Chapter 14 - The End Is Here.

A grape smacked Harry on the side of his head and he ignored it, fully engrossed in the book he was reading.

He was sitting on the bed of his godfathers room while the rest of the resistance were attending a meeting. Harry had pointedly refused to go, siting boredom and boredom.

Another grape plonked him on his cheek and he continued reading, indifferent to the flying edible projectiles.

A well aimed throw by Lillian hit him on the nose and Harry's eye twitched. The fiery elemental was sprawled on the sofa, her long legs dangling off the edge and a bowl of grapes balanced between her breasts. She was wearing a purple and white checked shirt and denim shorts with a terribly amused expression to match her clothes.

She was being ignored in favour of a book and there were at least twenty grapes lying all around the topless Harry. He was wearing just boxers, was propped up against the back of the bed with a thick tome balanced on his drawn up legs.

Lillian frowned and then taking careful aim, she tossed another grape which smacked him on the nose yet again. She smirked when she noticed his jaws tighten. Good, she thought. He was getting pissed. A few days back Harry had claimed that thanks to his occlumency, he had unending patience and nothing could get him to loose his temper. Lillian declared it her mission to prove him wrong but after four days of needling and prodding, not once did his temper rise to levels of loosing control.

Until now of course.

It should have occurred to her sooner that he hated being disturbed while reading. So she very sweetly gifted him The Lord of the Rings seeing that they were now living with dwarfs, elves and vain dragons and true to her plot, he was engrossed in it within seconds and now her grapes were soaring with glee at his face.

"Freckles?" Harry called calmly when a grape broke against his forehead and leaked juice over his face.

"Yes Harry?" she replied, trying to suppress her laughter and almost failing.

"I'm going to bury you in grapes if you don't stop that," he said as a matter of fact.

Lillian responded by lobbing a grape and watched it bounce of his head. "Are you getting angry Iceman?" she mocked.

"Not at all," he said smoothly, eyes never straying from the book. Frodo was leaving the shire and the Nazguls were on the way. Harry simply had to know what happens next and his girlfriend who gave him the book was really pushing his buttons at the moment.

A grape landed on the para he was on and automatically his head turned sharply and he levelled a fierce glare at Lillian, his temper rising. He so badly wanted to yell at her to cut it out but he held his tongue when she smirked, clearly waiting for him to prove her right and he took a deep calming breath and shut the book.

"Just to be clear," he said carefully. "This is not me loosing my temper." And with that he launched himself at her.

Lillian's eyes widened and she didn't have time to react. A second later Harry was on top of her tickling her mercilessly.

"Stop!" she squealed, laughing uncontrollably. "I'm sorry! Stop!" She tried to kick out and push him away but he was heavy and she was laughing too hard.

The bowl of grapes clattered to the floor and a moment later, after a thrust of her hips both the teenagers tumbled to the floor as well allowing Lillian to grab his hands and fight back.

Her eyes were alive with delight and Harry was grinning broadly as well while the wrestled on the ground, each trying to trap the other under them.

"Throw grapes at me will you?" he growled and then grabbed a few and proceeded to crush them in her hair.

"Not my hair arsehole!" Lillian shouted furiously.

"Take that!" Harry yelled exuberantly and got off of her oozing smugness and triumph. His smile faded when he noticed Lillian quivering with rage.

"Do you know long it took me to set my hair," she said, her voice low and furious. "Do you know how difficult it is to hold you wand behind your head to get the right colours and sleekness?"

"It's just hair," Harry protested, grinning weakly. "And you started it," he added accusingly.

He didn't have time to stop the missile that was his girlfriend from rocketing into his stomach knocking him onto the floor.

"Uff!" he gasped and the next moment grapes were being smeared all over his face and chest.

"Take that!" Lillian shouted, but she was laughing and so was Harry. His laughter changed to horror when she shoved a grape filled hand into his boxers.

"Freckles, you freak!" he exclaimed and kicked out in reflex but Lillian silenced his protests with a passionate kiss and that was how Sarah found them.

Grapes all over the floor, grapes all over two kissing teenagers and one of them had their hands in the others shorts.

The sound of the door opening alerted Harry and Lillian and they sprang away from each other quickly. Lillian blushed brightly when she spotted Sarah and Harry couldn't keep the grin off his face.

"As amusing as this is," Sarah said dryly. "You're needed in the conference room." Her eyes flickered to Lillian's unbuttoned shirt and the tent in Harry's boxers and she smirked. "Do you want me to leave while you get dressed or have you two become exhibitionists already?"

"We'll be out in five minutes!" Lillian squeaked and pushed Sarah out.

"Next time lock the door and for gods sake do it in your own rooms. Imagine if Sirius came instead of me."

Harry paled at the thought. "I'll make sure to control Freckles next time," he said slyly.

Lillian shut the door and glared at Harry. "You're not as attractive as you'd like to think you are Potter," she grumbled. "I'm not the one with the tent in my pants."

Harry looked down between his legs and came close to blushing, remembering the glance from Sarah. He was an ice elemental after all and instead of turning red, he had a tendency of turning blue. "Lets get dressed," he mumbled and summoned his clothes.

Five minutes later they were out and Sarah took them to the briefing room or the war room as Lillian called it. Before it was simply the headmasters office.

The ten minutes that it took to walk from the first floor rooms to the headmaster office took a lot of effort from Sarah not to snap. Harry and Lillian were arguing about Harry's control over his temper.

"I didn't lose my temper," Harry said dismissing Lillian's claim.

"And I'm telling you did," she retorted. "Instead of blowing up and yelling you tackled me to the ground and tortured me. How is that not loosing your temper?"

"I tickled you," argued Harry. "It was a playful thing. Not a malicious one."

"Clearly you don't know what tickling does to a very ticklish person," she said darkly. "You channeled your temper in a different way is all that happened," she said. "You smartly lost your temper."

"Smartly lost my temper?" Harry said sarcastically. "What for Morgana's sake does that even mean?"

"You can swear by Morgana's tits too if you want. You can't deny the fact that you smartly channeled your temper into something that is supposed to playful with malicious intentions. You intended to make me laugh until I cried or begged for mercy. Words that a tortured victim would say to her captor. Now how can you say you didn't lose your temper?"

Harry opened and closed his mouth, at a loss for words for a moment before he started to think fast.

Sarah, under her breath, mouthed to herself, Morgana's sake? Morgana's tits? she was completely perplexed.

"You are taking the intent to tickle way to far," Harry said. "Any intention to tickle will come with a sinister motive yes. But that is true for any person and the intentions are simliar to the sinister intent of a cute one year old toddler stealing a fluffy toy from another cute toddler."

Lillian gaped. "Steal? Cute?"

"My point is that I didn't lose my temper at you. My actions were controlled and losing ones temper would indicate said person is angrily out of control."

Lillian shook her head vehemently. "Hence my line about you smartly losing your temper. You channeled your anger which was going out of control into a direction that would hurt me the most without seeming hurtful. You tried to deceive me into believing that you hadn't lost your temper when you clearly did, you manipulative bastard."

"I'm manipulative?! Which psycho planned to give me a book and trick me into making a bet about my temper?" Harry demanded.

"You really want to go there?" Lillian retorted heatedly. "Do you really want me to dig up all the manipulative stunts you've pulled?"

Harry was ready to lose his temper this time around and neither of the two seemed to realise it was actually happening this time. Harry was losing his temper over not losing a bet about losing his temper.

"I'm curious," interrupted Sarah with all the sarcasm she could muster. "How does all this lead to Lillian shoving her hand between your legs?"

Harry and Lillian were stunned into silence and then a mischievous smirk grew on Harry's face. "We're very spontaneous," he said.

"Extremely," Lillian chimed in, grinning.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "We're here," she announced. "The people upstairs are seriously fighting a war so keep the amusing arguments to yourself until the meeting is over."

"They're taking this way to seriously," Harry snorted. "we've practically won."

"Voldemort and his cohorts are still out there," Sarah said severely. "People are still dying and apparently there is an epic final battle to come which will decide our fate. You two could take this a little more seriously."

Over the past six months Lillian and Harry had become somewhat reckless and dominant in their behaviours. People were not sure if it was Harry's influence on Lillian or Lillian's influence on Harry that was resulting in the changing personalities. Lillian was becoming more bloody minded and Harry was becoming more open. And when the two were together they were bloody minded, sometimes cold, sometimes relaxed and sometimes they confused everyone around them with their odd discussion.

Sirius personally thought it was all the sex causing the changes. Lillian had hexed him when he said it out loud during a dressing down from Mrs Weasley in front of half the occupants of the Gryffindor common room after she saw Harry and Lillian lazily kissing each other in one corner. She was of the opinion they were too young so they listened patiently and then went back to kissing when she was done.

"What took so long?" General Casey asked irritably. "You left twenty minutes ago."

The complete office was now heavily modified huge room, with dozens of computers behind which a number of muggle soldiers were working. A couple of massive flat screens were attached to the other end of the room and in one corner a large table around which sat the leaders of the Resistance.

"Why do you smell like grapes?" Sirius muttered sniffing at his godson curiously as Harry took a seat next to him.

"It's a big castle Casey," Sarah said dryly.

The General grumbled under his breath and sitting beside him, Dumbledore smiled at the two elementals.

"Please tell me this is important," Harry said gruffly, ignoring the question. It would take too long to explain. "We were busy."

Sitting beside Lillian, Sarah coughed loudly and it suspiciously sounded like sex.

"Chuck believes he has found Voldemort's lair," Dumbledore said politely.

Harry snapped to attention. Had the time come finally?

"Where is it?"

"Not in a place we'd have imagined, that's for sure," said Chuck. He rolled open a large map on the table and put his finger on Canada.

"No seriously. Where is he?" Lillian asked.

"Canada Ms. Austin," Casey said. "Chuck's finger is on it."

Lillian didn't believe him and by the look on Harry's face, he didn't too.

Chuck sighed. He had another round of explaining to do. It had taken him forever to make the other wizards understand.

"Our satellites have been scouring the Earth for any signs of Voldemort and his armies ever since he disappeared. Now magic tends to cause anomalies in our instruments and the proof of that is every time we sweep over a place said to be magical, the coordinates flicker like they're confused. It's really weird. But when it sweeps over magical places that have been made undetectable, those coordinates are just skipped like they don't exist in the first place."

"Aah," Harry said in understanding. "But undetectable magical places are quite common. Who knows over the centuries how many places have been warded like nuclear bunkers."

"We thought that too," Chuck said immediately. "So we began to catalogue and we found many such places where the coordinates skipped and we investigated. Almost all the sites were accounted for and most were around religious places. Except for the largest coordinate skip located around North West Canada, a harsh region where we've lost ten scouts and three drones."

The atmosphere in the room began to shift. A more solemn and anticipatory mood over took the light humour. Everyone could sense it. They could almost see the end in their sights.

"How do we do this?" Harry asked quietly, staring at the map, his mind strangely numb and excited.

"Three part assault after we verify the location and this is where you two come in," Casey said. "Potter, Austin and Dumbledore are going to go in while our ground units will gather at a safe distance away until we get the green light."

Sirius gasped. As did Arthur and Tonks.

"You can't be serious," Remus said, his eyes narrowed. "We don't know what we're up against. What if something happens?"

"We will accompany the young ones," the so far silent Drakon boomed. Beside him there were two other creatures Harry hadn't noticed in the dim light. His eyes widened dramatically when he realised what they were.

"Lillian look," he said in softly, nodding in the direction of the royalty of the Elvish and Dwarf kingdoms.

Lillian gasped when she noticed.

The Dwarf had a pale handsome and rugged face. He barely reached over the table and looked to be maybe five feet tall. His dark red hair fell over his face in waves and had a strange shine to it. His eyes were coal black and they radiated with a sense of deep power.

The Elf was slightly darker and had almost sharp alien features compared to the more human looks of the Dwarf. High cheek bones with skin tightly stretched over his bones coupled with bronzed skin gave him a very seductive appeal. His light blue eyes were sharp and Lillian almost felt like simply sitting next to him and basking in the aura of peace and bliss that exuded out of him.

"Why aren't they wearing a wreath of flowers?" Harry asked her, breaking the moment that had been filled with awe.

"That's just in Tolkien's book Harry. Don't act stupid, it doesn't become you."

Harry scowled. Clearly she was still annoyed over the temper thing.

"Attention towards me!" barked Casey. "We're on the brink of battle goddammit."

The idea of infiltrating the potential hideout of the Evil forces scared those not on the front lines a lot more than it worried the two elementals and the most powerful wizard in the world.

"When do we leave?" Lillian asked.

From the another part of the table her father just sighed in resignation. He had come to terms with the sudden growth and change in his precious daughter. He looked at her relaxed posture that oozed power and confidence and smiled. She was more like her mother than him. Elise would be bursting with pride if she was here now, he thought sadly and took solace in the fact that she was probably gleefully watching her daughter's exploits from the other side of the veil.

"Five days," Casey said. "It will take us some time to position the troops and we can be sure that Voldemort is going to see us coming. If this location is truly Voldemort then this is our end game. This time no running in the corners. This time we run right through the middle and using every tactical manoeuvre in our minds, we are going to destroy this mother fucker who has raped our world with all the brutality in his twisted black heart. He's probably holed up in a sewer of sludge inventing another plan, building a more dangerous army, plotting our demise thinking we're going to be happy to sit and wait for him to make an appearance."

His passionate voice had everyone captivated and holding their breaths. Sometime during his sudden burst, he had stood up and was glaring at everyone, his eyes fiery with the thirst for revenge.

"But in five days Harry, Lillian, Albus and fucking Dragons are going to be the strongest frontline in our army. Airforce will be on standby and ground troops are going to converge on the location armed with the latest weapons courtesy the Department of badass weapons."

Chuck flushed with pride and Croaker cracked a smile for the first time in thirty years. He too was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

His voice dropped an octave. "And when our front line gives us the green light, we're going to pulverise this so called evil army."

Everyone in the room couldn't help themselves. They broke out in loud cheers and whistles. Their hearts were bursting with the vision of winning the battle for Earth. Harry was clapping lightly and grinning while Sirius cheered loudly and Lillian had her fingers in her mouth, whistling crazily.

Casey banged his hand on the table and everyone shut up in an instant.

"Five days," he growled. "Everyone get to work and Elementals..."

Lillian perked up and Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I hope the training you've been doing for the last six months has had results."

Apart from the boredom they suffered with most of the times, Harry and Lillian had been duelling with Drakons. Their powers were growing at exponential rates as was their skill and teamwork under heavy fire. Two weeks ago they had taken on ten Drakons in the wasteland that was Central Europe and had ended the duel with mild bruising.

The Drakons took a week to recover.

Harry smirked darkly at the General and all the people in the room suddenly felt very wary. They had seen exactly what the Elementals had become. It was the power to single handedly destroy great armies. Some people in the room even wondered if their involvement in the battle was going to amount to anything with the power of their front line.

Lillian noticed their expressions and shook her head smiling dryly. If Evil was reborn, she knew, from what the Flamels and the Drakons had said, even their complete strength might not be enough. Voldemort didn't stand a chance but the being lurking behind his eyes was a far greater danger than any of them realised.

She giggled quietly, feeling a thrill for that battle tingle her nerves with anticipation.

Sarah frowned beside her and was a little disturbed by the expression on Lillian's face. But it was gone in an instant and Sarah couldn't help but wonder if they were truly in control of their elements. It seemed like their powers thrived on powerful emotions, she had noticed and she felt worry for their sanity.

Filled with a sudden burst of emotion Sarah wrapped her arm around Lillian's shoulders and dragged her close. She smiled brightly at her and Lillian grinned back. Sarah had an infectious smile.

"What say we drop by the Gryffindor common room and see what your friends are up to."

The people began to disperse, getting back to their stations to prepare for the global scale assault while Sarah and Lillian headed towards the common room, Harry and Sirius close behind as they chatted quietly.

Sarah wondered if they would ever be so carefree and truly alive after the beginning of day five.


To their surprise they found almost half of their Hogwarts friends and acquaintances inside. As usual sitting near the fireplace were Neville, Ron and Hermione. They were discussing serious things in low voices and Draco and Blaise were sitting right beside them without provoking any confrontations.

"When did that happen?" Harry muttered to Lillian. Your friends and mine getting along?" It seemed to have slipped his mind that this was a common occurrence now.

Lillian didn't reply, rather with a shocked expression she pointed at Hermione's hand. "When did that happen?!" she gasped.

Harry followed her line of sight and then his brain froze. Hermione, sitting on the floor, holding hands with Draco, who was lightly rubbing his thumb over her hand.

"Surprised?" Sirius said chuckling. "Happened about a week ago while you two were busy fighting Drakons."

Lillian suddenly felt guilty and a little bit jealous as well. Where had her friends gone? She didn't even know what was happening in their lives. And they seemed to have not missed her too. Looking at their childish faces Lillian realised it was her that had changed so drastically.

Forcing a bright smile on her face she walked towards the group with her eyes fixed on the intwined hands.

"Mary!" gasped Hermione happily. "You're back!"

"Hey guys," she said and Harry raised his hand to them giving a small smile.

Draco and Blaise looked up from their game for a moment and gave a small wave before getting back into their game. The winner got to play with Ron and Harry experienced a vague sense of déjà vu.

Harry noticed Draco's hand slip out of Hermione's hand subtly and he smirked at said girl who just blushed under his stare.

"I thought you and Ron were dating?" Lillian asked Hermione, her eyebrows arched.

"Broke up," Ron grunted quietly, his ears a lovely shade of red. "I'm with Hannah now."

Harry held back the laughter threatened to burst out. It appeared that his and Lillian's relationship and inspired a lot of teenagers positively. The last 'moments on Earth' was becoming a fairly common statement among the boys nowadays, he thought laughing silently.

"Hey Harry," Blaise said suddenly. "That girl, Lovegood was looking for you," he said.

Harry stilled.

"What did she want?" Lillian asked warily. She had not forgotten about the girls fateful appearance all those years ago. Her thought process came to a jarring halt the next moment. It had been months not years she realised! It certainly felt like years to her.

"Nothing important," said Ron with a shrug. "She said she missed you is all, Harry I mean." Ron paused as he suddenly realised something and his eyes widened.

To Lillian's surprise Harry paled and her eyes narrowed. Her girlfriend senses were tingling, they were telling her sometime was wrong and it was something Harry hadn't told her.

"What is it?" she asked him suspiciously.

"It's nothing," Harry said dismissively. He had regained his wits and smiled at her charmingly.

Around him, everyone was staring with wide eyes filled with the same accusation. Blaise decided to voice them.

"Are you and Luna...?" he asked, his voice training off meaningfully and suggestively.

"What?!" Harry exclaimed. "No! God, you morons have a one track mind."

Lillian snorted at Blaise's words and at the same time as Harry she muttered sarcastically, "Oh please." The thought that Harry seeing someone else behind her back was ludicrous however for some reason she was still feeling the burn of jealousy. She knew it was ridiculous but she was feeling it nonetheless.

"You think I couldn't woo some else besides you?" Harry asked with narrowed eyes.

"You didn't and don't woo me! Lillian replied hotly and then she paused. "You manipulative bastard!" she snapped. "Don't try and change the subject. What's this about Luna missing you?"

"You're taking this way to seriously," said Harry warily. "It's really nothing. I just met her once while roaming the castle and we just talked."

"You're not saying the right things mate," Draco whispered sympathetically. "You might want to start explaining in detail before your girl blows the castle to smithereens."

Harry growled under his breath. He was beginning to get annoyed. Part of his annoyance stemmed from remembrance of that coincidental meeting with Luna.

"Well?" Lillian asked, tapping her foot impatiently. She never liked Luna. The girl was a different brand of crazy. Lillian snapped at her jealous mind to keep quiet. Luna was a nice girl, she said to herself and she bloody hoped Harry would start talking and explain so that her traitorous mind would shut the hell up.

"Let's talk alone shall we," Harry said with a pointed glance at the eager faces around them, including Sarah and Sirius. Everyone loved drama. Especially when it was some else providing the entertainment.

"Oh," Lillian said arching an eyebrow. "Embarrassing story is it?"

Harry pinched the top of his nose irritably. "If you remember clearly what happened the first time we met her then you should understand that this encounter was no less strange."

Lillian's confrontational approach dropped and she smiled at him sheepishly and a little guiltily as well. "Sorry," she apologised. "I don't know what came over me."

"You're just territorial," Sarah said kindly. "Woman don't like it when other women meet their boyfriends alone, in an abandoned corridor, probably at night and then tell an acquaintance to pass along a message to said boyfriend. You have no reason to be suspicious even though he hid the story from you. I'm sure there's a good explanation for all this," she said smirking at Harry. She was enjoying this way too much.

Lillian adopted a suspicious look again and Harry rolled his eyes exasperatedly. He grabbed Lillian's arm and dragged her out of the common room. "Stop letting those morons put stupid thoughts in your head for Merlin's sake!"

Harry thought he saw Sarah reach for her concealed weapon when he said moron and he quickly left with Lillian.

At a reasonable distance from the common room Lillian slowed down their pace and whacked him on the shoulder.

"Ow," Harry deadpanned. "Can I ask what was that for?"

"Why didn't you tell me about meeting Luna again. I'd liked to have known what she said this time around."

"Let's just get to my mermaid room," Harry muttered. "I'm going to need to be sitting to recount that headache."

"Did you kiss?"

"Freckles," Harry said meaningfully.

"Sorry," she said quickly. "It was just a surprise to hear it. This is the first time I'm experiencing a situation where my boyfriend met another girl and didn't tell me. It's a little disconcerting," she said honestly. She paused as a random thought drifted past her mind and she laughed. "Now I think I know why sometimes woman get overly jealous and possessive. It really is a strange feeling," she said chuckling.

They reached mermaid room and this time Lillian gave the young mermaid a chaste kiss on the lip.

Harry grinned and Ariel the mermaid giggled more than necessary. Lillian just rolled her eyes and entered the room Harry had found all those years ago as a little first year.

Hedwig was there, fluttering about with five little snowy white owls trailing behind her. On the window sill another regal and larger snowy owl stood, watching the little owls with a proud expression.

The sight was so bizarre as Hedwig taught her hatchlings how to perform a series of acrobatic move that Harry and Lillian burst out laughing.

Hedwig noticed her audience and she swooped towards Harry, her little owls following her and she gave him a good cuff on his head with her wing before soaring out of the window.

"What the hell?!" Harry gasped. The little owls being too small to cuff him like Hedwig settled for bouncing off his head and flying out the window. The male owl took flight after all the little owls left.

"That was hilarious," Lillian chuckled. "What did you do to piss her off and when did Mr. Hedwig arrive to plough Mrs. Hedwig's fields?"

"You can be so crude sometimes," Harry said, rolling his eyes. "She hasn't sent a letter in years," he said, explaining Hedwig's ire. "Post owls don't like that and Mr. Hedwig's arrival is news to me as well. I was just as surprised as you."

"Maybe that's why she cuffed you," Lillian said. "You haven't visited her in some time. Not cool Harry," she said mockingly.

"Do you want to hear about Luna or not?"

Lillian drew her wand and almost effortlessly conjured an armchair complete with bright purple fluffy pillows. She settled herself in comfortably and waited for him to begin.


Two months ago.

Harry was walking through the corridors with no aim in mind. He was busy pondering over the latest development of his element in one of the duels with the Drakons. It was the first time he had literally pulled water of the atmosphere to attack the Drakons. He usually became water himself and he was an endless source of it. As long as he had the strength to use magic, the water and ice would never runout. But this time to gain an advantage, he had summoned water out the atmosphere. He had unconsciously gathered the minute particles of water around them and frozen them into projectile weapons. It had been a thrilling experience for him.

Somewhere on the seventh floor Harry ran into a very strange sight. A girl with very long blonde hair was swinging on a swing hanging from the rafters and she was talking with a portrait.

For some reason Harry felt a wave of danger and caution tense his body. The girl turned towards him and Harry was flooded with recognition.

"Luna?" he said surprised. Her aura felt so different from the last time they had met and he unconsciously felt his mind tense. Something was wrong and his element was warning him about potential danger.

Her warm smile did nothing to ease his instincts.

"Harry Potter," she said dreamily. "You remember who I am."

"How can I forget," he said dryly. "You left a permanent impression behind." He remembered the day she had forced Lillian and him to kiss. Lillian was indeed a permanent impression in his life after that.

"That's lovely," she said giggling. "It's nice to hear such things."

A faint squeaking sound, coming from the swing, permeated the silence around them And then, in the blink of an eye, Harry suddenly found the young girl facing him and swinging just out of his reach. Her grey eyes were sparkling with amusement and her hair swayed, leaving behind a trail of silver dust with every swing.

Harry found it odd that the swing was making the squeaking sound that comes from a swing hanging on metal chains when the swing the strange girl was sitting on was made of wood and hung from the rafters with a simple rope. She had charmed it to make that eerie sound and he realised she was using magic on a whim. It would certainly explain her sudden appearance right in front of his face and the slivery dust that fell from her hair like snow flakes in a gentle breeze.

"So which dimension are you looking into now," he commented, gathering his courage and refusing to let a fourteen year old manage to intimidate him.

Luna just laughed delightedly, letting the swing take her a little higher. "You noticed from our first meeting itself! The Nargles must have really buzzed in your ears."

"They were quite loud and mind boggling," he said dryly. He was slowly understanding this girls odd manner of speech and instead of focusing on the words, he focused on her tone. All the answers were there in the tone of her voice. You just had to put them in context.

Luna hummed, her eyes wide and happy. It was refreshing to talk to someone with brains that were productively used and he looked past the craziness and looked for the truth instead of asking her for it. Excitement tingled in her nerves and the part of her that was now the Witch Queen desired this delicious prey. She wanted to play and revel in the taming of a powerful man but Luna was in control. She was always in control and she moderated the lust for domination and settled for teasing and fun. That was who she was after all.

"They always are," she said mysteriously. "You have a penchant for trouble in most of them."

Harry laughed, still feeling the primal instinct of fight or flight invade his senses. His eyes could see no danger whatsoever but his instinct seemed to differ greatly. He felt the need to assert his dominance over this odd magic emitting from Luna and calmly conjured a floating armchair and levitated himself onto it. Like a hammock it began to sway side to side and he crossed his legs while smiling charmingly at her.

"The things you must see everyday," he said, in wonder. "How do learn to cope?" He asked curiously. "I know it's happened recently. You no longer have that cloudy and confused expression in your eye."

"Perceptive as always, Harry Potter," she murmured. "If you must know I had help. And since she's joined me, my sight of the universe of Flufferbees now has an edge."

Flufferbees... Multiple dimensions, he realised. And now it was like her vision has sharpened drastically. "Unending dimensions running parallel to each other having same yet different destinies all together. And you say you can see them all."

The ropes disappeared from her the plank she was daintily seated on. She floated closer to Harry and her magic synchronised the movements of their material conjurations. "Flufferbees like to be different," she whispered, barely six inches away from Harry. "They change things at different moments while remaining similar for times stretching to eternity. Every second, change is happening and I can see all their permutations and combinations. I can even see the dimension where your elemental power comes from. It is an overflowing place of incredible power which you have access to."

Her eyes began to glow, a faint green and the small smile playing at the edge of her lips roused Harry's annoyance. He didn't like it when someone knew a lot more about his fate than him. He knew what Luna was saying. She knew all the possible actions he could take in every second of his life. She could see dimensions that already went through the battle they were about to have and she knew the possibilities that made up the outcome. And she could assimilate them all in a moment.

But instead of coming forward with her abilities, she was lurking in the shadows, hiding behind a mask of weird and innocent. His element could see past her disguise and held the magic behind this little girl as a very real threat. And by the smile on her lips Harry knew she knew what he was thinking and it was beginning to piss him off.

"In some of them," she continued. "You are so aroused by my strangeness and the scent of my magic, that you hold me up against this wall," her eyes flickered to her left, "and fuck me with the same passion you fuck Lillian Austin."

Emotion disappeared from Harry's eyes and a cold unreadable mask was drawn over him. Luna had changed and not for the better, he thought coldly and felt disgust and revulsion by her talk. His anger levels spiked at the crass way she talked about Lillian and he wanted nothing more than to hold her against the wall and put the fear of him into her soul.

"In others you never meet me and have a deep introspective look at the person you've become," she added. "Some of my favourites are Lillian catching us in the act and making it a hot threesome and another entertaining dimension is one in which Lillian meets Professor Snape in the common room and is suddenly overcome with lust because of his cold badarse personality and he by her power. They end up fucking on the couch."

Harry's wand was in his hand in a flash and the temperature in the corridor drastically fell. "You might want to carefully consider your next words," he said coldly, feeling a burst of fury.

Luna sighed and her expression changed from wicked delight to slightly demurred. "In most of them you don't rise to the bait and carry forward a delightfully arousing conversation."

"It's a good thing you can't know what I do this dimension then," he growled dangerously.

"I don't," she agreed. "If I did, life would no longer be exciting. Existence would become as boring as a Flubberworms existence."

"Excitement," Harry suddenly laughed. He felt ashamed of his lack of control and his mood brightened considerably as he completely understood what Luna was saying. He wasn't going to let this girl push his buttons. "You are an incredibly unique creature," he said dryly. "And you wouldn't be this antagonising playful unless you had a whole new personality injected into you." His eyes narrowed shrewdly and he assessed the differences in the before and after Luna's.

He firmly took control of the magic holding his armchair and her plank and brought them down to the ground. He stood up and to his surprise, Luna floated up, her short and thin frame rising to his eye level nonchalantly. She was never this powerful as well, he thought in alarm. This meant that she had undergone some type of possession which was giving her large reserves of magic that allowed her razor sharp clarity over her vision of multiple verses. Harry felt amazement at the kind of power it would require to do that and he suddenly felt respect for this odd blonde looking at him serenely now.

"That's what happened isn't it?" he asked, knowing she could read his mind without having to use occlumency.

"That's right," she said honestly, causing Harry's eyes to widen. "In most dimensions it doesn't happen and I remain a sweet happy go lucky child with mommy issues." She chuckled humorously. "Very few universes are exactly like the one we occupy, Harry," she breathed. "Even it terms of infinite dimensions, we are quite different. I especially like this version of me. She's so cool that it makes the Wrackspruts in me tingle."

The meaning was not lost on Harry.

"You should be careful," she warned playfully. "You lose her in most of them. The battle is coming and it's not going to be pre~tty!" she sang.

"I won't lose her," Harry said quietly. This time he was calm. Her words didn't provoke him. "And she's not going to lose me."

Luna smiled. This time there was no double meaning behind it. It was a smile of warmth and acknowledgement of his strong feelings for the fire elemental. "You get everything that you've always wanted too," she whispered.

"And you know how it can happen."


Harry grinned and patted her gently on her head. "It was nice talking to you Luna. I look forward to not running into you again," he said mildly and stepped around her to go on with his walk.

Luna lowered herself to the ground, a happy smile on her face. She knew they would meet again and she knew it was going to be greatly amusing for her. She sighed in contentment and wondered if there was anyone else in the castle right now to play with. The Witch Queen Nerferteri desired complete dominance over the world of men. Luna simply enjoyed games where she could torment them. Everything else lacked the fun she craved for.

End flashback

"I hope you can see why I didn't want to talk about it," Harry grumbled. "That girl is a headache I just want to avoid."

"You lose me huh," Lillian muttered.

"I don't," he said sharply. "Don't bring it up. It's not going to happen."

Lillian couldn't avoid that thrill of happiness that his words inspired in her.

"You didn't ask her about the dimension we travelled to?"

"I'll ask her next time," Harry said sarcastically. "Or better yet you can take responsibility for that headache!"

"No need to get snippy," she retorted. "It was just a suggestion."

They fell silent for a moment.

"Sorry," Harry said. "I don't like remembering what she said."

Lillian sighed. "Man, now on top Drakons, Elves, Dwarfs and unknown dark creatures, we have a horny pubescent girl who can literally peek into the future."

Harry dropped himself on the bed. "Day five is going to be real fun," he laughed.

"It's the final battle," Lillian said dramatically. "Evil verses the forces of all that is good and virtuous in this world. Staring the vivacious Lillian Austin and in supporting role Harry Potter as eye candy for vampires and werewolves!"

"I'm in supporting role?" Harry snorted. "Dream on Freckles. Or have you forgotten the last time we duelled."

"I can take you," she said confidently.

"Not in this dimension you're not," he retorted. "I'd kick your arse from her to the moon in under five seconds."

"Oh?" Lillian said wickedly. She stood up, positioning herself to attack Harry but instead her leg got caught in the legs of the armchair and she tripped falling head first on the table.

Harry roared with laughter and then his laughter changed to shock when Lillian accidentally put her hand into the pensive to regain control and was promptly sucked into it.

Harry could only gape as the pensive that had denied him entry. Salazar Slytherin's pensive that did not allow him to view the memories in it, had accepted Lillian without any form of resistance. Harry jumped out the bed and ran to the pensive. He tried to put his hand in but again, an invisible barrier prevented him from entering it.

The memories shimmered and Harry stared at the pensive, feeling helpless. All he could do now was wait.