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This is based of season 3 episode 12, when Dean rings Bela and tells her he will hunt her down and get the Colt back and she tells him he doesn't know her or why she wants it. So this was spawned. Complete AU, and I felt it would be interesting to incorperate it into the Mag 7 Supernatural AU I was creating. This will be sort of pre-slash, but it will make sense when you read. I've played with Bela's character a little. Enjoy.

Big thanks to my Beta, Slyprentice, who has ben so kind as to edit this for me and fix it up for me.

Things are Coming Together


It was a standoff.

Dean had a gun trained on Bela, some guy had a sawed off shotgun to his ear, Sam had a gun to the man's back and Bela had a tiny gun aimed at Sam's head. None of them wanted to pull the trigger but if anyone so much as twitched - there would be blood.

"Really gentlemen, is there no way to discuss this civilly?" Bela asked, her accent lilting a she spoke, a hint of annoyance dancing in her green eyes.

"How about you give me the Colt back and we can all leave happy?" Dean replied, lips curling; she had led them on a merry chase over the last few weeks, any and all patience he had once had had faded away to practically nothing. All he wanted was the gun back.

There was something in her eyes then, something that he couldn't really place, but it reminded him of when she had asked for their help when the ghost ship had appeared to her. Fear. Desperation maybe. She shook her head. "I can't. We need it."

"Yeah, well, we need it more. We've got a badass demon on our tail Bela, and we'd - just this once- like the upper hand." Dean told her, giving no quarter.

"Why do you need it Bela?" Sam asked suddenly, making Dean want to strangle his brother.

"You think yer's is the only Demon out there?" the man with the gun to Dean's ear asked. "We got our own to deal with and we need yer gun. We'll give it back once we're done."

Dean snorted, eyes never leaving Bela. "Yeah, because she won't just sell it on to the highest bidder." He raised an eyebrow to her, daring her to refute it.

Bela heaved a sigh. "While I admit I could make a good deal of money off this gun, I give you my word I shall return it to your keeping when I'm done with it."

"Yeah, well, I don't believe you." Dean told her.

"What demon?" Sam asked suddenly, and Dean had to bite back a strangled groan at the question. Was his brother being stupid on purpose? They needed to get the colt back first. They could worry about a new demon afterwards, he didn't trust Bela with the Colt, and with good reason given their past dealings with other artefacts.

Bela sighed then and dropped her arm, the gun hanging by her side. The gun left Dean's ear and he knew by the way Sam's shoulders minutely relaxed that the gun was no longer an immediate danger to him. Dean also lowered his gun, and knew Sam had done the same. A few moments of silence passed and the man Dean hadn't seen stepped out from behind him and made his way over to Bela. He looked like a cowboy, complete with hat and boots, longish dirty blond hair tucked behind his ears. Not exactly the type of person he expected to be standing up for Bela.

"I am not who I appear to be, Dean," She began quietly. "And neither are you, to some degree."

Dean blinked . "What ?"

Bela smiled slightly. "What you see before you is an illusion. I am rather proficient in them." The air almost shivered around her and then Bela wasn't there anymore. Instead, there stood a young man around Dean's own age, with chestnut hair and green eyes. "This is my true form."

Even her accent changed in an instant; smoothing almost flawlessly into a southern drawl that made Dean's eyes widen and his gun to rise, only to be stopped when he spotted the cowboy's gun rise as well.

"What are you?" he asked, glad is voice didn't sound as strangled as he felt.

"My name is Ezra Standish, and as for what I am… well, that's a little more complicated. I am a half Demon, not like Sam or Vin," he waved a hand towards Sam and the man at his side as he spoke. "Who were given the yellow-eyed demons blood when they were six months old. I was born to a demon mother and a human father." Green eyes, which Dean realized hadn't changed from Bela's, landed on him and held his gaze. "Like you are too."

"Thanks fer killin' it, by th' way," Vin said suddenly. "We were looking fer it ourselves afore we knew something else was after Ez."

Ezra threw the other man a glare. "Thank you for your commentary Vin, now could we get back to my earth shattering revelation."

Dean watched the look of exasperation, and though he too wanted to return to the original topic, and find out just what this whack job meant about him, he couldn't stop himself saying. "Brothers?"

"That obvious?" Ezra responded with a shake of his head. "Yes, though not from lack of trying to get rid of him." It was said with something bordered a fond smile and Dean recognized the sentiment. He and Sam had their moments.

"What did you mean… about Dean?" Sam asked, drawing the conversation back. "He had the same mother as me."

"This is a difficult thing to explain, and you probably won't believe me, but…" Ezra looked to be steeling himself to continue. "My mother possessed a young woman, not many Demons can do what she did next, but she was created by her father to do just this. She not only possessed this woman she took her over completely, and that included reproductive organs. Until there was nothing human about them any longer. So when she and my father… connected… " There was a grimace of distaste as he said this. "It was an honest mix of human and demon DNA, possible because it was originally a human body. My mother, after my birth was supposed to then leave the body and return to her father, but she didn't. Your mother, Mary, wasn't it? She was also possessed before your conception and taken over the same way, but the demon possessing her left her and returned when she was supposed to after you were born."

Dean waited a moment after the other man finished before saying. "You're right, I don't believe you." He didn't bother to raise his gun again, seeing Vin watching him carefully.

Ezra shrugged, almost carelessly. "I'm not surprised. I wouldn't believe it either if it hadn't been for my mother. I was taught to use my 'gifts' from I was a child. You have yet to realize what yours are. Though you have used them before. You would have been taken as a child had you not. I know this much for sure."

"Explain." Dean hissed out, growing annoyed. He was not some half demon thing, he wasn't.

"He used the yellow-eyed Demon as a cover, while he was in the house giving his blood to the baby, the Demon My family is searching for would come and claim what was his. The Four year old child. I guarantee that if you look into family records on those you know of who are like Sam and Vin you'll find that some of them, not all, but some, had a four year old sibling that vanished that very night of the baby's sixth month."

Dean wanted to argue, but found he couldn't. It all made too much sense, in a surreal way. It could be lies, but he couldn't feel that niggling little feeling in the back of his head that told him Bela was lying to him. "Is that why I didn't want to bang your bones?" he asked crudely.

Vin snickered and looked at Ezra sideways. Ezra didn't even blush, just looked him in the eye and smirked right back. "That is exactly why. Unlike your brother and mine, we are affected by each others 'gifts', but we can to some degree sense each other. So while I was in a form that was rather pleasing to your eye you knew something was not quite right, though you couldn't put your finger on what."

"This still leaves us at a stalemate," Dean said. "Even if what you say is true, we still want the Colt back now."

"And we need it for killing the demon we're after." Ezra said, biting his lower lip a little as he thought.

"Our older brother," Vin spoke up, "Had a son like Ez an' you; he was taken three years ago when he was four. Chris' wife and other kid died in the big fire 'cause he was with us and not home to save them. We only jest found a lead that proves Adam's alive. But we need the Colt to kill the demon and get him back."

"Dean." Sam whispered, putting a hand on his arm.

Dean hated to admit, but it did tug on his heartstrings, and he could read the honesty in Vin's eyes, almost as honest as Sam's were. But they couldn't afford to go giving the Colt away, they needed it against Lilith. He knew he would not leave them helpless in the face of this demon they spoke of, but he wanted the Colt back in his hands.

"We know a gentleman by the name of Revered Sanchez, who happens to be a descendant of Samuel Colt. He believes he can make us another gun like this one, we just need the Colt so that he can study it and build us another one." Ezra told them, his tone taking on a hint of pleading.

Dean stifled a sigh, but he nodded shortly. "Alright, but we go with you." He said , daring anyone to challenge him.

The men opposite smiled widely.

"Of course, completely understandable." Ezra almost grinned.

"Sure thing pards," Vin added.

Dean nodded, fished the keys to the Impala out of his pocket and tossed them to Sam. "I'm riding with the illusionist over there," he said, nodding to Ezra. "Just in case."

Ezra's face took on an affronted look, but he said nothing, eyes dancing merrily. "Shall we then?" He asked, gesturing towards his little sports car.

Dean nodded. And the two made their way over to it.

"I get the feelin' this could get a mite interesting'." Vin said with a mischievous grin.

Sam looked at the little sports car, and the two men now inside, and felt his own smile grow. Dean and Bela were a combination before they had found this out, but now? Well, now Dean didn't have to hold back because Bela was a woman.

Oh yes, definitely interesting.

"How long until we get to this Revered of yours?" He asked Vin.

Vin shrugged. "About three days. And Ez doesn't share driving."

With a last grin between them, Sam and Vin went to their separate cars. Already they could hear the argument erupt in the sports car over music. This was going to be a very interesting journey.