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At least something good has come from being in the WWE.

Sure, I was put on the crappiest roster with the worst storylines. At least I get the most television time out of the entire roster, and I'm not even a real wrestler. I can't complain about that. If this let's me achieve my dream of posing in Playboy, which it probably will, then I don't care.

Actually, I was supposed to be in Playboy instead of Maria. Psh. Fuck that. I even got implants to prepare for it. It was supposed to be all three members of Extreme Exposé. Well, that got fucked when Brooke decided to be unoriginal and got herself fired, the stupid bitch.

I met the love of my life in the WWE. You know him as Test. I know him as Andrew.

I've heard it all, so don't even open your mouths. Yeah, I know he's a lot older than me, but I don't care. And everyone needs to stop saying that he's on steroids, alright? He is not on steroids.

Well, at least not anymore.

See, at least something good has happened since I've been here.

Andrew is the only person that hasn't said anything bad about me. Say what you will about that, but just don't say it in front of me. Like I've said, I've heard it all.

And shut up about him leaving the WWE.

And I am not a rebound from Stacy Kiebler. Whoever started that rumor is seriously disturbed.

I just want you to know, he's been training me to wrestle better. I will be Women's Champion one day, just to prove all you fools wrong.

I know it's not my dream, but it will get me more air time.

Don't you just love looking at me?

A/N: I laughed a lot writing this.