"Slut," he says as he held a fistful of my hair painfully in his hands.

The look on his face was frightening. Not because it was screwed up in anger or red with intense feeling, but rather because it was calm and collected. Only his harsh words revealed what he was thinking.

"Did you really think I wouldn't notice?" he asks softly as his eyes bore into mine, which were now overflowing with tears from the pain and confusion.

"Please," I whimper as he twists the hand that held my hair more forcefully. I sounded pathetic. I tried to move my body away from him, only to have him tug on my hair a little harder making me wince.

"Would you like to tell me what you were doing talking to that disgusting mudblood?"

My heart dropped, my eyes widened. I knew what he was talking about now. I had gone to the stables earlier that day to look at the horses. Jacob, one of the muggle born servants, had answered a few of my questions I had regarding the animals. It was innocent…. I didn't even think about it….

"Ginevra?" he questioned with a hint of warning, an eyebrow raised.

I looked down at the Persian carpet. "I'm sorry I didn't even realize. I just wanted to know about the horses." I whispered. I knew I was in trouble, though. He's been so crazy lately.

He let go of me and I dropped to the floor. I didn't dare get up as he turned his back to me and walked behind his desk. We were in his study. He summons me here when I'm in trouble, when he thinks I've done something wrong. His narrow back is still towards me as I watch him remove the lid to the bottle of brandy and pour it into a glass.

"What rule did you break today, my love?" his voice is sweet but I know the malice that's hidden beneath it.

I didn't answer so he slowly turned around to survey me, still sitting on the floor. He brought the glass up to his mouth and downed it in one gulp. A shiver runs up my spine, I know what alcohol does to him.

"I asked you a question, princess. I suggest you answer it."

"I.. I.." I look down again unable to meet his silver glare. "I talked to another man with out you present…" My face is red. I'm humiliated by his stupid rules. I hate that I'm afraid of him, I hate that I'm his wife.

He smirks. "Now tell me, have you forgotten my rules already?"

"Of course not!" I answer quickly; I don't need to learn that lesson again….

"Really? Since you haven't forgotten then that leads me to believe that you knowingly disobeyed me. We both know how that displeases me." His eyes are narrowed staring a hole right through me.

My eyes fill with tears again. "Please, Draco! I didn't mean it… I wasn't even thinking. Please, don't be mad. It didn't mean anything." I get up to my knees as he makes his way over to me. I look up at him as he stands in front of me, bringing the back of his hand to brush against the side of my face. I grab his hand and hold it there, leaning into it. I look so submissive, like he wants me to be. This is not where I want to be but I know it's not only my life that's at stake if I should make him mad.

I close my eyes, admitting defeat now before it gets out of hand. "I'm sorry, Draco. It won't happen again. Please, forgive me." I add an extra little sniffle at the end in hopes of catching his sympathy.

He's looking down at me, an odd sort of smile playing on his lips. "My poor little wife… Perhaps I have given you too many freedoms." My eyes snap open to his.

I wanted to snort and laugh. Freedoms? What freedoms? I wasn't allowed to leave my room for three months after he made me marry him. I'm not allowed to talk to anyone unless I have his permission. In fact I'm not allowed to do anything without his permission. Going down to the stables today was one of the few times I had left the house in a year without him with me.

He nods his head as if he made a decision and removes his hand from my face. "You are no longer allowed to leave the Manor to explore the grounds." His voice was final but I was desperate. I stand up.

"I won't talk to that boy again… please don't do this. I love to go outside."

I know my argument is silly but when you have no one but Draco to talk to and you're stuck in a ridiculously old, menacing house, you tend to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. He looks at me oddly again. Sometimes I think he loves me in his own sort of way. Why else would he want me so badly? He went to great lengths to capture me just so he could make me his wife. I know he wants me to love him… he forces me to say it all the time.

He sighs loudly and puts his hands on my hips pulling me to him. All traces of his calm anger are gone. "You know I won't change my mind. This is your punishment for disobeying me."

"But… I'll be good, I promise! I won't talk to Jacob anymore." I bring my arms up to his chest trying to persuade him. It took him forever to agree to let me go outside. I don't want to lose that again.

"Jacob," He says the name with disgust, his anger is back. He tightens his hands on my waist. "Jacob won't be talking to anyone anymore."

My face pales, my heart quickens. I know he's studying my reaction, if I seem too upset he'll get jealous and that will just cause more trouble, so I take deep breaths trying to calm myself.

"Did you kill him?" I whisper, barely audible.

"No." was his answer.

I'm relieved. "Did you send him away?"


Now I'm puzzled. "What did you do then?" I ask carefully.

A wicked smirk graces his features. "I cut out his tongue."

My body stiffens as I stare at him, I can't hide my surprise.

"He deserved it… he knew not to talk to you but he did anyways. As a matter of fact I think I went easy on him." After he says this his mouth comes crashing down on mine. I'm too stunned to react, too upset to move. This angers him. He stops the kiss and looks me in the eyes. "I think you need to be reminded who you belong to."

He grabs my wrist and violently pulls me towards his large, mahogany desk. He turns me around so that his chest is pressed into my back. His fingers grasp the back of my dress and without warning he rips the cloth from my body. I jump in surprise and he gives a low chuckle in my ear. He removes my bra and knickers so that I stand facing his desk completely naked and exposed. He starts touching my body, squeezing my breasts painfully.

"Put your hands on the desk." He demands. I obey.

I'm bent over his desk with my eyes closed tight as he licks and kisses his way around my body. I feel his fingers enter me and I can't stop my gasp.

"You're wet for me." I can feel him smirk.

I'm use to his roughness now… I've grown to like it, even though I hate myself for it. He's the only man I've ever been with; this is the only sex I know. His fingers work their way in and out, making me feel warm and dizzy from the sensation. I forget about everything that has happened, everything he's done to me and my family, I just need him right now.

"Draco.." I moan as I rock back into him.

"Yes, my love."

"I want you." My voice is low and breathless.

He removes his fingers and leans his weight on my back. His hands come down to rest on either side of mine so I'm caged in by his body. He licks my neck and then whispers in my ear.

"Who do you belong to?"


"Who do you love?"

"You." I sound desperate. He removes his hands and steps back, I hear him unzip his pants.

"Say it." He says. I feel him getting closer.

"I love you…. Please Draco." I'm whining now, I hope my brothers never see me this way.

"Say it again."

"I Love you." With that he enters me with such a force that I fall forward.


I limp down the hallway. He was really forceful tonight in his study and it hurts to walk. He refuses to heal me. I think it does something to his ego to have me limp around his house with a major pain between my legs because of him. I finally reach my room, our room, and I head straight to the bathroom to take a shower and put on my night clothes. When I'm all prepared for bed I walk through the dark doors on the right side of the room. Stepping into the blue and white, richly decorated room that has a light delicate smell, I smile as I walk up to the crib that's in the center.

Cassius lies sleeping soundly as I brush my hand through his pale blond hair. He's only eight months old but he looks so much like Draco it's frightening. I never thought I'd have children this young, I'm only 20, but then again I never thought I'd be kidnapped and married off to Draco Malfoy either. Cassius moves his head in his sleep. I smile again, a wave of love rushes through my body. I love my son more then anything and because of him I've tried to warm up to Draco. I don't want my son to grow up broken.

"Are you coming to bed?" I turn around to see Draco leaning against the door frame, arms crossed in only a pair of black pajama bottoms, showing off his smooth chest.

I give one last glance to our son and walk back into the bedroom. As I lay snuggled tight in Draco's arms he whispers in my ear and it makes me shiver. "Remember we have to go to Zabini's tomorrow for dinner. You and Cassius will be ready at seven."

I don't reply I just nod my head to show that I heard him. My stomach clenches painfully. I don't like being around Draco but I especially hate being around his Death Eater friends. Most of them ignore me but some say hateful things to me when Draco's not around, and since Draco's outrageously jealous and possessive of me if I look at another man in a way he doesn't like I get in trouble. Like I would like any of his stupid friends anyways...

My life is the pits… Since Voldemort had won the war muggle-born witches and wizards have been made into lower class servants, slaves actually. Draco, and all of his friends, own many of them and treat them cruelly. Sometimes, just for their own amusement, just for a joke. It makes me sick but there's nothing I can do about it now so I try to shield my son from it as much as possible, but when they're all together it's ten times worse. Tomorrow is going to be terrible. I groan into my pillow as I fall into a fitful sleep, my horrid husband's breath on the back of my neck.


Cassius looks adorable in the blue outfit I chose for him. He's sitting in his playpen, chewing on the corner of a stuffed dragon as I get ready for the night. I look into the mirror as I do my hair up in a fancy twist. My hair is thick and a dark, burnt auburn color that trails down well past my shoulder blades. I want to cut it short but of course I'm not allowed. Draco told me he likes to look at it too much for me to butcher it off. He's a control freak and has to have a say in everything I do, or say, or eat, or wear… the list goes on.

My dress is simple, black, and sleeveless that stops short just above my knees. I have to admit I do look good, a Malfoy would accept no less. I lean over the vanity to get closer to the mirror as I put in a pair of pearl ear rings to round out my look. I hear the door open and close, Draco enters. I see his reflection come up behind me in the mirror. He looks handsome, like always. I think if you're as wealthy as his family it's impossible to be ugly.

"Almost ready?" He asks as he stands directly behind me.

I give him a tight smile. "Could you zip up my dress?"

He does so and drops a kiss on my shoulder. "You look wonderful."

I smile again, not a real one mind you, but I doubt he knows the difference. He only sees what he wants to. I start applying my make up as he walks over to the play pen and picks up Cassius. He kisses his cheek and shifts him so he's holding him on his hip. I stop what I'm doing to watch him with the baby. Draco is actually a good father to Cassius. Considering the way he treats me I was afraid he'd abuse our son, but he hasn't… not yet anyways. He's not overly affectionate, but he does have his moments. Like right now he's murmuring little things into his ear, making Cassius giggle. I know he loves him, and that makes me happy, maybe even grateful, that he keeps the monster that's in him away from our son.

"I'm ready." I say finally and Draco looks up from the baby and nods.

"I'm hoping we won't have a repeat of what happened last time." He says as I walk towards him to take the baby.

"That wasn't my fault." I try to defend myself but I know it's fruitless.

Last time we went to one of these dinners one of his Death Eater friends cornered me while I was on my way back from the bath room. The Death Eater, his name was Simon, knew my brother Bill from school and apparently hated him. He decided to tell me all about it while pinning me to the wall. I thought he was going to rape me. Draco found us this way and instead of getting mad at his friend for obviously assaulting me, he was angry with me, saying I shouldn't have tempted his stupid friend. When we got home Draco locked me in my room for a week. He took all my books away, and anything else that could serve to entertain me during the day, making it so I was totally alone. He wouldn't even allow me to see Cassius, who was a newborn at the time. That was the hardest.

"If I catch you alone with another man again, I swear I will lock you in the dungeons for a month." His voice was cold. I knew this wasn't a threat, it was a promise.

I take the baby and cast my eyes down. "Then keep your friends away from me." I look up at him. He's starting to get up set so I try to calm him down by bringing my free hand up to his face and I push some of his blond hair out of his eyes. "I don't want to be with anyone but you." I reassure him, I lie, I bring my hand to his neck, playing with his hair.

He smiles. "Let's go."


Zabini Manor is similar to Malfoy Manor. It's way too big, too pompous, dripping in expensive furnishing, and freaking cold. The main difference is, instead of the Malfoy crest all over the place, there is the Zabini's. The arrogance knows no bounds in these upper pureblood families. I shiver and hold on to Cassius a little tighter as we walk into the main hall. I miss my childhood home. It was small, warm, and full of people I cared about. I'll never see it again. The Death Eaters burned it down the night Draco took me.

"Ah, the Malfoys have finally arrived," says a disgustedly sweet voice from the stairs. I look up into the eyes of Jade Zabini, Blaise's wife. She's wearing a shimmering white dress lined with diamonds, her dyed blonde hair is pulled up into a confusing looking hairstyle and her classically beautiful face is over powered with make up charms. She walks closer to us, giving me a sly smile. She knows of my situation, they all do.

"Mrs. Malfoy, you look absolutely radiant tonight," I wish I could hit her, "and Little Cass is looking so handsome!" She brings a hand up and pinches Cassius' cheek. He turns his head away from her, I smile at him.

"Thank you, Jade." I say politely.

"Come now. Everyone is already in the dining hall." Draco puts his hand on the small of my back as we follow Jade. We reach the double doors and she turns around to look at us. "Oh, I almost forgot. All the children are upstairs with the nannies. SARAH!" She yells, well, more like screeches. I hear footsteps pounding on the cold marble floor. To my right I see a teenage girl running towards us. She looks worn out and uncomfortable as she stops to stand in front of us. She clasps her hands in front of her and keeps her head pointed down to her shoes.

"You called, Mistress."

"Stupid girl, what took you so long?" Jade is annoyed.

I scrunch my eyebrows together and stare at Jade in disbelief. This girl didn't take long at all and it looked like she ran the whole way.

"Sorry, Mistress, I came as fast as I could." I look down at the young girl sympathetically. Her life must be hard. The upper class thinks its fun to have muggle born servants and they expect them to be as efficient as the house elves. That's just impossible.

"Hmmf, save it for someone who cares. Take young Cassius here up to the play room with the others."

The girl timidly walks up to me and holds out her arms. I'm reluctant to let him go in this house full of snakes.

"Ginevra, he will be fine." Says Draco lightly and puts a little pressure on my back to comfort me. Sometimes he can be nice.

I slowly put Cassius in the young girl's arms. He starts to wiggle and cry realizing it isn't me who's holding him. I put my hand on his face and kiss his forehead. "It's ok, baby. I'll see you soon." He puts his arms out to me inviting me to pick him up, that breaks my heart every time. I hold one of his hands and place a kiss on his little palm. "Be good, Cass. We'll see you later. Go have fun with the other kids."

"Bit attached isn't she." I hear Jade sneer behind me. Since my back is to her I'm able to roll my eyes. The girl holding my son sees this and dares a little smile at me. I smile back.

"Well, she is his mother." Drawls Draco. "Come on, darling." He takes my hand and we follow Jade into the dining room. I hear the girl behind me whisper that she'll take good care of him.


Dinner was boring and uneventful as it always is. The men talk of various business ventures, Quidditch, and how the marvelous plans of the all powerful "Dark Lord" will help future society. While the women spoke of clothes, general gossip, and new cosmetic charms. I, however, just looked down at my plate and ate my food without trying to converse with anyone. The one time that I did look up from my plate, I was met with the demeaning stare of Blaise Zabini. The way he leers at me makes me want to take a shower. His handsome face smirks when he catches my eye.

"So, Mrs. Malfoy," He stresses the Malfoy part to an annoying degree. "How are you doing this evening? You haven't spoken one word." He picks up his wine glass and takes a small sip, waiting for me to answer.

"I'm fine, thank you." My answer is short. I want him to stop talking to me. I noticed that Draco has stopped talking to the man beside him, no doubt listening to my conversation.

"Good, good. You know I ran into a relation of yours yesterday in Diagon Alley. It was quite… interesting." He's grinning at me.

"Really?" Is all I say. My throat has tightened and I'm trying not to seem like I care. Draco would get mad and I know that's the only reason Blaise was bringing it up.

"Yes, it was your mother actually." The rest of the table is quiet now.

My breath catches. I haven't seen my mother since the night of the fire, the night I was taken. Two years ago. My mind flies back to that memory. I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. My mother and father were upstairs in their bedroom and my brother Charlie was staying with us, asleep in his old room. He was wounded by an old death eater the week before, during a small battle in Hogsmeade. I woke with a start to loud crashes and voices. I jumped up and ran to my parent's room to see if they knew what was happening. My mother was sitting anxiously in the middle of their bed while my father was standing, clutching his wand, staring out the window.

"Mom? Dad?" I questioned as I stepped in.

"Oh, Ginny, dear!" My mom is scared and that scared me more then anything. I ran to her and she embraced me in her arms. I felt like a small child again. "Dad, what's going on?"

He tears his eyes from the window and looks to us. His face is pale and he has tears in his eyes. I always thought of my dad as a superhero, afraid of nothing and stronger then everyone. At that moment, I knew I was wrong.

"Honey…. I'm…" before he could finish Charlie burst into the room dragging his wounded leg, wand in hand.

"My God, there must be at least twenty of them out there!"

My mind was reeling. "Twenty what!?" I was quite hysterical at that point.

"Get your wand, Gin." My fathers voice sounded doomed, and with good reason.

I ran to my room, my nightgown billowing around me as I grabbed my wand on the nightstand. Something caught my eye out side. I looked out the window, there were hooded figures carrying wands, surrounding our whole house. Death Eaters. My stomach dropped. We never had a chance.

One of the Death Eaters came out to speak to us. He told my family that if I came with them peacefully then no one would get hurt. My father and brother had outright refused so the death eater, who I later found was Lucius Malfoy, killed Charlie. I don't remember much after that. I know that I promised to do what they wanted if they didn't kill my parents. I remember Draco taking off his mask and smiling at me like I was a Christmas present. I remember them setting the Burrow on fire….

Then I was taken away to Malfoy Manor, where I was told that I would marry Draco or my mother and father would die. I was to be a good, obedient lover to him. I was too numb to speak. They also told me that earlier that night Harry Potter had died at the hands of the Dark lord and the wizarding world now belonged to them. I finally managed to ask why. Why did I have to marry Draco? His response was a smirk and he said it was because he wanted me and he always got what he wanted….. I never saw my mother or father again but I was assured they were alive. If they weren't Draco wouldn't have anything to hold over me.

"….Well, Ginny?" I snap my eyes to Blaise. I try to control my emotions.

"Well what?" I asked.

"Didn't you hear me? I asked you if you would like to know what she was doing?" He has an evil smirk again. I glance to Draco, his jaw is twitching and his eyes are staring straight ahead. I know it's not because he is worried and wants Blaise to stop tormenting me. It's because he doesn't want me to care about any one but him, even if it is my own mother.

I take a drink of my wine and place it down on the table. "Not particularly." I say. Keeping my voice flat as I pick up my fork and start eating again. Draco relaxes beside me and starts talking to the man beside him again. Blaise is defeated and starts eating. I've said the right thing, Draco won't punish me tonight. My heart hurts. I do wish I knew what my parents were doing. At least I know my mother is alive I tell myself.


After everyone is finished eating we all move to one of the main living rooms. The men smoke cigars and drink liquor while the women stand in a circle by the fire talking and giggling like they were still in school. I distance myself and sit on the window seat, staring at the sky. I'm unbelievably bored. I seem to always be bored now, so I start counting the stars. I've gotten up to 532 when I hear someone clear their throat beside me.

I turn to find a very amused looking Pansy Parkinson by my side.

"Well, Weasley. It's nice to see you being anti-social… yet again." She giggles a little at the end of her sentence. She thinks she's amusing.

I don't even answer her I turn my head back to the window. Out of all the people here Pansy hates me more then anyone. She loved Draco and wanted to marry him after Hogwarts, instead he married me. Someone who she thought was below her. Imagine what that did to her ego. I would trade positions with her any day, though. Oh, the irony.

"I see you have yet to learn any manners, weasel." I roll my eyes. She always says these things to me. She really should find some new material. "You can take the girl out of the mud hole but you can't take the mud hole out of the girl, right?"

"What do you want, Pansy?" I would rather go back to counting the stars then hear her voice any longer.

She giggles again. "Well, you looked so lonely over here. I just thought you could use some company."

I glare at her. It doesn't seem to have any affect on her.

"How is little Cassius doing? I will admit he is cute. Luckily he looks just like Draco. Could you imagine if he inherited your hair? Oh, the horror!"

"He's fine." I chose to ignore the insult about my hair… considering hers is the color of dirt.

"Oh, and did you hear? They did a raid on a home somewhere near London and guess who they found?"

She's gotten my interest now, this was the only reason she came over here. "Who," I ask. I try not to sound needy.

"No one too important. Just that stupid Mudblood Granger."

I freeze and then I stand up. "Hermione?" I whisper.

She smiles maliciously and turns away, back to the circle of women. I had assumed Hermione was dead after I saw her wanted picture in the paper. I thought they would have murdered her by now. My best friend…. I have to get out of this room but of course I have to ask Draco if I can leave. I found him sitting in an armchair in the adjoining room with his legs crossed and a glass of brandy in his hand. He was talking to Crabbe who sat across from him.

"Of course I told him no, the stupid half-breed. Could you imagine working side by side with an idiot like Kane Miller….."

"Draco?" My voice is small. I'm standing beside his chair and he turns his head up to look at me. He looks mildly surprised.


"May I go check on Cassius?" I want the comfort now of someone I love and right now that's my son.

"Why?" he asks. His eyebrow is raised, he's suspicious.

"Because I'm bored in there and I want to see how he's doing." I look him in the eyes, mine pleading. I put my hand on top of his. "Please?"

He looks down at my hand and then back up to my face, his eyes are narrowed. I think he'll say no but he surprises me by saying. "Fine, you may go but come right back here. I'll be checking with the servants to make sure you're telling the truth."

I want to roll my eyes. His need to have total control over me is exhausting. I try to play him to the best to my ability. I don't want to be completely broken. Two years with him has taught me how to handle situations like this. Even though I hate being treated like an object, like a prisoner, I've become use to it. So instead of snapping at him like I would have done once upon a time, I bend down, kiss his cheek, and whisper a thank you in his ear.


I take my time walking up the grand stair case and pause every once in a while to look at the magnificent paintings that line the walls in the twisted hallways. My thoughts drift back to my family, half of them dead, the other half I have no idea. Hermione…. What will happen to her now? Will they kill her or make her into a slave? I wish I could see her. I miss my old life so much. I miss Harry. A tear falls down my face. I swipe it away quickly. I haven't thought of Harry in a long time, it just hurts too much. I loved him and we were supposed to be together. Get married, have a family, instead… No I can't think of such things.

I stand in front of the play room door. Silent tears fall down my face. I haven't let myself cry over my old life for a long time, it just makes me bitter and sad. It makes Draco hateful and violent. I take a long shaky breath, wiping my tears with the back of my hand, and open the door.

The play room looks like a giant toy store. The walls are painted pale green with a cream boarder close to the high ceiling. Various paintings of picture book characters line the walls, bouncing around like real animals. Every game or toy a child could ever want is somewhere in this large room. My eyes travel to the center where the four children are being played with by two Nannies. Cassius is lying on his back giggling while the timid girl from before is playing peek-a-boo with him and my heart twists at the scene. I walk up behind them with a soft smile on my face.

"I think he likes you." I say.

The girl jumps up and faces me her eyes glued to the ground. I notice the other girl, who is holding the one year old daughter of Blaise and Jade in her arms, do the same thing.

"Sorry, Mrs. Malfoy. I didn't hear you come in."

"Don't apologize to me. What are your names?" I ask trying to sound friendly. None of the servants at the Manor are allowed to socialize with me. The one's who do usually end up injured or worse… so I'm pretty much like a sickness they'd rather avoid. Draco makes it impossible to have any friends.

"My name is Sarah, and her name is Kate." Both of their faces are still towards the ground.

I sigh and look down at my son who's starting to get agitated that no ones paying attention to him. I bend down to pick him up. "You don't have to act scared around me…. I'm not like the others." My voice is soft. "And please, call me Ginny."

I kiss Cassius' cheek as he moves in my arms. I sit him down on the ground again and start playing with his feet. "Are you going to be a great Quidditch player, little man?" He gurgles in response. Without taking my head away from him I address the girls. "You two are really good with children. Thank you for looking after Cassius for me."

"It's alright, Mrs. Malfoy. It's our job." Says the sandy haired girl named Kate.

"Ginny, Kate… call me Ginny. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? You look very young." I'm starved for conversation out side of Draco so this is like heaven to me.

"I'm thirteen, Mrs. M…. Ginny."

"Do your parents work here too?" As soon as I ask this I notice her face turn red and she looks away.

"Her parents are dead." Says Sarah, I suddenly feel guilty. It was probably my stupid husband who killed them.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Is all I can say.

"Look at me!" screams a small voice across the room. A little boy, about four years old is balancing on top of one of the shelves.

"Oh, no! Little Master, Get down from there!" Yells Sarah as she runs towards the little boy. Pulling him off the shelf.

"I need to go back" I say, I don't want to go back to the snake pit. I give Cassius one last hug. "See you later, my little prince." I turn toward the two girls. "Goodbye, thanks again for watching him. I know it can't be easy to watch these kids when their parents are so cruel to you."

They are looking at me oddly. They probably aren't use to being thanked.

Sarah puts her hand on my arm as I stand up. "Don't worry; whatever is that has you upset will be ok."

"Thanks, I hope everything goes well for you too." I turn and walk out.


When I return to the party the men and the women are once again in the same room.

Draco is still in the high backed chair by the fire and I notice that Pansy is sitting on its arm, obviously flirting. A shot of something like jealously and anger goes through me. If I'm not allowed to talk to any one of the other sex, he shouldn't either. I stand there awkwardly for a while by the door. I'm not sure what to do with myself or what I should say. He finally notices me fidgeting by the door and he winks at me, making a motion with his head for me to come over to him.

When I make my way to his side, Pansy's face snaps to mine and she glares daggers into me. "Weasel, what do you want?" Her voice holds a lot of disdain. I'm about to say something equally as rude back, but Draco cuts me off.


Pansy looks confused for a moment. "What did you say, Drake?"

"I said Malfoy, Pansy. She's no longer a Weasley… she hasn't been for a while now. She's a Malfoy." I smiled at him because he was defending me, but then I stop myself. He wasn't defending me! Why was I happy about him saying I was a Malfoy? I've been around him too long I decided.

"Right, of course. Must have slipped my mind," Says Pansy, earnestly. I snort; she's so desperate for his approval.

"Why don't you go talk to your girl friends for a while so I can have a word with my wife?"

She hesitates a moment before standing up and striding towards her little circle of giggling women. I glare at her back as she walks, hoping that she trips on her ugly high heeled shoes. I feel Draco grab my hand and pull me down so I'm sitting on his lap. He's laughing lightly.

"Is my little girl jealous?" he asks as he put his hands between my knees.

I don't look at him. "No, of course not."

"Right… Anyways, how is my son?" He starts rubbing my back slowly.

"Our son is good. The girls that are watching him are really good with him, they're really nice too."

"You shouldn't be making friends with them, they're servants, and you're above them." He gives me a pointed look. I don't want to have this conversation again so I relax against his chest.

"You know that's hard for me." I whisper. "I'm tired, when can we go home?"

A smirk graces his face. "The Zabini's have scheduled a little entertainment for later. We can't miss it." He starts nuzzling my neck. "You smell delicious tonight." He nips my neck, I gasp.

"Draco! We are in a room full of people!" My whispered voice is fierce and my face is starting to blush.

His hand slides further up my leg. "It doesn't matter, they're all drunk."

I take a look around the room. He was right. Most of the guests are red faced and completely wasted. A few couples were dancing and kissing in the middle of the room.

"Come on." He stands up and grabs my hand taking me out of the room.

I can't say no. I can never say no anymore. He leads me to an empty room and closes the door. I stand there for a moment looking around at the richly decorated sitting room, taking it in as Draco kisses the side of my neck and puts his strong hands on my hips. I don't even acknowledge him until he pushes me up against the closed door and ravages my mouth with his tongue in a desperate kind of way. He doesn't even bother taking off my dress. He just rips off my panties, throwing them over his shoulder as he lifts me up. He makes me wrap my legs around his waist as he pushes into me roughly and pauses a moment to collect himself before getting into a strong rhythm. I wince in pain and shut my eyes. My body is still sore from last night.

"Not so hard tonight, Draco." My voice is soft and breathless as I grip his shoulders to keep from falling.

He stops moving so I open my eyes. He's looking at me intently with his silver eyes searching mine. We look at each other for a few moments before he leans his head towards me and kisses me gently. He starts moving slowly. I'm a bit surprised by it. He is rarely ever gentle with me. I whisper his name and tell him how much I want him as he moves inside of me, marking me as his own for the millionth time since we've been together. He keeps his face by mine and I leave random kisses on his neck, his cheek, and his lips until his movements become less controlled and more frenzied making me shudder at the sensation and clench around him with a shaky breath in my ear. I don't want to scream here with all the people in the next room.

He falls against me when he's finished and lightly places my feet back on the ground as he breathes heavily into my neck. He pulls out of me and steps back to right his clothes with a slight flush on his cheeks and his hair a mess. I pull my dress down and rub my back that's sore from being pounded into the door for so long and I close my eyes and inhale a moment to get myself straight. I smooth my fingers over my hair making sure it looks presentable while he buckles up his pants. Draco is tucking his shirt into his trousers when I start scanning the floor for my underwear.

"Where are my knickers?" I say more to my self then to him.

"What, these?" I look up. He has a wicked grin on his face. In his hands he's holding my black, lace panties.

"Give those to me."

"They're torn, you can't wear them…" he is completely amused.

"Well take your wand out and fix them." I put my hands on my hips. The old Ginny in me is coming out.

"No, I don't think I will." A smile is tugging on the corner of his lips as his eyes dance in amusement.

"I can't go out there with out any thing on underneath this dress!"

"You can and you will…" He winks and walks past me, pinching my bottom as he walks by. "It will be our little secret." He wiggles his eye brows and puts my underwear in his pocket. "We should get back." He opens the door and waits for me to walk back with him.


When we get back to the party a few heads turn towards us and some one makes a comment on how we both look like we've enjoyed a good shag. Draco smiles arrogantly and I blush putting my head down. They all know what he makes me do. Jade steps up to us, her face flushed and her eyes glazed.

"I'm so glad you two decided to come back to us!" she flicks her wrist and her martini spills over the edge of the glass. She is completely trashed. "We've been waiting so we can put on our little show!"

A few of the women are laughing hard in the back ground. "This way! This way every one, we're going to the ball room!"

Everyone follows her into a magnificent ballroom just down the hall. It's decorated in warm colors of gold, oranges, and soft yellows, making it all seem so inviting. The floor is a light marble and it shines so cleanly that you can see your own reflection. We're all standing awkwardly in the middle of the room waiting for this 'show' she wants to put on.

There's a loud bang and all heads turn towards the double doors that open up and reveal two rather large men dragging in a small woman. I feel like I'm going to be sick, I know what they're going to do. The woman starts fighting even harder as she sees us all standing there waiting for her. She looks as though she hasn't showered in a year. Her clothes are ragged and torn; there is dirt and grim covering every part of her body. Her brown hair is matted…. Her brown, bushy hair… I take a closer look. It's Hermione!

My eyes widen. This can't be happening. I look frantically around the room. Pansy is looking straight at me with an evil smile on her face. That bitch. I start to panic, I want to run, I want to help. I want to crawl inside myself and never leave. I feel a rough hand on my arm. It's Draco.

"Don't you dare embarrass me tonight." His voice is like a knife and it cuts right through me. The large men throw Hermione down in the center of our group. She still looks so defiant, so brave… She shoots glares around the room. Her eyes land on me.

"You…" her voice is hoarse, like she had been screaming for days.

I can do nothing but stare into her large brown eyes that are looking at me with hate, so much hate. Draco's hand tightens on my arm and it hurts me. I bite my lip to keep from making any noise.

"You! So it's true! You really married that git! How could you Ginny? How could you?! What about Harry!? What about Harry!? He loves you so much!"

I feel tears in my eyes. I wish I was dead. I want to say something to comfort her, to explain to her why I'm here… why I did what I did but I know I can't. She's still yelling at me but stops when Draco pulls out his wand and points it at her.

"That will be enough, you disgusting mudblood…. Crucio!" Hermione's body jerks around in pain, she's screaming. The party guests are laughing at her. Tears are pouring down my face.

"Draco, stop you're hurting her!" I yell putting my hand up to my mouth as I see blood come from her nose.

"That's the general idea, love." His voice is evil. I see that he's smiling, to my horror. "I've wanted to do this for a very long time."

He finally lifts the curse with smug satisfaction on his face. He turns to me with dark eyes. "Stop crying."

"Let her go… please."

I hear another curse being cast, this time by Pansy. Hermione starts screaming again as little cuts appear all over her body, soaking the floor in her blood.

"Not so smart now, are you Granger?" I hear someone call out.

I can't take it any more. I run to the middle of the circle and kneel down beside my friend. She's on her back, eyes closed, and her breathing's shaky. I grab her hand and hold it, oblivious to the glares from the people around me.

"Oh, Hermione, I'm so sorry." I whisper. She opens her eyes to look at me. I haven't seen her for so long that I barely even remember what she looked like. "I'm sorry. I didn't want this, Hermione. You've got to believe me. I thought you were dead…." I'm crying uncontrollably now, speaking between my sobs. "They forced me to marry him, so he wouldn't kill my mom and dad… I love you, you're my best friend! I love Harry! Tell me what you want me to do!"

If I wasn't crying so hysterically I might have been unnerved by the deadly silence that had over taken the others in the room. A small smile plays on Hermione's face and I know it hurts her to do that. She squeezes my hand, I know she understands.

"Take her back to the dungeons." Says the emotionless voice of Blaise Zabini.

The two men come over to us and push me aside so they can lift her up and carry her away. As she's taken through the doors I'm suddenly hit with the realization of my situation and I look up to find Draco towering over me. He looks like he's going to kill me.

"Jade, will you keep Cassius for the night?" he asks, his eyes never once leaving mine. I take a large gulp. It's going to be a long night.


He grabs my arm and Apparates us to the front hallway of Malfoy Manor. I'm shaking like a leaf. I'm so afraid of him right now. We land with a thud and I feel his steel eyes burning into my skin.

"You are in a lot of trouble, my dear." He practically bites out. His hand is still painfully clamped on my arm. I wiggle out of his grasp and take a step away from him.

"I… I…" I don't really have anything to say right now. So I just keep stuttering. "Well, I'm.."

"I...I... What?" he's mocking me now.

I finally look up at him. There is a blind rage on his features. His hands are clenched in fists at his sides, and his body is tense. I do the first thing that comes to mind…

I run.

I have no idea where I'm going because I can't leave the house. He's placed charms up to make sure of that since the stable incident. So I run up the stairs, pumping my legs as fast as I can. I can hear him chasing behind me, he's yelling something but I'm too frightened to listen. I finally reach the bed room and I skid to a stop in front of the door. I run in and lock it, like it would do some good before closing my eyes. Now I'm trapped. I don't know what to do. I'm facing the door, my whole body trembling.

I hear him turn the knob, it doesn't work. "Open the door, Ginevra." His voice is calm. I don't answer.

He starts pounding on the door, making it shake. I'm sure he'll break it. I bring my hands to my chest and start walking backwards, my eyes never leaving the moving door. Draco's temper is unpredictable and I never know what he's going to do.

"Open this fucking door right now, you stupid little bitch!" He's yelling now. He continues to slam into the door and my eyes sting with tears. "If I have to use magic you are going to be sorry."

I still say nothing. I'm too scared to talk. The door stops moving and I hear him mutter a muffled word on the other side. I know he's using his wand. The door creaks open and I nearly flinch because of it. My mind is telling me to run, hide, or throw something at him! But my body stays rooted to the spot.

In a few quick strides he is before me. I do nothing as he brings his hand up and back hands me across the face. I fall down to the ground, my hand flies up to my hurt face and I notice blood on my fingers. His ring must have cut me.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" he barks at me.

"D-Draco I…" SMACK. He hits me again sending me flying back down. I've never seen him so angry before and I should know. I've seen him upset more times then I would like to count.

"Do you have any idea how foolish you made me look!? There's my wife comforting a stupid mudblood, telling her how much you love her. How much you love Harry Potter!"

"They all know I didn't want to marry you!" I scream.

Judging by his facial expression that was the wrong thing to say. He grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks me up into the standing position. He pushes me so my body slams into the wall and my head jerks forward from the impact. Draco is on me in a second.

"You stupid whore."

"I'm not a whore." I just need to stop talking but something in me won't let me go down without a fight.

His face takes on a crooked kind of smile. "Oh, yes you are… you're my whore. Mine. I own you now. No matter what you think I can do whatever the hell I want with you. You did a very stupid thing tonight… and you'll have to live with the consequences."

I stare at him, trying to be brave. I don't know why this sent him over the edge he really is never this bad. He continues to talk, though, ignoring the pitiful way I'm looking at him. "You'll be locked in this room again without anything that could possibly entertain you. No books, no quills, no clothes, no make up, no lights, no music, absolutely nothing. The windows will be blocked up, you will be fed only twice a day, and you will never see our son. You will only see me when I come to fuck you and you will spread those pretty little legs and beg me for it like a good little slut."

"Don't do this." I plead. Finally realizing how serious he is.

"Oh, but you love Harry don't you?" he cocked his head to the side, pretending to be interested. I realize now that he's not mad because of the way I acted with Hermione. He's angry because I said I loved Harry. I'm only supposed to love him, no one else. Not even my dead boyfriend.

I start to cry, I cry all the time now it seems. "I didn't mean it… I was upset."

"Really? Forgive me if I don't believe you, but no matter. Soon you will forget all about him."

He turned to leave. I followed him and dropped to my knees, grabbing his hand. "Please, Draco. I love you. I really do. I love you so much. Don't do this."

He stops to face me. Looking down at me as I stay on my knees looking up at him.

"I'm afraid you need to be taught a lesson."

I wipe some tears away with the back of my hand. "I'm sorry." My voice is barely a whisper. I seem to be apologizing a lot these days for things that aren't my fault. "I do love you, I really do…." And deep down a part of me believes it.

"Stand up." He orders. I do quickly. "Take off your dress." I hesitate for moment. "Take it off or I'll tear it off." He growls, he now has a lustful glare in his eyes… oh great. He always does this to reinstate his control, or something like that.

My hands are shaky as I obey his order I stand in front of him now in only my bra. He circles me like a predator and then tells me to remove my last remaining item of clothing. I do so with out looking at him and then I let my arms fall to my side limply. He stands in front of me and brings his hand to my hair. I flinch thinking he might hit me but instead he removes the pins that have been holding it up.

"Get back down on your knees." I do so with out question. "This is where you belong, Ginny," He uses my nickname, the name that my family and friends use to call me. "Underneath me… in every sense of the word."

I watch him as he unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. I know what he wants me to do. I take him carefully into my mouth and start to pleasure him. His hands go in my hair as he lightly thrusts into my mouth. I can hear his heavy breathing and silent moans. He then pulls away from me.

"Get on the bed."

I walk over to the bed and lie on my back staring at the ceiling. He's started to remove his clothes and he stands over me. Drinking in my naked body, I have an urge to cover myself. "Open your legs." I take a deep breath and then open myself for him. Once all of his clothes are discarded he crawls on top of me and cradles himself between my open legs.

"Are you my whore?" he asks cruelly.

I don't answer him. I don't want to answer him. SMACK. My head flies to my left. He's hit me again. "Answer my question." He brings his hands up to painfully play with my breast.

"Y-yes." I manage to stutter out, my eyes closed tight. I hate it when he's terrible like this. He can be such a monster.

"Look at me." It's a demand. I open my eyes and see his hateful ones glaring down at me. "Tell me what you are."

"I'm… I'm… " Something flashes in his eyes again so I try to answer quickly. I take my breath in. "I'm your whore." My voice is strained.

"Say it again, louder." He brings his head down to my neck starts kissing and sucking.

"I'm your whore." I say louder. I'm ashamed.

He pumps into me again and again during the night. Sometimes he goes so hard I think I'm going to be torn in half. When he's finally finished around dawn, he makes me thank him and he leaves the room. Locking me in. I'm completely bruised and battered… it hurts to move. But I let a sad smile come to my face. I feel closer to Hermione now. We both are in a lot of pain.


Draco stayed true to his word. I was locked in the bedroom, in the dark, naked, with absolutely nothing to do but think. I stopped trying to fumble around the room and just stayed curled up on the bed until Draco came and turned on the lights. It felt as though I had been in the room for a lifetime… I missed my son, I wanted out of this prison. I did exactly as Draco had wanted me to. I was starved for human interaction so I begged him to take me, like he wanted, and I begged him to stay. Which, judging by his smile, was the right thing to do.

Everything I did became dependent on him. I bathed with him when he came, I ate, I slept, I turned into something completely his. I became highly responsive to his ministrations, hoping he would be pleased and let me out. He hasn't yet. I don't even feel like a human anymore.

I'm lying curled up in the middle of the bed under the covers. I don't know if it's daytime or nighttime because the windows are blocked up with large black covers. My head snaps up when I hear people talking. I wrap the bed sheet around my nude body and try to follow the voices. I can barely see anything in the dark, but judging by the furniture that I keep running into I think the voices may be coming from the balcony. I sit on the floor and press my ear to the balcony doors.

"Do you think this is the right room?" The voice is male. It sounds familiar.

"I think so… Let's hope. If he's in there then this whole plan is ruined." Another male voice, I know this one… but it can't be. Harry Potter is dead.

I hear a few muttered words and the balcony doors swing open. I crawl back a few feet and shield my eyes from the blinding sunlight.

"Gin?" I slowly bring my arm down and see my brother Ron kneeling in front of me. He puts his hand on my cheek. "Oh, my God, Gin. What happened to you?"

Part of me doesn't want to believe this. A part of me believes this is a cruel test of Draco's, but right now I don't care. I hug the sheet tighter to my body and break down. I feel Ron put his arm around me. "Shh, it's alright… We're here to take you away."

I feel someone else kneel down beside me and pet my hair. "I'm sorry, Ginny…. if we would have known…"

My eyes snap open. I'm looking straight into the eyes of the man that I loved, the man that I thought died. "B-but… you're dead."

He gives me a sad smile. "No, I'm not dead yet… come on, we need to leave. Why don't you put on some clothes?"

"I don't have any." My voice is small, embarrassed.

"What do you mean?" asks Ron. I can feel the anger in him.

"H-he took them away." I start to stand up, still squinting from the harsh light that I'm not use to.

"Oh, Gin." Harry's voice is sympathetic. "Here, take this." He wraps his cloak around my bare shoulders, keeping his hands there. I look at him; his eyes are holding back tears, he looks so sad.

"Did he do that too?" Asks Ron. His voice is fierce. He's pointing to my face. My hand flies up to my cheek self-concisely. My fingers skim over my busted lip and bruises. I slowly nod my head.

"I'm going to kill him!"

"We'll get him Ron, we will." Harry's hand tightens on my shoulders. "Come on, Ginny. We need to leave now."

He walks me out to the balcony where two brooms are set against the railing. "It was the only way we could get past the wards." answers Ron in response to my questioning gaze.

I'm so over come with emotion right now. I don't care if this is not real. I just want to believe it is. The boys mount their brooms and Harry makes a motion for me to sit in front of him. I walk forward and then I stop.

"Wait. I can't leave him here." I say and start backing up.

"Who are you talking about?" asks Ron his temper riding up again. "Are you talking about Malfoy? After all he's done to you!?"

"Ron…" Harry voice is a warning. He looks to me with his sad green eyes. "You don't want to stay, do you?"

I shake my head no. "I can't leave my son here. Not with him."

"You have a son?" I nod my head yes. "Is he in the house?"

"I don't know… I haven't been allowed to see him while I was in that room. I can't leave him here, though. Do you understand?"

Harry nods his head and gets off his broom. He walks up to me and takes my hand. "Come on, show me where you think he might be." He turns his head back to Ron. "Stay here and watch out for anything, ok?"

Ron nods his head as we walk back into the bedroom that has been serving as a prison. Harry's hand squeezes mine. "Are you real?" I ask. I wouldn't pass it by my own brain to make this up. I have been really depressed lately.

"Yes, I'm sorry about all this." He gestures around the room. "I'll explain everything when we get out of here."

I give him a small smile and lead him to the nursery door. "You'll have to use your wand." I say.

He lifts his wand and mutters the unlocking spell. "Does Malfoy have yours?" he asks as he opens the door.

"Yeah, yeah he does."

I step into the nursery and look around in the dim light. I hear a muffled noise coming from the crib so I run over to it and look down. Cassius is lying in the middle of the bed awake with a pacifier in his mouth. His eyes light up with recognition when he sees me and he puts his arms up to mine.

My eyes fill up with tears again as I hold him. "I missed you, little man." I whisper to him, kissing his face multiple times. I had missed him so very much. I turn back to Harry who's looking at me with an unreadable expression on his face. I address him. "Harry, this is my son. Cassius."

He walks up to us, his eyes on Cassius. He doesn't say anything.

"Will you hold him while I pack some of his things?" I ask. Harry nods his head and carefully takes the baby in his arms. He's still staring at him oddly as I find a bag and start packing clothes, diapers, bottles, and toys.

"How did you find me?" I ask softly as I pack things away.

"Hermione, some of the servants at Zabini's helped her escape. She told us what happened."

My eyes look to his. "She's ok?" Harry nods and I smile. I'm so happy at this moment. Everything is going right.

"I'm sorry we didn't come earlier, Gin. We didn't know…. Is that why you were stuck in that room? Because of what happened with Hermione, I mean."

My face falls. I nod my head slowly and turn back to the bag. "He was mad because of the things I said to her."

"That you didn't want to marry him?"

"No, every one of his friends knows I didn't want to marry him…. He was mad because I said I loved you." My face turns red at my confession and I stare at the ground. He walks up to me and puts a finger under my chin, making me look up to him. There is something like hope in his eyes now.

"Everything will be fine now." He bends down and kisses my forehead. I feel like I'm in heaven. "We need to leave before anyone realizes we're here."

I take Cassius and Harry takes my bag and shrinks it to fit in his pocket. We go back to the balcony where Ron is standing with his back against the wall, waiting for us.

"That, looks just like Malfoy." He says with venom. Pointing to baby in my arms.

"He's Ginny's son too, Ron."

"His name is Cassius."

The guys mount their brooms again and Harry makes room for me to sit in front of him. "I'm the better flier." He says as I sit side saddle on his broom with Cassius snuggled to my chest.

As we take off I close my eyes and get closer to Harry's chest. He smells like he always use to, back when we were together. It makes me smile.