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Things are Coming Together


Dean sat opposite Ezra in the booth of a dingy diner, he had been trying to hide his amusement from the second they had walked in and he had seen the look of absolute disgust and resignation on Ezra's face. He would have laughed, and enjoyed it thoroughly, had the glare Ezra sent him not made him swallow the bubbling laughter. Besides, he had found that the way his lips kept twitching was making Ezra even more annoyed. It was only a matter of time until he cracked, and Dean was almost looking forward to it.

Sam and Vin had followed them in, looking between them in that almost worried way younger brothers had when they weren't sure their older siblings were getting along. Dean had given Sam the readers digest version of what Ezra had told him, ignoring his disbelieving look and telling him to check it out. Sam had pulled out his laptop and started searching through all the books he had downloaded on demons and Dean had turned his attention back to Ezra and the joy of annoying him.

When the food finally came Dean almost came undone at the look of horror that passed over Ezra's face. He held it back manfully and picked up his burger and started eating. Vin, he noticed, was watching Ezra with a slight half smile.

"You gonna eat that?" Dean asked around a mouthful of food. Ezra looked at him and looked appropriately disgusted, which was what Dean was aiming for.

"Once I ascertain just what exactly it is," he replied, nose wrinkling as he picked up a fry and studied it like he expected it to come alive.

"Ya'd think you never ate in a diner before Ez." Vin said, shaking his head at his brother. "It ain't that bad."

Ezra shot him a glare. "I try to avoid such establishments whenever possible, as you well know Mr. Tanner."

Dean reflexively frowned at the strange mode of address, but kept his questions to himself. It wasn't his place to ask, and Dean, no matter what evidence anyone had to the contrary did not stick his nose into personal matters where it wasn't invited. Except when it came to Sam, Sam wasn't allowed to have secrets from him, which caused another slight frown before he shook it off. All he had to do was convince Sam of that little fact.

"We aren't full brothers." Vin explained, startling him out of his thoughts. Dean blinked and looked over at the man, seeing Sam's interested look. Obviously his brother had no problem asking questions like that. "We all had the same Pa, but different Ma's. I took my Ma's name."

Dean glanced over to Ezra, who was seemingly ignoring Vin's words and resignedly lifting a forkful of fries to his mouth. Hiding a cheeky smile that would have earned him another glare with his burger, Dean turned his attention back to Vin and Sam.

"That sounds like a strange family." Sam said after a moment, and Dean could see he was debating whether to ask why they all had different mothers.

"Our father had very bad luck when it came to women." Ezra said, obviously reading the question on Sam's face like Dean had. But that was all he said, and Vin did not add anything more, so it was safe to assume it was not a topic they wanted to discuss.

The booth descended into silence and Dean found himself watching Ezra again, endlessly amused by his fastidious nature. After a short time Ezra put his fork down and narrowed his eyes at him. "Is there something you want, Mr. Winchester?" he asked coolly, one eyebrow climbing.

Dean shook his head and smiled innocently at him, though his version of an innocent smile was anything but and he knew it, so it turned into a smirk. "Nope, but you do a really good Spock impression."

"I didn't take you for a Star Trek fan, Dean," Ezra replied. Dean could see he had completely regained his composure now, pushing the plate away with less than half of it eaten, and immediately wondered what he could do to annoy Ezra again. Seeing Ezra annoyed was almost as much fun as pranking Sammy.

Dean shrugged in response to Ezra's question. "Hey, TV in motels is boring."

Ezra chuckled then and nodded in agreement. "I remember."

Vin turned to him. "When did you spend time in a motel?" he asked, looking genuinely surprised.

Ezra rolled his eyes. "I do wonder at your memory sometimes, Vin. If you'll recall I did spend almost a month with you and Chris in a Motel almost three years ago now."

Vin frowned at him. "No, you spent a month complaining that we were staying in a motel and that ya had to visit us. You spent that month in some fancy hotel that ya wouldn't let us come to."

The southerner shrugged.

"Well, I could hardly have explained your presence in a five star hotel, they had a rather strict dress code, and yourself and Chris would never have passed inspection," Ezra huffed, crossing his arms. "It was bad enough being seen going into a motel as it was."

Dean laughed, he couldn't help it, he just laughed, and then grinned cheekily at Ezra when he glared at him. Sam's phone ringing interrupted the moment and Dean turned to Sam to see who was calling.

"Hey Bobby. Did you find anything? Yeah? Um… hang on a second." Sam typed something into his laptop one handed, nodding to whatever Bobby was saying and making small sounds of agreement as he did. "Yeah, I've got it up now. And you're sure that-- right, got it. Will do. I'll tell him Bobby." Sam rolled his eyes. "Hang on." he held out the phone to Dean. "Here."

Dean took the cell. "Yeah?"

"What the hell is going on over there Dean? Sam was spouting ten kinds of crazy, saying Bela turned into a man and about being a half demon."

"It's true Bobby."

"It also true what he was saying about you?"

Dean was silent for a long moment. Bobby was like an uncle to him, hell, Bobby was practically like a second father, and he didn't want that to be over because Dean was supposedly some kind of half demon. "I don't know," he answered slowly.

"Hell, you boys go looking for trouble don't you?" Bobby sighed. "I'll do some more searching. You watch out for yourself and Sam ya here me?"

"I hear ya Bobby."

"And don't go trusting Bela, not fully anyhow."

Dean smiled then. A little late for that advice he thought. "Okay Bobby. Call if you find anything. Oh, and see if you can find anything on a Demon called Sin would you?"

"I'll call. Be careful Dean."

Dean hung up and handed the cell back to Sam. "What'd he give you?"

Sam spared him a glance. "I'll tell you as soon as I know Dean."

Dean shrugged. "Fine, fine."

He turned to look across the table. Vin had taken Ezra's plate and finished it off, while Ezra looked on in disgust, their byplay was like his and Sam's, only a lot quieter. Ezra's disapproving look was a lot like Sam's, and Vin's responding grin was like looking into a mirror image.

"Which reminds me," Ezra said suddenly, breaking the small silence. "Why hasn't Chris called yet?" He looked to Vin for an answer.

"Oh shit!" Vin cursed, scrabbling in his pocket for his cell. "I forgot to call him when I found ya. He's probably climbing the walls by now."

Ezra bit back a laugh with what looked like great difficulty. "He probably thinks I've waylaid you again."

Vin glared at Ezra. "Shut up or I'm gonna tell him this was all yer fault."

Ezra heaved a sigh. "When is it ever not my fault in our 'illustrious leaders' eyes?"

Vin got to his feet and made his way to the door of the diner, so all Dean heard of the conversation was. "Cowboy? It's me, I found Ez and--" the door swung shut cutting off the rest of the conversation.

Dean turned to Ezra with a questioning look and Ezra grimaced. "Our eldest brother. He, and indeed the rest of the rather motley group I've managed to find myself acquainted with, are rather irritatingly protective and like to know exactly where we are at any given time. I tend to go incommunicado when I do business."

There was a mischievous light in Ezra's eyes that Dean found himself responding to in kind and smirked back. "Chris doesn't like it and tends to send Vin out to find me."

"Yeah, protective big brothers are a bitch," Sam agreed, making Dean look round to him, wounded by the serious tone, though from Sam's smile he knew he was teasing.

"Shut up Sammy," he said, reaching out to punch Sam's shoulder.

Sam rubbed his shoulder and glared at him. "Anyway, I found something."

"About Sin?" Dean asked.

Sam shook his head. "Nothing on a demon. Sin is referred to regularly, but mostly it's just some incarnation of the seven deadly sins, or sin in general. There is no mention of any demon called Sin, or of anyone creating demons. But, there is something on half demons."

Sam turned the laptop a little to let Dean see the screen. "Right, you know about ordinary demons, they possess humans and can be exorcised. Then there are the demons that don't have to possess people, who can appear in the human world; they're normally pretty grotesque so we don't see as many of them, or they get mistaken for something else entirely. Half demons can be made only two ways, by transferring blood a demon to a human, or through sex between a human and a demon.

"Transferring of blood only gives the human some kind of demon power, but nothing more than that. It can't be removed, and can't be exorcised, but unless you are made to by the demon whose blood is inside you, you won't do anything evil. The blood creates some kind of bond to the original demon. Like with me and the others, he could get inside our heads because of the blood we shared with him, and convince us to do things he wanted.

"The other kinds of half demons are different. Because it's a proper union between human and demon the child produced inherits whatever demon traits from the demon and human traits from the human. Because of this they have complete control over what they do and cannot be affected by the blood connection, so depending on how you're raised you turn out accordingly, kind of like a normal family in a twisted sort of way," Sam finished.

"So like, you're greedy but not evilly so," Dean supplied, looking to Ezra.

Ezra cocked his head and smiled, nodding. "And you're lusty, but not evilly so," he replied, turning his words back on him.

Dean didn't know whether to laugh or yell. Had his father known about this? Was that why-- he shook his head, drawing his thoughts back to the present. "Wonderful, looks like you might be telling the truth after all."

He was surprised to find Ezra's eyes had softened. "It's a difficult idea to come to grasps with, I know that from experience."

Dean didn't answer, and was saved from having to when Vin reappeared beside the table.

"Chris is on the warpath." He warned Ezra, earning a grimace. "We'd best get going. I already paid."

Dean ignored the look Sam gave him, recognizing it as one of his patented 'we should really talk about this' looks. "I'm fine Sam," he said, pushing his brother partway out of the booth so he could get past him.

"Dean…" Sam caught the edge of his coat.

Dean shook him off, glaring at him, and at Vin and Ezra, who were watching, he didn't even bother analyzing their expressions, he just wanted to get on with this.

"I'm fine," he said with finality and made his way to the door of the diner, ignoring whatever might have been said behind him. He waited by the sports car for them to emerge, summoning up a smirk and cocky tone to say. "Well, are we going or not?"

Ezra breezed past the two younger men and opened his car, saying nothing as he got in, and Dean was glad for it. He got in the passenger side, glancing out to Sam, in time to see Vin put his hand on his brother's arm and say something, to which Sam shrugged and looked rather despondent.

Dean looked away. Saying nothing as Ezra put the car into drive and nosed it out onto the road again. Thinking over everything he had just been told. This whole day had been insane so far, but insane in a way that made perfect sense.


He blinked in surprise when he found a bag of M&M's waved in front of his nose. "What?" he asked, taking the bag. He looked at Ezra in some surprise.

Ezra shrugged. "It's chocolate; it's proven to make you feel better. Just don't eat all of it, I really don't want to have to stop again for a while, and it happens to be my last bag. I hope you appreciate it." It was said coolly, and with a slight sideways look, but Dean appreciated the sentiment behind it, though he wouldn't mention it. Instead he dug his hand in the bag and pulled out some of the little chocolates and began munching.

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