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Ch 13: just like day 1, just the exact opposite!

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When Toshiro and the others were riding on the back everyone including himself pretended that nothing was wrong. They pretended that Ray had not just killed a demon, attacked a psycho and revieled how strong he really was. Toshiro was curious though, who wouldn't be?

"You're thinking to much again," Hyourinmaru reminded him.

"shut up," Toshiro whispered aloud to the very annoying dragon that occupied his head.

"Toshiro, we're here, get off the bus!" he heard Mire's sweet voice call out to him. Wait sweet voice, when had he thought of Mire's voice as sweet?

"Someone's got a crush," He heard the dragon say evilly and tauntingly.

"I do not!" He screamed at the dragon mentally before running over to Mire apologising quietly. "What is wrong with me I shouldn't have to deal with this? I am a captain!"

"Hey Toshiro you look a bit down, whats wrong?" Mire asked him tilting her head to the side causing some of her brown hair cover some of her face making Toshiro want to tuck it back behind her ears but he quickly extinguished the thought.

"Its just Ray and what happened at the maze," Toshiro said looking at the ground.

"Well I know what will make you feel better," Mire said happily, "Stop and stand up straight."

Toshiro did, at first he didn't get the point until.

"You shrank?" Toshiro commented wondering why suddenly Mire was two inches shorter then him instead of the other way around.

"No silly you've grown a whole 4 inched since you first came here!" Mire told him this news with a truly happy look on her face.

"Wow," Was all he could say. It had been so strange here he hardly had time to look in the mirror to see himself growing.

"Te he, looks like I'll have to get used to looking up at you!" She said happily.

"Hey love birds Ray said to get you guys to the room he said he was gonna tell us what the hell is up now," The two heard Kai scream as he ran towards them in his invisible to other people form.

Both Toshiro's and Mire's faces lit up brighter than rudulfs nose. Toshiro was mildly aware that a certain ice dragon was laughing their ass off in some far corner in his mind.

"What did you say!" They both yelled at the other boy, arge kai was so annoying!

Kai laughed as the two chased him all the way back to the room in which the three were separated by Abila and Ray. After the two had settled down they all sat down in a circle exactly like their first day there in the exact same order, with Ray about to say something important.

"Could Toshiro Hitsugaya please come to the office you have a phone call," Yep exactly like the first day here, he wouldn't be surprised if it was Matsumoto who was calling to ask him about his personal life!

"Anyone else getting de ja vew?" Toshiro asked them causing the rooms other occupants to burst out in laughter.

"Don't worry we'll wait for you to get back before we start," Ray assured him.

"Thanks," Toshiro said warmly, something he would never had done on the first day, he had changed a lot.

"A lot has changed," He told the dragon when he knew no one was listening.

"Yes, but throughout all of this you have become a good person." The ice dragon told him, "That heart of ice you had inside you I had thought no one would ever be able to melt it. Those people have proven me wrong."

"We can't get to attached, barely any hollows show up and when they do they aren't strong," Toshiro commented, "When I tell the head captain about Ray's powers he'll bring us back and leave the school as soon as possible."

"Then don't tell him!" The dragon roared, "I don't want to leave, and I know that you don't!"

"But I have to tell him everything!" Toshiro said sounding sadder than ever, "I'll get in serious trouble if he found out I was withholding information and in times of war like this I could be killed with treason!" (yes I have decided to change the time zone this is now changed to be set right before the winter war!)

"Fine, but make Ray sound more stupid and incompetent than usual, we'll have a higher chance of staying here that way," The dragon said ending the conversation.

When Toshiro arrived in the office a lady he didn't recognise handed him the phone with a chipper expression, for lack of better word. The Lady then skipped over to the usual office person and asked if she did that right. The two had a short conversation but Toshiro didn't bother to listen in, he had a completely different matter to deal with, whoever was on the other line of the phone was going to decide his future.

"Hello?" He managed to gulp out

"Captain Hitsugaya." The old yet strong voice of the head captain greeted gravely.

"Umm, what is it," Toshiro asked letting a large bit of fear and sadness slip, the fear and sadness that he might have to leave his friends soon.

"Are you sick?" Yamamoto asked him confused.

"No- why?" He said sounding the exact same as before.

"Oh, nothing. Now I want a full status report on everything that's happened, also Matsumoto will be there to pick you up tomorrow morning," The head captain said calmly yet demanding.

The words stopped Toshiro from moving, his heart skipped a beat. That was it he was leaving, why? What was going on? He didn't want to leave!

"Captain Hitsugaya I said that I want a status report!" Yamamoto said sounding greatly annoyed.

"Why! I don't want to leave!" Toshiro said ignoring the command.

"I guess I should have explained that, but what is wrong with you! You're acting like a stupid child! Grow up! It's a good thing you're leaving, being around humans is making you soft like them," Yamamoto said angrily.

"Ray, Mire, Abila, and Kai are NOT weak!" Toshiro screamed into the phone, "Earlier today I saw Ray take down a giant Hollow like creature all by himself, and Mire is a great archer (Although I have not shown it on screen yet because this is a parody not a fighting story like its sequal) Abila could probably beat the living daylights out of Kenpachi and Kai well he has abilities that I've never seen a normal spirit do, NOT weak!"

"Toshiro listen to yourself!" The leader yelled back, "The reason we're calling you back is because Azien has decided to pose as a teacher and capture the SIS as those roommates of yours call themselves. He thinks that their type of spirits could be useful."

"All the better reason for me to stay, to stop that from happening!" He screamed tears running down his face for the first time in years at the thought of that bastard turning his friends into horrible monsters.

"We will not risk losing anymore captains to Azien!" Yamamoto screamed at Toshiro.

"What?" Toshiro asked confused.

"Wouldn't Azien use the SIS against you and force you to do his will if he knew that you cared about those four?" Yamamoto explained.


"No Butts Toshiro, don't let Azien learn anything, then you WILL leave with Matsumoto tomorrow and you WILL return to Sereitei and you WILL forget about those idiots."

"Yes sir," Toshiro said with as much anger and hated and defiance as possible, which now was enough to even make the powerful soul society ruler shiver slightly.

"Toshiro," Yamamoto began but the younger Shinigami hung up the phone, "I sure hope whatever's gotten into him is reversible."

"I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him," Toshiro was chanting as he ran through the halls back to his friends ignoring all for Hyourinmaru's attempts to cool him down. (Both physically and mentally)

When Toshiro got back he hesitated before opening the door, he had made sure his eyes weren't still red from the tears, that would be embarrassing

When he opened the door his heart skipped for the second time that day. There standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by unconscious SIS members, was the most hated man in soul society the most evil traitor, and a most powerful Shinigami. Azien.

"Hello Toshiro-kun, you've grown a bit since the last time I saw you," The traitor said smirking an equally evil smirk.

Toshiro took a subconscious step back and grabbed his soul candy only to have to snatched away from someone behind him.

"Know know, whitey-chan can`t have ya puttin up a fight even iff ya wouldn't win anyways," Gin said evilly with his trademark fox like grin on his face.

"Now now Gin no need to torment him, he can change if he wants," Azien said chuckling, "It won't make a difference to me either way, Shinigami powers or not you wouldn't win against one of us, diffidently not against both of us."

Toshiro glared at Azien but he knew the evil traitor was right, he was doomed beyond anything.

"Looks like you could use some help," A strange distorted voice spoke telepathically to him, he couldn't quite make out if it was male or female but it didn't really matter.

"Yes," He spoke inwardly.

"Choose a friend any friend of yours that's alive, I will be able to pick only one, choose wisely."

Mist: And for a limited time only YOU can make the choose for US!

Whistle: Well we'll still pick in the end but Mist can`t make up her mind and needs some advice, tell us why you think _ is a good choose

Mist: Slight spooling but necessary, the chooses are.

Ray: A Mysterious Boy you thought you knew so well but are quickly learning that you know nothing about them. He has a strong will and posses grate hidden power but his loyalties are a mystery. The magic of fire blazes in his eyes. (Element Fire – connected with thunder - opposing element of water)

Mire: The Archer, she is sweet inside and out and has the hidden abilities of the magic of healing. Mire is not very strong physically but can pinpoint an enemy's weakness with ease. The magic of wind blows hidden in her heart. (Element Wind – connected with water – opposing element of earth)

Abila: The martial artist, It is a mystery that she with her strength fell at the hands of Azien so quickly. She is hotheaded and hates to back down and will do anything for her friends. the magic of earth lays hidden in her fist. (Element earth – connected with wind – opposing element of fire)

Mist: I probably got them mixed up but right now I am sleepy.

Whistle: We shall hopefully have the sequel out tomorrow depending on if anyone who's reading this actually well replies with their idea's for the baka writer!