic, from Voldemort."

"They won't survive his attack Albus and you know it," Amelia said.

"They can hold him off for a time," replied Dumbledore. "We, on the other hand, have to focus on saving lives in peril and stopping Voldemort."

"And how are we to do that!" scoffed Cane. All this was hopeless, he thought. They were all going to die.

"I reclaimed Hogwarts," he said, his eyes shining in triumph.

"No way!" gasped Vance and she wasn't the only one to say so. Everyone was delighted to hear this.

"But we cannot go there yet," he added.

"What!? Why not?"

Dumbledore turned to Snape. "Where is Mr Malfoy locked up?"

"Below us," Snape said. "In one of the burial chambers."

Dumbledore crossed his fingers in deep thought with his head bowed.

A few minutes later he looked up; his eyes gleaming. "We need to let him escape."

"Have you gone crazy Dumbledore!" Moody shouted furiously. "That kid has information on us now! We can't just let him go!"

"No, we can't," retorted Dumbledore sharply. "But I have a plan."



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