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I'm just some whore right?

Just another two bit skank they pulled off the streets?

Okay, so some of that might be true. Might be.

I'll admit it. Wrestling was never a dream of mine. I was picked from a modeling competition. I was scared. I don't like pain, but I couldn't resist the exposure.

Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. Yeah, I feel bad sometimes about bypassing all of the girls who've actually worked hard to get where they are…or where they aren't. Then again, I don't feel bad. I'm happy. I'm successful. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I have a wonderful life.

But even for me, the road wasn't easy.

I've been made fun of more than the fat geek from high school. And that all happened to me after high school. Pretty girls like me don't get made fun of.

Or so I thought.

Was it a bad career choice to enter the WWE? Definitely not.

But it was a bad personal choice.

Sure, I have great perks. I never pay for anything, really. I just have to make sure I get to work, and I'm good. Since I don't really wrestle, that makes my job even easier. I mainly just pose in front of a camera. It's like I never left my modeling job, except with a bigger paycheck and more exposure.

Any exposure is good exposure, but I'll get to that later on.

I just don't think that I can take the ridicule for much longer.

However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The cons are just more…noticeable.

So, the boss might be a jerk. The fans might be idiots. Is that my problem? It shouldn't be, but it is.

Being one of the most "useless" people in the WWE sure as hell makes me feel extremely useful. I really don't do anything, but I'm one of the Divas that is mostly seen on WWE television. I don't mind that one bit.

Two years of training? Well worth the two matches a month that I wrestle. I'm not risking my body as much as other people are. I'm okay with that.

I might sound like a heartless wench, but I'm really not. I used to be a nicer girl. I used to be smarter.

It's just that the WWE ripped out any brains and sincerity that I once had.

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